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Canines Rescued from Commercial Breeders Get a Fresh Start

Despite days of challenging weather, our Rescue Team persevered to reach the more than 50 dogs saved from commercial breeding facilities throughout the Midwest. Working in partnership with National Mill Dog Rescue, they transported dogs and puppies – including Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, Spaniels, Yorkies, Poodles and Shepherd mixes – via our Mobile Rescue Unit to the safety of our Port Washington, NY campus. These precious canines, who were cruelly cast aside and at risk of being euthanized, are now getting a new beginning and the care they deserve.

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Inside the Journey from Despair to Joy: Commercial Breeder Canines Get a Second Chance

Thanks to our ongoing partnership with National Mill Dog Rescue, now 50 dogs and puppies have a second chance at life after being saved from commercial breeding facilities in the Midwest. Witnessing this mission firsthand was Animal League America staff member and designer David Haliski. Usually capturing photographs of transport arrivals to our Port Washington, NY campus, this time David traveled with rescue team members Ted Moriates and Karla Agostinello on the Mobile Unit to Missouri and back.

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Fifty-Seven Canines Lifted Out of Cruelty and Into Our Caring Hands

In partnership with National Mill Dog Rescue, the Animal League America Mobile Rescue Unit traveled to the Midwest to save 57 small breed dogs and puppies who had been living in deplorable conditions. The commercial breeding facility that had been their home was being shut down by government authorities.

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Our Tireless Rescue Efforts Save More Puppy Mill Dogs

The lifesaving work of North Shore Animal League America does not rest. Just weeks from rescuing 40 dogs from commercial breeders in the Midwest, our Rescue Team made another trip westward and returned with more than 50 dogs and puppies from Kansas-area breeding facilities.

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Life Begins Again for Dogs Rescued From Commercial Breeders

Finally safe and sound, a striking array of dogs and puppies descended the steps of the Animal League America Mobile Rescue Unit on Sunday, November 14, 2021, into the welcoming arms of our volunteers. In all, 48 incredible animals – no longer unwanted – arrived to have their lives transformed.

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Puppy Mill Dogs Find New Life at Animal League America

On Saturday, May 15, 48 dogs and two puppies rescued from commercial breeders in the Midwest arrived to our Port Washington, NY campus. As one-by-one, a variety of dogs — including many Poodles, Pomeranians, Dachshunds, Shih Tzus, and Yorkies — made their way into the gentle hands of our volunteers to be carried inside, you could see a common feature in all their faces. They were ready to accept a tender touch. Whether shy, or confidently seeking attention, it was clear each dog was grateful for the kindness and compassion we were there to give.

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Partnering in a Big Way to Save the Lives of 100 Neglected Mill Dogs

More than 100 mostly small breed dogs and puppies arrived on our Port Washington, NY campus with our Rescue Team on two Mobile Rescue Units, filled to capacity, this past weekend. They were rescued from awful conditions in Missouri and Oklahoma through a large-scale collaborative effort with National Mill Dog Rescue and five local animal welfare organizations.

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Mobile Rescue Team Arrives Safely with 61 Puppy Mill Survivors

North Shore Animal League America’s Mobile Rescue Team huddled through tornado alerts with blaring sirens and then faced snow and below-freezing temperatures during their seven-state trip to rescue mill dogs and puppies in a collaborative effort with our partner, National Mill Dog Rescue.

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Mobile Rescue Team Brings 43 Dogs and Puppies to Safety

At North Shore Animal League America, our no-kill mission knows no season. Rather, it is a year-round commitment to every dog, cat, puppy and kitten in need. As temperatures were dropping our Rescue Team met up in Missouri with our partners at National Mill Dog Rescue to help bring 43 dogs and puppies, who were rescued from the horrors and inhumane conditions of commercial breeding facilities, to the love and safety of our Port Washington, NY campus.

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