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Raising Awareness of Shelter Pets & Increasing Adoptions

Over a decade ago, the Animal League created the first Mobile Adoption Unit to bring our pets out of the shelter and onto Main Street, where they could be seen by many more potential adopters.

Our climate-controlled, Mobile Adoption Units comfortably hold up to 50 pets, and allow potential adopters to walk through the unit and meet a diverse group of dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens.

Highly Successful Mobile Adoption Units:

  • Our Mobile Adoption Units generate tremendous awareness of shelter pets

  • Potential adopters can quickly see how wonderful shelter pets can be

  • People can adopt pets without having to visit the shelter

  • Making shelter pets more accessible can reduce pet store purchases – which is important since so many pet stores are supplied by puppy mills – large-scale, cruel and inhumane breeding operations

  • The units allow us to adopt more animals – saving so many more animals to date

Our Expanded Fleet

The Mobile Adoption Program has worked so well that today, in addition to utilizing our expanded fleet of 6 Mobile Adoption Units to adopt our own pets into permanent homes, we also able to support other shelters across the country

Support Other Shelters & Rescue Groups

Staying true to our mission to provide our shelter and rescue partners with resources and innovative techniques to save lives, our Cooperative Mobile Adoption Program allows other animal welfare groups to use our units to save lives.

Mobile Adoption Tours

To spread the word about shelter animals across the entire U.S., we use our Mobile Adoption Units for our Tour for Life®, the national pet adoption tour that engages adopters and press from coast-to-coast. As our Mobile Adoption Units cross the country, they stop at our shelter and rescue partners, helping those partners receive more visibility in their city and host adoption events to save more lives. A major national press and PR effort ensures that millions of Americans learn more about the plight of shelter animals and informs them where to find a local shelter.

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