Why is the return envelope for sweepstakes entries addressed to Washington D.C. when North Shore Animal League America’s headquarters is in Port Washington, NY?2017-05-11T03:46:31+00:00

North Shore Animal League America’s headquarters are located in Port Washington, NY. However, our Mail Processing Center is in Washington D.C. By opening and processing the mail in Washington D.C., our staff in Port Washington has more time to care for the animals. You can rest assured that all donations sent to our Washington D.C. processing center are directed to our headquarters in Port Washington.

Why does North Shore Animal League America run a sweepstakes?2017-05-11T03:46:05+00:00

Sweepstakes is an attention getter. Over the years we have found that sweepstakes has been a great way to get people to read our mail and learn about our mission – saving animals’ lives.

Who is eligible?2017-05-11T03:45:37+00:00

Everyone who enters our sweepstakes is eligible for all prizes offered. All major prizes in our sweepstakes will be awarded.

Where can the rules for your sweepstakes be found?2017-05-11T03:49:36+00:00

The rules for our sweepstakes are in every sweepstakes package that we mail out. Click here for the complete set of rules.

The package I received in the mail says that I will get a Free Gift if I respond to this mailing. What free gift will I get?2017-05-11T03:42:20+00:00

All individuals who respond to our sweepstakes mailings will receive a small merchandise gift as a thank you just for sending in their entry. Even though it’s small, it’s useful and will make you smile. This guaranteed free gift will be sent to you in a follow-up mailing that you’ll receive within a few weeks after you’ve sent in your reply form. To receive your free gift, you must respond so that your entry is received by December 29, 2017. All respondents will receive a merchandise gift with a retail value of $2.50. Multiple responses within a 90 day period may be acknowledged with a single response and guaranteed free gift. Please understand that this does not mean that you have won one of our top prizes at this time. However, once you send in your reply form, you’ll be entered for a chance to win all prizes offered within the mailing including the Grand Prize of $25,000.00 cash. No purchase or contribution is necessary to enter or win. A purchase or contribution does not increase your chances of winning. The closing date for our current 2017 All-Cash Sweepstakes is December 29, 2017.

Is North Shore Animal League America running a sweepstakes?2018-07-30T08:25:22+00:00

Yes, our 2018 All-Cash Sweepstakes is currently underway with wonderful prizes. The closing date for our current Sweepstakes is December 29, 2018. Prize winners will be randomly selected by independent judges, whose decisions are final (no later than January 31, 2019) from all eligible entries received. A list of prize winners will be available after April 2018. All you need to do in order to receive an entry for a chance to win is to return your reply form by the deadline date indicated.

How do I take my name off your mailing list?2017-05-11T03:40:37+00:00

Just call us at 516-883-7900, extension 700 or e-mail us at [email protected]. Give us your name and address, and we will remove your name from our list. Please note that you may continue to receive mail for a short period until the removal takes effect, after which you will not receive any future mailings.

Do you rent or exchange my name to other organizations?2017-05-11T03:39:56+00:00

As many similar organizations regularly do, North Shore Animal League America may rent or exchange your name with other organizations. The reason we do this is to secure additional income so that we can save more animals’ lives. However, we would be happy to remove your name from our rental list at your request. Just call us at 516-883-7900, extension 700, and give us your name and address for removal. You may also contact the Direct Marketing Association, to have you added to their national registry. This will allow you to reduce the amount of national commercial or nonprofit mail you receive at home. You can register online, or via mail.

Because of good friends like you, we continue to save tens of thousands of animals each year – over one million since we began in 1944. Please take a tour of our website and learn about all of the wonderful programs at North Shore Animal League America.

Can I be added to your sweepstakes mailing list?2017-05-11T03:39:18+00:00

If you would like to receive a sweepstakes mailing from us it’s simple. Just send us via email (or regular mail) your complete name and mailing address along with your request to be added to our sweepstakes mailing list and we will add your name to our next available mailing.

I am currently on your e-mail list, however I do not wish to receive any future e-mails. How do I take my name off your e-mail list?2017-05-11T03:38:35+00:00

You can unsubscribe directly from the bottom of any e-mail message sent to you from NSALA; you can log into your online account; or you can send us an email at [email protected].

I need to change my name or mailing address. Can you change this for me?2017-05-11T03:38:02+00:00

We’re pleased to update your mailing information. Simply email us at [email protected] and be sure to include your name and both the old address and your new address.

I receive your mailings and/or labels; however, my name and/or address is incorrect. Can you please correct this for me?2017-05-11T03:37:24+00:00

We would be happy to update your mailing information. Please email us at [email protected] and provide both the incorrect name on your package and your correct name and address, too.

I’m currently on your mailing list, but I don’t wish to receive any future mailings. How do I take my name off your mailing list?2017-05-11T03:36:39+00:00

To be taken off of our mailing list, please email us at [email protected] and be sure to include your complete name and address.

How does the Animal League help other shelters during disaster situations?2017-05-11T03:36:00+00:00

If there is an animal shelter that has been affected by a disaster like Hurricane Katrina, the Animal League will utilize its’ the mobile rescue/adoption units. When unexpected disaster strikes, many shelters are inundated with additional animals coming in as a result of the disaster.  The Animal League provides transport to safety for displaced animals, emergency triage care, as well as humane relocation of animals to the Animal League shelter in New York.

How long does it take a rescued animal to find a new home?2017-05-11T03:35:36+00:00

A rescued animal can stay at the Animal League as long as it takes to find a loving home.  Most of the animals are prepared for adoption within three or four days.  They are groomed, medically examined, behaviorally evaluated, vaccinated and spayed or neutered prior to adoption.   On average, most of the dogs and cats at the Animal League find loving homes within a week.  This quick turn around time enables the Animal League to maximize the number of lives saved.  There are special needs dogs, cats, puppies and kittens that may take months to find the right match.

Where do all the animals in the shelter come from?2017-05-11T03:35:14+00:00

Sadly, there are homeless animals all over the country and the Animal League rescues them from death.  Each year, the out of state humane relocation program saves the lives of over 7,000 puppies and dogs nationally by transporting them to the safety of the Animal League.  This is the largest humane relocation program in the country.  In addition, over 11,000 more homeless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are saved through local and tri-state area rescue and adoption programs.  The majority of the rescued animals come from overcrowded municipal animal shelters where they would not have had a chance for adoption.

Why should someone rescue an animal rather than purchase one from a pet store?2017-05-11T03:34:36+00:00

Rather than spending thousands of dollars at the local pet store, rescuing an animal from a shelter  is much more rewarding since you are saving a life and also much less expensive.  You can usually adopt a pet from your local shelter or rescue group for a modest adoption fee which will include vaccinations and spaying or neutering.  Most shelters and rescue groups offer support services such as training and medical care for the adopted animal. On the other hand, most pet stores buy their animals from cruel puppy mills.  When you buy an animal from a pet store, you are increasing the demand for the cruel supply of mill produced animals.  Every animal adopted from a shelter whether it is a no-kill shelter or not, will help save a life.

I have already made a Planned Gift to the Animal League – How Do I Become a Member?2017-05-11T00:49:22+00:00

For more information or to let us know if you have already included the Animal League in your estate plans, please contact our Office of Planned Giving at (516) 883-7900 ext.354 or email us at [email protected].

All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential, and imply no obligation to make a gift.

Download the Planned Giving Brochure.

How Can I Become a Member of the Pet Protectors Society?2017-05-11T00:45:10+00:00

Becoming a member is as easy as it is important, and there are many ways to do it:

  • You can name the Animal League as a beneficiary of your estate through a will or trust document
  • You can create a Charitable Remainder Trust naming the Animal League as a beneficiary
  • You can make the Animal League a full or partial beneficiary of a life insurance or retirement plan
  • You can name the Animal League as a beneficiary of a transfer on death bank or stock account
What is a “Planned Gift”?2017-05-11T00:44:17+00:00

A “planned gift” can come in many forms, but they all share a common characteristic in that the Animal League’s use of the gift is deferred in your lifetime.

Planned gifts are an essential element in our continued mission to save over 20,000 cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens each year and find them new, loving homes. As you will learn from the information contained in this section, there are many ways to make your own planned gift and contribute to our life-saving mission.

Everyone who makes a planned gift to the Animal League becomes a member of the Pet Protectors Society and will be recognized (either by name or anonymously) as an essential supporter of the Animal League. Membership in the Pet Protectors Society is a wonderful way to evidence, both now and in the future, your love of animals and your commitment to their protection.

What do I receive when I become an Animal League Sponsor?2017-05-11T00:43:38+00:00

Monthly Sponsorship offers great rewards. With your monthly Sponsorship, you will receive a personalized certificate and color photo, a letter of appreciation from North Shore Animal League America, quarterly updates highlighting the health and wellbeing of special needs pets, and the Animal League’s quarterly newsletter, Paw Prints.

How do I become an Animal League Sponsor?2017-05-11T00:42:51+00:00

You can make your monthly pledge in the way that is most convenient to you – by check, monthly bank debit, or credit card. You may set this up over the phone using our toll-free number 1-877-Be-My-Pal, via our secure online form, or by printing an application and faxing it to us at 516-883-8256 or mailing it to Sponsor Program, 16 Lewyt St., Port Washington, NY 11050.

Can I support the Sponsor Program without making a monthly pledge?2017-05-11T00:41:57+00:00

Yes, you can! We understand that monthly giving is not the right fit for every donor and we appreciate any support that you would like to give to the Animal League. Every single donation makes a difference to a pet in need.

Why would I continue to be a sponsor if my favorite pet in the program has been adopted into a loving home?2017-05-11T00:41:19+00:00

Some of our precious and deserving special needs pets are lucky enough to get adopted into a permanent home, but they will always require life-long medical care. The League will continue to provide for each of them for the rest of their lives. Although their place of residence has changed, the principles of the program remain the same. Our promise is to continue the funding and we hope you will remain committed to our life-saving program.

When are my authorized credit card or bank account withdrawals made each month?2017-05-11T00:40:23+00:00

As an Animal League Sponsor who donates by automatic methods of payment (the methods that get more of your money to the pets in our care!), credit card and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) withdrawals are made on the last business day of each month.

As an Animal League Sponsor, can I make changes to my Sponsorship account?2017-05-11T00:39:46+00:00

Yes, you can! As an Animal League Sponsor, you reserve the right to change your monthly pledge amount, change the number of monthly sponsor gifts you make, change your donation payment method – almost anything you want at any time you like. It’s quick and easy. Just give us a call or email us and we’ll take care of it for you right away.

As an Animal League Sponsor, can I cancel my monthly giving whenever I want to?2017-05-11T00:39:22+00:00

Yes, you can! As a valuable supporter and animal lover, we certainly don’t want to see you go, but we understand that a supporter’s ability to make a monthly gift may change over time. Just give us a call or email us and we’ll cancel your sponsorship. If however, you decide at any time to reinstate your sponsorship, we’d be more than happy to bring you back into our beloved family of Sponsors!

As an Animal League Sponsor, are there different levels of sponsorship that I can reach?2017-05-11T00:38:52+00:00

Yes, there are! If you have been a monthly giving Sponsor for five years, you will become a Lifeline Sponsor. If you have been a monthly giving Sponsor for 10 years, you become a Guardian Angel Sponsor. Both prestigious honors are acknowledged by the Animal League’s President via mail.  More importantly, your generosity is appreciated by all the innocent dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens who so desperately need your help.

Why should I Sponsor the nursery that cares for newborn puppies and kittens?2017-05-11T00:37:21+00:00

Each day our nursery is filled with the small cries of newborn puppies and kittens that require 24-hour care to survive. On occasion, unwanted dogs and cats are rescued from other shelters and give birth at the Animal League where their litters are safe from destruction.  Your monthly donations to the nursery will continue to provide these babies, and their mothers in our care, with a safe place to live, nourishment and the medical attention they so desperately need.

Why should I become a Sponsor?2017-05-11T00:37:49+00:00

Some animals that come to the Animal League have conditions and illnesses that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. These special-needs dogs and cats would likely be euthanized elsewhere, but not at North Shore Animal League America. As a no-kill shelter, we make a commitment to all animals and that includes animals with special needs that would be forgotten elsewhere.  Please become a Sponsor to help care for the special needs dogs and cats, and together we can make a difference!

What is sponsorship?2017-05-10T20:53:21+00:00

Sponsorship is a donor’s personal commitment to make monthly donations to critical programs offered by North Shore Animal League America. Our Sponsor Program helps care for special-needs dogs and special-needs cats as well as orphaned and newborn puppies and kittens in our nursery.

When does my foster pet see the vet?2017-05-10T20:49:42+00:00

We have outpatient hours from 2 pm – 5:00 pm every day of the year. You can make an appointment by calling the foster care manager.

When do I have to bring the foster animal back?2017-05-10T20:48:29+00:00

That depends on when the veterinarian needs to see the animal again, and when it can finally go up for adoption. Usually the veterinarian likes to see the foster animals at least monthly.

What kinds of animals do you have to foster?2017-05-10T20:47:40+00:00

All different types of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. We have orphaned kittens and puppies, senior-care dogs and cats, moms with babies and animals healing after surgeries in all different sizes and ages.

What if my foster pet is doing something I don’t want it to do, i.e., soiling in the house, chewing on my shoes, scratching my furniture, nipping at me…?2017-05-10T20:46:52+00:00

We have a wonderful behavior department that can help with many of these problems; please contact the foster care manager to be connected.

What if it’s not working out?2017-05-10T20:46:02+00:00

Things happen, and we can always try to find you another foster pet that might be a better match.

What if it is an emergency?2017-05-10T20:45:21+00:00

Please try calling to contact a medical manager, but bring the pet in right away.

What if I think my foster pet is sick?2017-05-10T20:44:36+00:00

Please call the foster care manager or general number to make an appointment for the animal to be seen by a veterinarian.

What if I run out of food?2017-05-10T20:44:07+00:00

We hope that you plan ahead, but if you do run out of food you can always call and get more. If it is late at night, please try to feed the animal something similar to what they are already eating; if it is formula (for kittens), there is a recipe in the workbook that you can make at home.

What if I just adopted a puppy/dog/cat/kitten from the Animal League?2017-05-10T20:43:33+00:00

We ask that you wait until your kitten/puppy or your cat/dog has been fully vaccinated and in the home for more than a month.

What if I have other animals at home?2017-05-10T20:42:42+00:00

Foster animals must be kept separated from animals at home for the first two weeks to protect your own animals from any illnesses. A foster animal is coming from a hospital environment and could be harboring an illness; that is why we recommend keeping the animal separated for at least two weeks from the resident animal.

What if I have a friend/family/neighbor that wants to adopt the foster animal?2017-05-10T20:42:01+00:00

Great! Call us with their info; we will contact them, and they will have to come in and fill out an application. They must go through the same process to be approved for adoption and pay the full adoption fee.

What if I have to go on vacation and/or a work-related trip?2017-05-10T20:41:34+00:00

That is okay — just let the foster care manager know, and you can bring the foster pet back here.

What if I can’t foster anymore?2017-05-10T20:41:05+00:00

That is okay — if you currently have a foster pet in your care, please contact the foster care manager to bring the animal back.

What if I have a veterinarian appointment but I can’t come that day?2017-05-10T20:40:30+00:00

Please call the front desk to reschedule as soon as possible.

Can I bring my other animals to see an Animal League veterinarian?2017-05-10T20:40:00+00:00

Sorry, no — only Animal League-owned animals (foster animals). However, we do have an affordable veterinarian care Pet Health Center at the Animal League. Their phone number is 516-883-2000, or you can email them at [email protected].

What if I bring my foster pet to my own veterinarian?2017-05-10T20:39:15+00:00

We will not cover the expenses. The Animal League is a non-profit organization and cannot cover the cost of another vet; the animal must come back here for care. Our medical clinic is open from 9AM – 9PM every day.

How many animals can I foster at once?2017-05-10T20:38:48+00:00

It depends on your time, space and the needs of the foster pets — you can foster a whole litter of kittens ranging from 2-8 at a time, or a litter of puppies.

What if I don’t have anything at home for the foster animal?2017-05-10T20:38:18+00:00

We supply you with the food, bowls, formula, bottles, crate for dogs, playpen for pups, litter pan, litter (non-scoopable) and toys/bed if we have any. If you like a certain brand, unfortunately you would have to supply that yourself. We can only supply you with what we have in stock here at the Animal League.

Can my neighbor/niece/nice boy down the block watch my foster pet for me if I go out of town?2017-05-10T20:36:53+00:00

Sorry, no — the foster animal must come back to the Animal League if you go out of town.

How long will I be fostering?2017-05-10T20:36:26+00:00

That depends on how long you can foster. We try to match up your length of time with an animal’s need. We can guarantee that all of our animals will need a foster home for no less than two weeks.

Do I have to be home all day?2017-05-10T20:36:03+00:00

No. We have older animals (one year and older) that do not need round-the-clock care. If you are seeking to foster a puppy, you do need to be home most of the day.

What do you have to do to foster an animal?2017-05-10T20:35:38+00:00

Fill out an application; be over 21 years old; live in the NY, NJ, CT tri-state area and be allowed to have animals in the home. If you have family please check with all the adults to make sure everybody wants to foster.

I’m allergic, can I still have a pet?2017-05-10T20:15:38+00:00

It depends on the severity of your allergies and what your doctor recommends.  There are some canine breeds that are less likely to cause an allergic reaction than others.

I work full time. Does that mean I can’t have an animal?2017-05-10T20:15:02+00:00

No, in fact, there are many dogs and cats that would be ideal for this situation.  Our Adoption Counselors will help you find the dogs and cats in our adoption center that would do well in this situation.

I can no longer care for my dog or cat and would like to place him/her up for adoption. Will the Animal League care for my pet and help find a new loving home for him/her?2017-05-10T20:14:29+00:00

Please call (516) 883-7575 and speak with one of our representatives. NSALA is a limited admission no-kill facility, which means once we admit an animal, we care for them until we find them a home. This distinction also limits how many pets we can accept based on the space available in our shelter.  Our counselors can explain this in more detail, so please call us and we will help if we can.

Do shelters really have purebred animals for adoption?2017-05-10T20:13:44+00:00

It’s estimated that about 25% of the animals in shelters nationwide are purebred. If you are interested in a specific breed, ask to have your contact information placed on our waiting list of people interested in purebred animals. Come visit the shelter, you may be able to find an animal that has traits that are similar to those of the breed you have in mind.

I am looking for a specific breed. What do I do?2017-05-10T20:13:12+00:00

Usually, we have a nice selection of breed-specific dogs in our adoption center.  They are adopted quickly.  In case you don’t find what you’re looking for on your first trip, you can complete an adoption pre-approval form and submit a special request.  Our Adoption Counselors will call you once we find the right pet for you.

What breeds will I find when I visit the shelter?2017-05-10T20:12:43+00:00

Although we have a wide variety of breeds, you will almost always find a large selection of mixed-breed animals – pets we call Mutt-i-grees®. Our large selection of Mutt-i-grees® come in a great variety of sizes, shapes and colors, and our counselors will help you find your perfect match.

Aren’t all shelter animals discarded pets?2017-05-10T20:12:13+00:00

Many of the animals at the Animal League are puppies and kittens that are just starting their lives. Older dogs and cats may have had previous owners, and in most cases these wonderful pets were relinquished to us simply because their owners moved. Many adult pets have already been exposed to house-breaking and obedience training. Remember, too, that companion animals are remarkably adaptable and have a boundless capacity for love. Just because an animal has lived with someone else first, doesn’t mean they won’t make a wonderful companion for you!

Are shelter animals well-adjusted?2017-05-10T20:11:46+00:00

Even with the best-behaved animal, you should expect a period of adjustment as your pet becomes used to its new home, family, and routine.  No animal, no matter where it comes from, is problem-free or comes with a health and behavior guarantee, but if you’re prepared to provide your new family pet with some time, training, and patience, your reward will be a loving friend and companion.

Are dogs and cats in shelters healthy?2017-05-10T20:11:19+00:00

Yes. At the Animal League, we carefully screen animals for serious health and behavior issues.

I am interested in adopting an animal listed on your website. Who do I contact for more information?2017-05-10T20:10:54+00:00

We have many animals available for adoption and receive many inquiries about these pets. You can fill out an application right from our web site for the animal you found right from their profile page. Or, if you live in the area, we suggest that you come down and visit us.  We are open 7 days a week from 10am – 9pm.  If you have a specific question that you would like answered prior to coming to see us, please email us at [email protected] or call us at (516) 883-7575.

How much are the adoption fees?2018-07-06T15:46:36+00:00

Our adoption fees are as follows:

Puppies (up to 6 months) $350
Adult Dogs (over 6 months) $100
Puppy Mill Rescues (over 6 months) $250
Small Breed & Pure Breeds (over 6 months) $250
Kittens (up to 6 months) $100
Double Kittens $150
Adult Cats (over 6 months) $50
Double Adult Cats $75

Where applicable, a $50 Spay/Neuter deposit is required for kittens, $75 for puppies. Please note that adoption fees at our mobile adoption locations may vary.

Is it difficult to adopt from the shelter?2017-05-10T20:05:00+00:00

Every shelter has its own policies for approving adoptions. Our adoption screening process is designed to ensure that each animal is placed with a responsible person, one that’s prepared to make a lifelong commitment.  An important part of the adoption process is to match the life-style and needs of the adopter with the individual dog or cat being considered. If the screening process occasionally seems overly strict, please try to remember that our first priority is to consider every animal’s best interests.

What is the adoption process like?2017-05-10T19:39:38+00:00

When you visit North Shore Animal League America’s adoption center, an Adoption Counselor will help you determine the type of animal that will best fit your lifestyle.  They will introduce you to the animals you are interested in.  The meet and greet will give you the opportunity to bond with your potential companion.  You will have plenty of time to play and interact with your new friend in our family-friendly areas designated for that purpose. When you decide to adopt an animal, the counselor will walk you through the process and help you complete the application.

Where are you located and how do I get there?2017-08-02T14:39:31+00:00

We are located in Port Washington, NY. For driving directions and public access information please click here.

Why adopt from the Animal League?2017-08-10T15:02:41+00:00

As the world’s largest no-kill pet rescue and animal adoption organization, North Shore Animal League America has hundreds of puppies, kittens, dogs and cats just waiting to join your family. Learn more