Feral Cat Program – Trap, Neuter, Release

///Feral Cat Program – Trap, Neuter, Release
Feral Cat Program – Trap, Neuter, Release2022-03-17T12:32:25-04:00

In 1990, few people knew the term “feral cat,” and even fewer knew how to deal with them. A lot has changed since then, but we still have an epidemic of feral and stray cats that roam our neighborhoods. Many people still see these cats as a nuisance, however through community education and TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) programs, we are able to humanely control the population of these wild cats and make sure they live healthy lives.

SpayUSA feels the best way to solve feral cat overpopulation is at a grassroots level, meaning developing a Cat Project group in your town, city, or county. Many models for these projects already exist, but all you need to begin is a humane trap and a little patience.

SpayUSA offers subsidy funding for stray and feral cat caretakers throughout the US. The application is open to INDIVIDUALS ONLY and is not for animal shelters or other rescue groups. Additionally, this funding is only to be applied to stray, feral, and unowned cats; pet cats are not eligible to receive funding. Our aim is to help Good Samaritans looking to do their part in controlling the over population of community cats in their area.

The application is available from the 1st to the 15th of each month and can only be submitted during that time. Please note, funding is limited and not all applicants will be awarded funding. If you are not granted funding, you are welcome to reapply the following month. If you are awarded a subsidy, please wait a full year before reapplying. You will receive a decision email as soon as the funds have been allocated.

The awarded funding provided by SpayUSA does not cover the entire cost of the surgery but rather a set amount is allotted towards each feral cat that will be spayed or neutered at a participating veterinarian practice or clinic. The amount of funding granted per cat is based on a variety of variables and will be a fixed amount per animal. These funds are not transferrable to other individuals or to other clinics. We are unable to subsidize any TNR procedure that has already taken place or any other type of procedure other than the standard TNR – this funding is to be applied to new cats brought to the specified clinic.

Please contact the veterinarian practice or clinic you plan to use for the cost of the procedure and what it includes before applying for funding. All cats receiving funding toward their TNR must be ear tipped, no exceptions. Please confirm with the veterinarian practice or clinic that this is part of the procedure, if not, that it will be done upon request.

We appreciate everything you are doing for your community and the community cat population. If you believe our funding can be of help to you, we would encourage you to apply. If you have any questions or need additional assistance in finding low cost options in your area, please send an email to [email protected] or call at (800) 248-7729.

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