Feral Cat Program – Trap, Neuter, Release

///Feral Cat Program – Trap, Neuter, Release
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In 1990, few people knew the term “feral cat”, much less how to deal with feral cats. Much has changed since then… In this section you will find materials on our policy on feral cats, how to humanely reduce their numbers, how to safely help these cats, finding funding for fixing feral felines, Q&A on Feral Cats for veterinarians, and other articles.

We feel that the feral cat problem will best be solved at a grassroots level, with each city, town or county developing its own Cat Project. Many models exist already. These Cat Action Teams need to

  • Find veterinarians interested in helping solve the problem and willing to learn the techniques of safely spaying/neutering these wild creatures.
  • Recruit and train volunteers to trap cats.
  • Establish guidelines and procedures for aftercare and long term maintenance
  • Educate local officials about the problem and the solution

Initially the funding for these efforts will probably be private (tag sales, craft shows, donations and community grants) but can and should grow at least partially to public funding, including animal control and public health departments. The feral cat issue is connected with public health and we urge feline friends to contact their public health officials with information about humane feral cat colony management – if the department is not already aware of these solutions. It is best to work with these officials to develop a local plan rather than wait for problems to develop.

Spay USA offers subsidy funding for stray and feral cat caretakers throughout the US. The application is open to individuals only; this is not a grant for animal shelters or other rescue organizations.

Applications will be accepted between the 1st and 15th of every month; individuals awarded the subsidy funding will be notified no later than the last day of the same month. The funding is limited and not all applicants will be able to receive funding each month. You are welcome to reapply monthly, however, individuals that are awarded funding must wait a full calendar year before re-applying.

Spay USA will not cover the full cost of surgery, but will subsidize a percentage of the cost based on the number of cats and the available low cost options in the area. Before applying for funding please select the spay & neuter clinic or veterinarian office that you will be using. If you need assistance finding a low cost option in your area, please call us (800) 248-7729.

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