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“Stella, Stella, Stella!” We love you! Stella joined the League’s Sponsor Program in 2004. Stella is a mini-Pinscher mix who came to the League through our invaluable out-of-state rescue program.

Initial examinations confirmed that Stella has severe developmental and orthopedic problems with her rear legs. Although she does not appear to be experiencing pain at this time, this deformity in her gait will most likely damage her joints in the future and the League is committed to monitoring her progress and performing life-saving surgery if required.

Regardless of Stella’s limitations, her life is just as important to the League as any normal dog. With the help of generous Sponsors like you, Stella will always be able to receive the care she needs to keep her as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

November 2018

Hard to believe this little girl recently celebrated her sweet sixteen on November 5. It really must be love that keeps her going: love and all of you, her Sponsors. Between everything she’s endured in her long life and all of her medical conditions, she’s had an incredible rescue journey. A journey that led her to this wonderful, adoring family. A journey that you were not only a part of but one that Stella couldn’t have made without your generosity.

March 2018

Stella is having more difficulty due to the deformity in her rear legs and accompanying joint damage. This is to be expected at her advanced age. As always, she is kept physically comfortable and is surrounded by the love of her family. A life not possible without her Pet Sponsors, thank you.

December 2017

Stella is still being kept pain-free with her prescribed medications. The developmental problems in her rear legs do get the best of her more and more as she ages. Fortunately, she has her family to keep her comfortable and lavish her with love. And she has Pet Sponsors to thank for that!

September 2017

Stella is doted upon, as always, but needs even more TLC now that she’s in her golden years. The medications, prescribed by veterinarians here on our campus, do keep Stella pain-free. Family members carry her outside so she can soak up a few rays of sunshine. Though it’s still warm, she may even sense autumn is approaching. Her wellbeing and the love she brings to her household is all due to her supporters and the Pet Sponsor Program. Thank you, as ever!

June 2017

This loveable senior is still soaking up all the affection from her family. She continues to take her medications prescribed by her doctors here at North Shore Animal League America’s Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center. Stella likes to bask in the sun and continues to bring so much joy into the lives of her adopted family thanks to you, her amazing sponsor parents!

March 2017

Stella’s family is giving her the best senior life they can. What a good girl she is, who easily takes her medication. Her dad spends every second he can with her. From carrying her outside to enjoy fresh air and sunshine to cuddling up with her on the couch to watch her peacefully sleep. He is so grateful for adopting her and the immeasurable joy she has brought to his life.

December 2016

Chica (aka Stella) is enjoying her senior life with her loving family who absolutely cherish her. They wish they could have welcomed her home as a puppy instead of as a one year old! She is such a good girl who readily takes three medications to manage her heart disease.

September 2016

Chica (aka Stella) is enjoying her senior years cuddling up on her comfy bed with her blanket and bossing her feline siblings around. She doesn’t seem to notice that she can’t go for walks anymore or the medicine that’s hiding in her daily dose of peanut butter. Thank you for giving her a peaceful life.

June 2016

Stella continues to live the pampered, spoiled life with her family that treasures all they have together. From endless belly rubs, snuggling up for TV time to enjoying some sunshine in the back yard. Thank you for providing their immeasurable happiness through your generous monthly support.

March 2016

Chica’s family is pleased to report that she is doing well. Her heart conditions are successfully managed through daily medication. Chica (aka Stella) and her family moved into a new home with three cats, and Chica enjoys barking at the cats when they get too close. As a senior golden girl, she has been slowing down, but still loving life. Chica’s routine is eat, sleep, treats, walk, repeat – and she couldn’t be happier!

December 2015

Chica is living the good life—going for walks, enjoying yummy treats and relaxing—what more could a dog ask for! Her family endlessly showers her with all their love, hugs and kisses. Chica and her family send a big thank you to all her sponsors.

September 2015

Chica has had some medical issues. She was coughing due to fluid in her lungs that created some heart problems. With the help of three new medications twice daily she is feeling much better. Her family loves her dearly and is happy to give her the extra TLC she needs to heal. Chica is truly a lucky little dog.

June 2015

Stella loves the new bed her family gave her and spends most of her time curled up under her blanket until she either hears someone at the door or smells something cooking… then she leaps into action with her radar dish ears in an attention position. Sadly, Chica’s canine brother Lucky passed away recently so she is getting even more TLC from her family to help her through this tough time. TOBY is probably about 9 years old now! Amazing. He’s small but rugged. The world has thrown every obstacle in his way during his lifetime and he just keeps plugging along. Toby recently took a trip to the groomer along with his two big brothers. Although his brothers were skittish upon arrival, Toby sauntered right into the back room on his own – taking his own self-guided tour. The groomers bathed him in tea tree oil, which helped his dry skin, along with the fish oil added to his food as well.

March 2015

Stella (aka Chicka) has been well. She is missing her canine brother, Lucky, who recently passed away. Lucky was a great dog also adopted from the Animal League. He lived a wonderful long life passing away at 16 years old. Chicka misses his presence but knows he is running around the rainbow bridge. Our condolences to Chicka and her family. She will be day dreaming by her favorite window of the fun memories with Lucky.

December 2014

Stella (aka Chicka) sure is a cuddle-bear who can be found in anything warm and cozy.  She recently got a new bed that she absolutely adores!  Nothing makes her dad happier than seeing her in her favorite window soaking up the sun.  Her family loves spoiling her to make up for any unhappiness she endured in her past.  They can’t imagine life without her.  Thank you, pet sponsors, for making this and more all possible.

September 2014

Stella (aka Chicka) enjoys cuddling up in her blanket and snuggling with her favorite person, her dad! She also loves car rides to the beach with her canine pal, Lucky. There is nothing better than a fun beach day! She lays on the shore line of the bay and rests her little legs in the water. She moves a little slowly because of her arthritic legs, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying life to the fullest.

June 2014

Little Miss Chicka and her human dad, Chris, are the perfect match – he absolutely adores her and treats her with such great care! Chicka is super lucky to have her best canine friend, Lucky, who is an older dog that loves her company. They are so close that they sometimes eat off the same plate! When Chicka is indoors she loves to lie in front of the door and feel the sun on her little body. We are happy for Chicka and fortunate to have such dedicated sponsors.

March 2014

Stella has been making the best of more indoor time this winter. Playing with her extensive toy collection and cozying up to her human Dad Chris as much as possible kept her very busy and she didn’t seem to miss outdoors much at all. Chris can’t believe how much better his life is with Stella in it and thanks you all for bringing them both together.

September 2013

Stella (AKA Chica) getting plenty of treats, and loves to cuddle. When the family first took Stella home, she was very shy and could not walk very well due to her orthopedic problems with her hind legs. Now with all of the exercise she is getting from Chris, her adoptive dad, she is getting around much better and has a normal happy dog life. Stella is such a great dog and the family loves her so much. She is now a part of a loving and happy family who will treasure her forever.

June 2013

Chris, Chica’s adopter, said she is doing great and they are inseparable. She is a happy girl who fetches balls; tirelessly plays tug of war, and best of all loves to cuddle on the couch with Chris watching TV in the evenings before bedtime. Chris is so grateful to have her and for all of her sponsors.

March 2013

Stella (AKA Chica) is doing great. She has a very good home with her new adopted Dad Chris. She loves to go for long walks and to cuddle, and she also loves to get plenty of treats. When the family first took Stella home, she was very shy and could not walk very well, but with all the love and exercise she is getting from Chris, she is doing very well and cannot wait for him to come home for their time together for a walk. Her hind legs still look deformed, but she gets around fine and has a normal, happy dog life. Stella had a checkup and the veterinarian said she is in great condition. During the checkup, she had her flea and heartworm checked. Stella is such a great dog. Her family loves her so much and could not imagine life without her. Chris took the time to thank us for letting him adopt Stella.

December 2012

We are happy to report that Stella is doing well. With the leaves falling from the trees, Stella has some new and exciting things to explore in the yard. It seems that the cooler weather helps perk up Stella’s energy level. She likes to run and jump more and show off her tricks for any friends and neighbors who might stop by. She is feeling good, eating well and staying healthy. Stella loves when the neighborhood kids come over to give her some attention. They love Stella and she adores them. Stella is truly living the best quality of life possible.

September 2012

Little Stella has hit the dog lottery by finding her adopted father, Chris. She is very happy and eating well. Chris takes her for nice long walks in the evening when it has cooled off. She loves to nap with Chris (really doze off while watching TV at night). They are so good together; he just loves her and Stella returns all his love tenfold. Thank you sponsors for making this all happen.

June 2012

ADOPTION ALERT! Stella has been adopted, and we are all so happy! She finally found the perfect home. I spoke with Christopher, her adopted father, and he could not be happier with her. She loves to sit on the couch with him in the evening and watch TV. It has been a long time since our Stella had a home to call her own. Now Christopher said she is very sweet, a little shy, and wants to go for walks all the time. When Stella was here at the Animal League, she was the favorite dog for all the volunteers and associates to walk because we all felt so sorry that her foster mom had to bring her back. Now she is in a new home, and she is happy and loved.

March 2012

Stella is still on the adoption floor with Lucy and both are doing great. They are waiting patiently for a forever home. Stella as always is friendly and ready to go for a walk with anyone that will take her. Lucy on the other hand has been very shy and fearful until recently. She has made such a turn around all the Volunteers and Associates that care for them both are amazed with the new Lucy. Both Stella and Lucy are walked together now. Everyone here at the Animal League knows “the girls” and always make a big fuss over them when they are out and about.

December 2011

Stella currently resides in the Animal Leagues shelter waiting for adoption. We have some unexpected news to share about Stella. She is now residing in the Animal League’s care. Her foster mother had to return her to the safety of the Animal League due to a sudden death in the family and the uncertainly of losing her home. Thankfully, Stella adjusts well to change and is already feeling at home in her new surroundings. She is also being comforted by her best friend, sweet and shy dog Lucy. They are both being showered with love and affection by the Animal League’s staff. We hope to find the right family soon that will adopt Stella and Lucy together. Stay tuned!

September 2011

Stella loves all the attention she can get from Ellen, her foster mother. There is a house full of dogs, and Stella likes to be the center of attention. She still walks two times a day with Ellen around the yard, keeping them all safe from any intruders. With Stella on patrol nothing bad could ever happen to any of them. With the little bit of weight she lost, she seems to have more pep in her step, and is a little more playful with the rest of the dogs. She enjoys the lazy days of summer on the deck under the umbrella, up high able to see where all the other dogs are and what is happening. She has a very good appetite, not a picky eater at all. Thank you all for giving Stella the best life possible with your generous support.

June 2011

Stella is happy because spring is here. Stella is holding a steady weight, no gain and no loss. As the days get longer, Ellen’s house is filled with happy dogs, especially Stella. Every morning and every evening Stella will take a long walk out back around the perimeter of the yard with Ellen. When Ellen calls “Where is Stella?” you hear one lone bark. That’s Stella answering back! Just about everything Stella does makes Ellen laugh. She is the doggie comic of the house. Housemate dog, Lucy, and Stella are still getting along very well and recently Stella let dog Honey bun join their club. Stella is becoming a social butterfly.

March 2011

Ellen, Stella’s adopted mother reports Stella is doing fine there have been no new health issues with our sweet Stella. She doesn’t like the cold weather and snow so Ellen will put on her sweater before she puts her out. Stella and Lucy (a foster sibling) have been sleeping together recently, Stella had her own room but one night Lucy wanted in, since then they are best buddies and cuddling. Ellen never thought the two would make such a connection. She is happy for Stella to have a nice friendship with Lucy. When Ellen comes home from work, Stella will start to prance around the room. It’s almost like she knows how to get Ellen’s attention and make her laugh. Ellen calls her the comedian.

December 2010

We are happy to report that Stella is doing well. With the leaves falling from the trees, Stella has some new and exciting things to explore in the yard. It seems that the cooler weather helps perk up Stella’s energy level. She likes to run and jump more and show off her tricks for any friends and neighbors that might stop by. She is feeling good, eating well and staying healthy. Stella loves when the neighborhood kids come over to give her some attention. They love Stella and she adores them. Ellie is truly living the best quality of life possible.

September 2010

Stella is doing very well; she was just at the Animal League for her physical and is in excellent condition. Her appetite is good too; she eats whatever her mother gives her. The veterinarian said Stella has put on some weight and Stella’s adopted mother has to limit her to three treats a day. Stella is happy that the summer is here. Sunning her bad leg in the warmth of the sun is soothing for her and her leg doesn’t cramp as much. Her mother has taken out the summer accessories including beach blankets for all the dogs to lounge on and she sets up beach umbrellas for them to lie under.

June 2010

We happily report that Stella is doing well and there have been no medical issues for awhile. Her foster mother said Stella is very happy the warmer weather is back. She wanders the perimeter of her very large backyard hoping she will discover something new or a pile of leaves to jump into and roll around scratching her back and sniffing the dirt. Stella loves to sunbathe when her foster mother lays out a sheet on the grass for Stella and the other dogs in the household to lie on. When her foster mother calls Stella, she comes running hoping there is a treat waiting for her. Stella’s foster mother sometimes gives her a peeled hardboiled egg and lets Stella play with it like it’s her very own personal ball. After five minutes or so Stella will take a bite and do a little happy dance!

March 2010

Stella was in for her physical recently and received a good report. Stella’s foster mother was worried because she thought a mass was growing on her hind quarter. The veterinarian said it was a case of mistaken identity and not to worry it will work itself out and that Stella is fine. We are so happy to hear that. Other than gaining a little weight, the rest of her physical was positive so she doesn’t have to return for another six months. She loves walking in the yard with her mother – she has one acre to roam freely…wow! Her mother watches her so the other dogs don’t bother her when she is doing her sniffing and exploring. Spring will be here soon and lots of new smells for her to enjoy.

December 2009

Stella’s foster mom noticed that the leg cramps Stella previously experienced were still affecting her occasionally. Stella has since been prescribed pain management medication for her legs once again, but will only be taking this medication every other day. At home Stella continues to be the apple of her foster mother’s eye. Her foster mom carries her up and down the stairs, since tiny Stella can’t do it herself, and also brings her in the yard for her daily walks. With the chilly air blowing, Stella’s foster mom has decided to make her a little jacket to wear when she goes outside. The best part is that Stella’s foster mom is making Stella’s jacket match her own. They’ll look like two peas in a pod!

September 2009

Our little Stella has been doing well in her loving foster home. However, her foster mom has noticed that from time to time one of her legs has been getting stiff. She usually takes Stella’s little paw and massages it lightly until her leg relaxes. This little setback hasn’t affected Stella’s daily walks in the yard or playtime at all. But Stella will be coming in for a general check-up this month to make sure there aren’t any serious problems and of course to visit some of the medical staff members that love her so much!

June 2009

Stella has been up to some new tricks according to her foster mom. While Stella is always a loveable and friendly pup who is pretty well-mannered, she has been digging into the laundry recently. Stella’s foster mom found her grabbing socks from the laundry basket and tossing them around for some good old fashioned playtime. While her foster mom wasn’t exactly pleased with chasing Stella around and folding up the laundry again, she can’t seem to reprimand Stella who always has such a warm and endearing expression on her face; even when she’s being mischievous! She’s just happy that despite having a physical setback, Stella enjoys a great quality of life.

March 2009

This past month Stella has not been getting along with one of the foster pets in her home. To ensure the safety of Stella, and all of the foster pets in her home, one of her foster siblings that has shown aggression towards her has returned to the Animal League. The Animal League will work hard to find her foster sibling a new home and Stella can now feel as safe as possible with her foster family. Stella recently came to the Animal League for a check-up and we are happy to report that she is doing great. She stayed for a few days after her check-up at the Animal League’s medical center and the staff was happy to have her around; making sure to give her plenty of attention. Stella was a great visitor and gave out plenty of licks of appreciation!

December 2008

Our little Stella has been a spitfire as usual. Her foster mom says that she is always happy and brightens her days with her energy and antics. To make Stella happy her foster mom caters to her in every way. She even pretends to be a waitress at a diner as she asks Stella what she wants to eat for her meal and then prepares Stella’s “special order”. Watching her foster mom walk around the kitchen as if she’s carrying around a serving tray gets Stella excited. She runs over to her very own Barbie couch where she jumps up and wriggles around in anticipation. Stella’s foster mom gets a little nervous when Stella gets so excited and jumps around due to her orthopedic problems, but Stella doesn’t seem to have any discomfort.

September 2008

Stella continues to be a chirpy little girl. She sounds the alarm – her barking – sometimes as early as 4 am to wake up her foster mother. Stella simply loves to watch her feed the birds in the yard and the second her foster mom opens to screen door to go into the yard to do so, Stella makes a run for it. She gallops around in the grass for quite some time while the birds fill up on seed before she’s ready to retreat back inside. Then she usually cuddles up next to her best friend Sasha for some extra zzz’s.

June 2008

Stella’s health has been maintained just splendidly and we are happy to report that Stella has been in good spirits. That’s because another little lady has been introduced into her home and Stella now has a new friend to spend her days with. Sasha, another sponsor pet with special-needs, joined Stella’s family this past month and they are like two peas in a pod.

March 2008

Stella continues to be her playful self, dragging her favorite blanket around the house. We are happy to report that her health has been showing slight improvement. She eats plenty, loves to play with her foster brother Benji and enjoys her naps, especially when wearing her own nightgown that her foster mom gave to her to keep her warm in the winter months. With so many siblings running around – 12 in total – you’d think Nina might get lost. But this little lady makes sure to get her treat before bed, despite the hungry crowd around her.

December 2007

Stella may be a small dog, but she has a big heart. She loves to snuggle and play and give plenty of kisses. Stella’s foster mom does plenty of spoiling, but Stella never seems to take anything for granted. She seems grateful and appreciative of all that she has and enjoys life to the fullest. We are so thrilled to be able to give Stella the quality of life she deserves. Thank you for making that possible – and we know Stella thanks you too.

September 2007

Stella continues to live it up. A regular day for her includes sleeping in, romping in the garden, a cool refreshing drink alongside freshly prepared homemade snacks and meals and then tons of love on the couch!

June 2007

Stella loves to run and play and is not going to let her orthopedic problems stop her. She’s managed a system where she runs for several feet and then stops for a little break, and then runs again. After a morning of vigorous activity, she likes to turn in for a little nap. The funny thing is that she likes to rest her head on empty boxes, even though her foster mom makes Stella her very own homemade pillows! Stella may need to start thinking out of the box!

March 2007

Stella is an adorable little dog with a big sense of humor. Her foster mom tells us that Stella is so funny and seems to enjoy making her laugh. She excitedly jumps around and twirls when she’s happy, never ceasing to amaze her foster mom. Even though they have their steady routines, there’s always something new with Stella. Her foster mom couldn’t love her anymore and we couldn’t be happier at this loving union. They definitely make a great team.

December 2006

Stella recently came to the League’s medical center for a routine check up. A mini Pinscher mix, her weight is closely monitored due to her hind leg problems. The heavier she becomes, the more her legs are strained. On a strict diet of dog food only (no “people food” treats!), Stella still has a weight problem … but thank goodness it’s now under control. Upon further examination, it was determined that her hind leg issues have not changed since her last visit and that’s always good news. She is one happy little dog!

September 2006

Pretty soon it will be Stella’s anniversary since she was rescued. That’s right, Stella came to us on November 5th, 2003 from our out-of-state rescue program. In these past few years she has had an opportunity to have a healthy, normal life thanks to the Sponsor program and the wonderful support from you. Her loving caregiver told us recently that Stella is doing just fine with her orthopedic problems. She still is a young dog though, and sometimes has to be ‘reminded’ to take it easy. She just has so much fun with her other canine siblings. Her new favorite treat has been bologna although, Miss Stella does have an ongoing weight problem, so her foster mom monitors how much she gets. Being overweight will make her orthopedic problems worse, and no one wants that. Thank you for your lifesaving funds for Stella and all the animals in the program. We couldn’t do it without you.

June 2006

Stella is just the sweetest thing! She and her foster care brother, Benji came to the league recently with their foster care mom to have new pictures taken. Stella was a little bit nervous but really ended up hamming it up for the camera. She’s so petite! She really enjoys being held which is nice, and much better for her since her back legs sometimes give her trouble due to her orthopedic problems. Her foster care mom says that Stella and Honey Bun, the three-legged dog in the house, are still the best of friends and love to play together in the yard. Her favorite spot to sleep is still under her comforter. When Stella’s foster care mom takes a head count and finds Stella not among the rest, she can usually be found – a lump under the comforter snoozing away. What a life!

March 2006

Stella has been doing wonderfully according to her foster care Mom. She’s been running around with her ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ in the yard and has been able to keep up. Knowing her orthopedic limitations, her foster care Mom is right there to intervene if Stella’s had enough. Her Mom also reported, quite happily I might add, that Stella is eating well and getting along with everyone. This sounds like one content little Mini Pin! For the holidays, Stella received a little doggy ‘hang out’ house made out of fabric that she just loves. She brings all of her toys in there and sleeps in there as well!

December 2005

Stella had her foster care mother very concerned recently when she collapsed with no warning! Although she recovered quickly, Stella’s foster care mom felt there were some convulsions although Stella never lost consciousness. This whole ordeal happened in an instant and Stella has been fine ever since. She has been being very closely monitored for any additional abnormal behavior. Our doctors assured her that this was probably not a seizure but will be conducting extensive follow up testing. We’ll keep you updated on Stella’s condition.

September 2005

Stella thinks she is the neighborhood watch dog – she’ll bark at anyone or anything that goes by her foster care home. She especially likes howling at dogs that are much larger than she is – to see such a little bit of a thing barking away at a large German Shepherd, is really quite humorous! The more Stella yaps, the better she feels – if she’s quiet, it means she’s feeling stiff that day and can’t be bothered with her watchdog duties. Your continued support of the Sponsor program means the world to Stella and the other special needs animals. It is because of your generosity that they are all getting the love and care they deserve.

June 2005

Stella’s foster care parents went on a short trip recently, so Stella and the other foster care animals in her home stayed here with us at the Medical Center. We gave them lots of love and attention – so much so you could say that we spoiled them rotten! Stella can be shy around strangers at the Medical Center, but having her housemates nearby certainly seemed to make her feel more comfortable. Stella and the other special needs animals have all come from difficult beginnings. But with your kindness and generosity, they are all getting a second chance at happiness. Thank you so much.

February 2005

To see Stella run, you might not guess she has such serious joint problems. But she refuses to let it slow her down and does her best to keep up with her canine housemates as they play outside. Of course, her foster care Mom keeps a close eye on her – she’s worried that Stella will trip herself up on those fast legs. Sometimes Mom will try and slow her down, but to no avail. Stella loves speed! Before long though – and before anyone gets hurt – her foster care Mom will herd Stella and the other dogs back inside for a snack and a rest. Thank you so much for always being there for Stella and the other special needs animals. Your support makes a huge difference in the quality of their lives.