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Meet Pretty Kitty! Shortly after we rescued Pretty Kitty from a local municipal shelter in November 2015, we realized that her coordination wasn’t quite right: she occasionally falls when she jumps and her back legs slip from time to time when she walks.

In addition, she struggles with incontinence — all signs of a probable neurological condition. Nevertheless, Pretty Kitty gracefully handles these challenges, and her bright and curious nature shines through her golden eyes.

Everyone here quickly fell in love with Pretty Kitty, and we’re confident that she’ll be a wonderful addition to any cat-loving family able to meet her special needs. A lifetime of gratitude, play, and snuggles awaits them!  But until the right family comes to claim all her sweetness, we’ll shower Pretty Kitty with affection and frequent chin rubs — and the Sponsor Program will cover her medical care for the rest of her life.  We are honored you have chosen to be her Sponsor Program Pet Parent – thank you!

November 2019

Pretty Kitty has moved with her family to a new home AND also gained a new brother, fellow Sponsor Pet, Tobias! The new home is wonderful with lots of windows for her to keep a look out for birds and bask in the sunshine. The two new fur siblings are still getting to know one another so time will tell whether Tobias makes up for Pretty Kitty having lost her dog sibling, Louie, to cancer this year.

July 2019

Pretty Kitty or PK as her family calls her, is just loving her home life. She spends her days playing with her fur siblings, Rico and Ella, or napping on the windowsill or being cuddled up with her family on the couch enjoying their petting. Now that the weather is nicer, she will again be enjoying walks in the pet stroller. Did we mention that she’s learned to give “high fives” too! Her health has continued to be good. According to her mom, Chre, she is such an important part of their family and much loved.

November 2018

It’s Pretty Kitty’s first holiday season in her home and her family is super excited to say the least. According to her human mom, Chre, holiday traditions are a staple in their home, so Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas present more opportunities to spoil their newest addition. Chre said she’s looking forward to dressing Pretty Kitty up in a Halloween costume and including her in the family holiday card during Christmas. “I can’t wait to include her in our holiday family photos this year. I also wonder if she’ll like to eat turkey on Thanksgiving. She’ll love Christmas because we will be sure to spoil her, just like we do all year long.”

March 2018

We are thrilled to announce that Pretty Kitty has found a responsible, loving home to call her own! After more than three years on our Port Washington, N.Y. campus, this gorgeous girl was adopted by longtime Animal League America supporter and adopter, Chre Geneo. Through the years, Chre and her family have cared for several rescue pets with disabilities, so we’re all confident they are fully prepared to provide Pretty Kitty with the extra love and compassionate care she needs. Thanks go to her Sponsors for their support through her journey to the next stage of her life as beloved house cat!

December 2017

We’ve had a very busy few months preparing for construction of Bianca’s Furry Friends, our new feline-only wing. Our cats- including Pretty Kitty have moved into new spaces and are adjusting to their new daily lives. You can imagine how much attention she has received from visitors who gasp at her beauty— she’s even more stunning in person! She now enjoys a more set routine with her favorite people taking care of her. Her human friends are always on the lookout for the right fit for our special girl. This fall, Pretty Kitty will be celebrating her third year with us at North Shore Animal League America, but the pursuit of a permanent home for her is always present in our minds.

September 2017

Resilient is the first word that comes to mind when describing Pretty Kitty. This 2 year old joined our Animal League America family when she was very young and has only had brief experience in a foster home outside of our facility. The winter and spring was a medically successful long run of healthiness for our little girl, but the challenge now is meeting her emotional needs to prepare her for life in a responsible, loving home. Our devoted staff and selfless volunteers are always nurturing her to safeguard her from frustration. When the cat room is busy, visitors gravitate to her because she is so strikingly beautiful, but Pretty Kitty scans the room for someone familiar to protect her from unwanted attention. She searches for someone who understands her, and we are there. We continue to nurture our special girl, preparing her for the day that the visitor who wants to meet her is the one who will take her home, love, and protect her for the rest of her life. For now, we appreciate the amazing sponsor parents who help us provide Pretty Kitty with everything she needs while she waits for her perfect match.

June 2017

Pretty Kitty has developed very strong bonds with the people who care for her. When the Cat Room is busy with visitors, she prefers the company of her familiar humans. She loves to head butt and could spend a whole afternoon having her ears rubbed. It’s clear to any observer how deep her bonds are and how she will be with the person who takes her home. We have all fallen deeply for this sweet angel. We are so grateful to our generous Sponsors. They make it possible for Pretty Kitty to live her best life in our care as we wait for her special family to discover her. Several sponsors have been so moved by her story that they have sent her special presents. She has enjoyed blankets and toys meant only for her— although with her generous spirit she can’t help but share with friends!

March 2017

Pretty Kitty continues to enchant everyone whose path she crosses. Her ability to make people smile despite any discomfort she may be experiencing is inspirational. Animal League America staff and volunteers are constantly attending to Pretty Kitty’s physical and emotional comfort. It may seem like it takes a village to keep this sweet kitty happy, but the truth is, she is the one enriching our lives. Thanks to her generous sponsors, Pretty Kitty has an opportunity for a full life. We know she is easy to love, and we can’t wait for her to find the perfect heroes to bring her home.

December 2016

Pretty Kitty was welcomed back to the shelter not long ago by her many fans here. The medical team at the Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center is committed to trying all medical procedures and treatment to help her urinary retention issues. Despite all she’s been through, Pretty Kitty has the playful enthusiasm of a kitten so we’re sure we’ll find the right adopter to take her home for the most amazing life possible. Until then, she will continue to be nurtured here by those who care for her, which is easy to do because she’s such a lovable girl.

September 2016

Pretty Kitty was recently admitted to the Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center to see if providing her with an artificial urethra sphincter can help her urinate more normally. So far, it seems to be helping and our veterinarians will keep a close eye on her to be sure it continues. A kennel manager here, Jessica, couldn’t let Pretty Kitty go through this vital procedure on her own and has been there for her every step of the way. What a happy day it was when Jessica began fostering this precious girl who doesn’t seem to be bothered by her medical issues at all. Pretty Kitty’s medical and foster care is only possible with the generous donors of the Pet Sponsor Program and she pays it forward by inspiring everyone who knows and loves her. Thank you. If you would like to follow her story, please search #R158457 on Instagram.

 June 2016

Pretty Kitty was so perfectly named when she joined us at Animal League America as a young kitten a year ago. She has captured the hearts of everyone in the cat room. Pretty Kitty is part of our Feline Friends, a cat buddy program to help cats like her have a loving, comfortable stay, and to promote them for adoption. Pretty Kitty’s incredibly devoted buddy has successfully taught her how to “sit”. We are sure someone will see what we see soon: a cat that is beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside and fall deeply for her limitless charm. Thank you for helping us take care of her.

March 2016

Our beautiful friend Pretty Kitty has grown up while at the shelter, winning everyone’s hearts along the way, both humans and cats alike! She is very gracious during medical treatment, as if she understands that the doctors are trying to help her. Her delightful personality reminds us that an adopter will soon see what we see and take her home. Until then we are here for her with your help, of course! Thank you!