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Coco, this adorable six-month-old terrier mix Mutt-i-gree®, was rescued from an overcrowded California municipal shelter in October 2013. North Shore Animal League America brought Coco to the safety of our no-kill campus in Port Washington, New York to save him from likely euthanasia.

The precious puppy suffers from incontinence and bowel trouble, which a neurologist determined was most likely due to an injury rather than a congenital defect. Since he can’t fully empty his bladder, Coco has an occasional small accident, so he wears diapers, but they don’t seem to bother him at all. Simply rubbing his stomach will help him move his bowels.

These issues will not prevent Coco from having a full, happy and healthy life, but he will require lifelong care. His delightful nature won over his foster mom, Tammy, who has been lovingly caring for Coco until we can find him the right adopter to take him home to be forever cherished. Coco and Buddy, his foster brother, have become fast friends and play beautifully together. Buddy already taught Coco how to climb stairs. Tammy believes whoever adopts Coco is going to be blessed with a loyal, loving dog.

North Shore Animal League America is happy to provide Coco with all the necessary care he needs and gladly welcomes him into the Sponsor Program. With the help of generous monthly Sponsors like you, Coco will live a wonderful life.

February 2024

Coco (aka Chachi) thoroughly appreciates being the apple of his family’s eyes in his senior years. In fact, he is “healthy, active and extremely loyal and protective of his dads,” reported dad Jason. He is certainly as handsome as ever and though he doesn’t always want to share the spotlight, definitely gets his fair share of cuddles, treats and attention!

November 2023

Coco (aka Chachi) is continuing to enjoy his senior days with his adoring dads. “Chachi is just the best,” said dad, Jason. “He is extremely loving and also very protective!” Chachi loves walking on the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights and always appreciates a long nap afterward. “We are just so grateful for him.”

May 2023

Coco (aka Chachi) has not had recent health issues, dad Jason was pleased to report. In fact, Chachi was even a good boy for a recent dental procedure he had at the Pet Health Centers. “Chachi is really an absolute joy,” Jason said. The feeling is clearly mutual, as Chachi continues to be very protective of his dads and keeps a vigilant watch over everyone and everything to keep his family safe. Simply put, “Chachi is just the best!”

March 2023

Chachi’s dad, Jason, reflected just how far Chachi has come since they first brought home: “He was a shy little boy who really grew into himself, and now has a strong and defined personality.” Set in his ways, Chachi is getting a bit picker with his food, but his family is staying on top of all his check-ups and dental care. According to Jason, “He is just a joy and the best surprise in every way.”

November 2022

Coco (aka Chachi) continues to reap the benefits as a pampered pup in his family, with lots of affection and trips to the shore. Earlier this year he was enjoying the sun and sand in Montauk with his dads. “Chachi lost one of his brothers this year,” dad Jason told us. “But Chachi continues to be as healthy, spunky, and snuggly as ever.”

June 2022

Coco (aka Chachi) is a dog right after his dads’ hearts. He has a particular fondness for lounging, as well as a good nap! Even though Chachi is getting older, he still has his occasional zoomies, and enjoys walks outside for exercise. Chachi can be selective with his affection, and does not like the ‘cousin’ dog in his extended family, but otherwise dad, Jason, summed up Chachi’s status best: “healthy, no troubles, and all love.”

March 2022

Chachi is unstoppable with the love from his parents and his canine brothers. In fact, all this nurturing seems to have turned back the clock for him! “Chachi plays with the excitement of a puppy,” his dad, Jason, said. This energetic boy is certainly as adorable as ever and is happy being spoiled. “Chachi loves massages and nuzzles, and is always up for a treat,” Jason noted. “He is doing just great and living his best life.”

July 2021

Chachi’s dad, Jason, says, “Chachi continues to be a fun, spunky boy with lots of opinions!” The belly band and diaper Chachi must wear due to his incontinence don’t hold him back at all, and Chachi still loves to play with his two canine brothers — who are also rescues! Not as welcome, however, is Chachi’s new, four-month-old canine cousin, who he met recently. Happily for the whole family though, Chachi’s dads have been home more and Chachi is basking in the extra time and attention from them.

March 2021

Chachi’s dad, Jason, reports that he’s been doing great overall. He did have a urinary tract infection, which he gets periodically because of his belly band and diaper that he needs due to his incontinence. He’s so spirited, you’d never know he has any ailments at all! Several months back, the entire family took a trip to a small town in the Hudson Valley in New York. Chachi and his two canine siblings had a blast playing off-leash in the enclosed backyard, sniffing lots of new smells, and going out to eat with their dads. Everyone, humans and dogs alike, loved having some time in the country with the fresh air and relaxed atmosphere.

November 2020

Coco, aka Chachi, is just getting over a urinary tract infection, but that’s not uncommon for him. Over the summer, he traveled to the North Fork of Long Island, New York, for vacation and, as always, loved soaking up the sun at least in the morning before it got too hot. Coco and his two canine siblings have been loving the fact that dad Jason has been working from home since March. They are getting even more spoiled! Jason says he doesn’t mind working at home either since cuddling with Coco and his brothers is the best stress reliever of all.

July 2020

Chachi’s health has been good. His dad, Jason, unfortunately came down with COVID-19 and fought it for more than two weeks. Then it was Chachi’s turn to help take care of Jason. “Chachi and his brothers Fleetwood and Cole cuddled me back to health,” said dad, Jason. “Chachi is so loving and attentive.” The pups were all treated to small pieces of filet mignon for their good behavior and loving support. Jason feels lucky to have friends and family —furry and human — to get him through his ordeal

March 2020

Chachi recently had a urinary tract infection and was treated with antibiotics that cleared it up right away. Due to his continuing incontinence issues, he does need his diaper changed three times a day but dad, Jason, says it just takes a few minutes and it’s no problem at all. Chachi does not like going out in the cold and his family certainly indulges him. Otherwise, he is doing great. Jason says he continues to be “spunky, funny, curious, and loving.” Last summer, all three of the dogs—Chachi, Fleetwood, and Cole—accompanied their human family on a weekend to the Jersey Shore and they all had a wonderful time. At Thanksgiving, Chachi just jumped up on a chair at the table as if to say he was ready to have some of the holiday dinner!

November 2019

Chachi is doing great. His dad, Jason, says he’s always very inquisitive. He tries his best to be the center of attention, is playful, and so very loving. He’s been enjoying having some time to run around his aunt’s back yard, take in some sun, and hang out with his two brothers, Fleetwood and Cole. He’s a great boy, but sometimes he has a sneaky side. Chachi recently found a way to slip into his yard so he can have it all to himself. Chachi is a fair weather dog. He dislikes even going outside when the ground is wet and totally avoids the snow. So he stays inside more through the winter where it’s warm and comfortable and waits eagerly for spring, summer, and fall to come around again.

July 2019

Coco, aka Chachi, brings a lot of joy to his family. “He is so funny—playful and curious” says his dad, Jason. “We use diapers with him and he gets changed 3 to 4 times a day.” He’s sometimes a little bit jealous of his big brother, Fleetwood. Now he has another brother, named Cole, a rescue who was severely burned, but is now healing. Coco is in good health and he is looking forward to summer vacation. He’s a happy boy who enjoys every day, thanks to his great family and his generous Sponsors.

March 2019

Coco, aka Chachi, is loving life and living large. In fact, he even gained a few more ounces, which his dad, Jason, said he needed. This playful and funny little guy loves his family, although he’s occasionally jealous of his doggy brother, Fleetwood. Best of all, Chachi loves visiting his human relatives on weekends so he can be doted on even more. His health is good, he manages well with his diaper, and he’s looking forward to vacationing on Cape Cod when the weather warms up. He’s a happy boy who enjoys every day, thanks to his great family and his generous Sponsors.

November 2018

The spunky, bossy, loving little guy is doing great according to his dad, Jason. Chachi’s healthy appetite has helped him gain some much needed weight, and his doctors gave him a positive report during his most recent checkup. This past summer, Chachi spent two weeks in Provincetown, Massachusetts, enjoying the sun and beach with his human family and some doggy friends. When he wasn’t at the beach, he was enjoying the sprawling backyard of his human aunt, who also loves this little guy so much. Thanks to all of his loyal sponsors, Chachi has been enjoying life to the fullest, never allowing his physical ailments to get him down.

March 2018

Coco, aka Chachi, is as happy, spunky and curious as ever! Last Christmas was especially fun for Chachi, when he dressed in the coziest flannels to wait for Santa Claus. As spring approaches and the days get longer, this little guy will be dreaming of warmer days when he and his family can enjoy some fun in the sun. Chachi is grateful for all of his wonderful sponsors.

December 2017

Coco spent two weeks this summer in Provincetown, Cape Cod, and loved every minute of it! He is a sun worshiper and always found the sunniest spot to sunbathe. His tiny legs walked the quaint town and he was being stopped by countless people who commented just how beautiful and cute he was in spite of the fact that he wears a diaper. Oblivious to his limitations, this sometimes bossy, always spunky guy, continues to be ever fun and playful.

September 2017

Chachi’s dad Jason is thrilled to report that his little guy has been doing so very well. No health issues recently, just fun. He continues to be a playful, fun, and an adventurous boy, who is a hog for his dad’s loving attention. Chachi recently ventured up to Cape Cod, MA for a couple of weeks with his human family and his canine brother Fleetwood! The two of them had a blast running on the beach, napping, and walking around the town, soaking in the beautiful scenery. Chachi is thankful to have his loving family!

June 2017

Chachi is doing great. Although he has to wear a diaper due to his incontinence, he acts like a normal, playful, curious, take charge kind of boy. He tries to be the Alpha dog with his doggy brother, Fleetwood, but they often share the role depending on their moods. Chachi plays with his toys, loves to cuddle and nuzzle, and is most content just being home with his family. Chachi’s dad, Jason, said the family is planning their annual vacation up to Cape Cod this summer. The house is much bigger than their apartment, so Chachi gets to explore his new surroundings. He enjoys the beach, going out on walks, and being carried around town, because he gets so much attention from other dogs and dog lovers alike.

March 2017

Chachi’s family reports he is a delight. Sweet, affectionate, loving, playful, and very much trying to be alpha in their home. He had a great holiday season spending time with his family including many of his dad’s nieces and nephews who were sad to say goodbye. In addition to strolling around the neighborhood with his family, Chachi loves to cuddle up with his doggy brother Fleetwood in front of a window, soaking up the sun.

December 2016

Chachi enjoyed a recent trip to Provincetown, MA. Chachi and doggy brother, Fleetwood, loved being with their family 24/7! His adopter’s niece and nephew never miss a chance to visit Chachi. His family is happy to give Chachi the occasional treat from the table.

September 2016

Chachi is healthy, funny, playful, and loving. Aside from tearing up the mats in his kennel, he is a wonderful boy. He tries to be the alpha dog, but his canine brother Fleetwood makes sure he knows who was here first. Chachi has started sleeping in bed with mom and dad (fully diapered of course). He just curls up between their shoulders and stays in the same place all night long. The whole family thoroughly enjoyed their annual Cape Cod vacation. Fleetwood and Chachi roamed the beach and were the talk of the town. A big thank-you to all his wonderful sponsors!

June 2016

Chachi continues to be a delight. Fun, happy, active, playful, and loving. Recently, he had a urinary tract infection which happens occasionally from wearing diapers. But the little trooper is just fine now. For exercise, fresh air and fun, the family takes Chachi and his doggy brother Fleetwood on frequent walks. He now has even more admirers in the neighborhood. Thank you for sponsoring Chachi and giving him everything to keep him happy and healthy!

March 2016

Chachi continues to be a delight. Fun, happy, active, playful, and loving. Recently, he had a urinary tract infection which happens occasionally from wearing diapers. But the little trooper is just fine now. For exercise, fresh air and fun, the family takes Chachi and his doggy brother Fleetwood on frequent walks. He now has even more admirers in the neighborhood. Thank you for sponsoring Chachi and helping him live the good life.

December 2015

Coco (AKA Chachi) went on his annual trip to Provincetown, MA on Cape Cod and had a ball with his brother Fleetwood. They loved the fresh air, and being with their family all day, every day. They delighted in all the attention they received in restaurants and while walking through town. Chachi might have his physical limitations being in diapers, but he is just the most fun, active, curious little boy. His family is thankful to have him  and thank all his wonderful sponsors too!

September 2015

Coco (AKA Chachi) is doing great! He is just a fantastic boy – spunky, curious, playful, and affectionate. He accompanied his family on their annual two week vacation to Provincetown, MA. They rent the same house every year directly across the street from the beach. Last year was Chachi’s first time and he loved it, as does Fleetwood (Chachi’s “brother”). Chachi and his family send a big thank you to all his sponsors!

June 2015

Coco is loving life. While his bathroom issues are always there, he doesn’t seem to notice his diaper at all and is as active as any other dog. He just can’t get enough of his toys or chasing around his doggie brother Fleetwood! Chachi is curious, likes to play, nap in the crooks of his family’s necks and is a delightful boy.

March 2015

Coco (aka Chachi) conquered his first time on a plane without having any fear! He was a superstar; he was relaxed and well behaved. Staying in his carrier bag with his dad in the cabin wasn’t a problem at all. According to his parents, Chachi fully enjoyed his trip – he relished the warm beaches in Florida where he strolled diaper free! He continues to be a happy, loving dog. Deuce (aka Louie) has been great. His mom loves to brag about her little angel – can you blame her? He is such a love, we think he actually enjoys the winter just so he can stay inside more and cuddle up with his family. Louie’s health has been in good standing and living a tail waggin’ life!

December 2014

Coco (aka Chachi) sure is a lucky dog: before we head into the cold wintery months, he will be vacationing in Florida with his family. We know he is going to have a lot of fun! We are excited for Chachi and his new life of pure happiness. He has a wonderful family that takes great care of him, and of course, thank you to our devoted sponsors.

September 2014

Coco (aka Chachi) is enjoying some rest and relaxation with his family this summer. His first time on the beach was delightful! He curled up in the sunniest spot to take in some rays. He and his canine buddy, Fleetwood, enjoyed the different atmosphere of fresh beach air. Chachi manages well with his diaper on at all times and is used to his changing schedule. He is such a sweet dog and is so calm and cheerful. We couldn’t be happier with his progress!

June 2014

After recently being introduced into the Sponsorship Program, we were delighted when Coco was adopted into an amazing family. His human dad absolutely loves him and decided to rename him Chachi!Chachi is fun, inquisitive, mischievous, and happy. He gets along really well with his brother (4-year-old dog named Fleetwood) and is a joy to be around. His human parents are super people and have the knack for changing his diaper, which is done a few times a day. Chachi suffers from incontinence and bowel trouble, most likely due to an injury rather than a birth defect. He is now in a loving home and with the support of our Sponsors, Chachi will have a happy and healthy life.