Meet Jace

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Welcome Jace! Jace is a handsome 7-year-old cat that came to North Shore Animal League America from a municipal shelter in November 2013.

Unfortunately, Jace’s original owners could no longer care for him and he needed a new home. What concerned our medical team is that Jace suffered from a pelvic fracture due to an unknown cause. We just hope he didn’t endure horrible abuse. He underwent surgery to repair his injury and resiliently recovered. Along with his fracture, it was discovered he has a heart murmur-hypertrophic cardiomyopathy that requires an oral medication twice daily.

Jace is a strong guy that is receiving the proper care he deserves; he is currently residing in our shelter in search of a loving home. Our shelter employees show him a lot of love, and this attention hog sure enjoys it! With the help of generous monthly Sponsors like you, Jace will live out the rest of his days as healthy and happy as possible. We are honored you have chosen to be his Sponsor Program Pet Parent – thank you!

March 2018

Jace went through so much before finally finding a home with the
Porters in 2015. Since then, he’s been nothing but spoiled rotten –
enjoying the finest things in life a cat could ever dream of – endless love
and attention, plenty of food and treats, space to play, as well as relax.
Since arriving at Animal League America in 2011 as a severely injured cat
with a multitude of ailments, Jace has certainly come a long way, and he
has his Sponsor Parents to thank for it.

December 2017

We’re glad to report that Jace’s health is excellent, and he no longer struggles with hip issues. This gentle soul now enjoys spending his days looking out the family’s Bay window watching squirrels and birds and basking in the afternoon sun. As a creature of habit, Jace awaits his favorite salmon dinner dish to be served promptly each evening at 6PM. He now has everything he needs and desires – thanks to his devoted sponsors.

September 2017

He’s the perfect family cat – eagerly embracing the benefits of loving human parents and sisters. Jace entered our Pet Sponsor Program as an adult cat after his former owners could no longer care for him. He arrived with a broken hip and needed a lot of TLC while he recovered from corrective surgery. Now that Jace is in a responsible, loving home, relishing being the apple of his family’s eye, we’re ecstatic for him. Thank you to all of his loyal supporters who have helped this handsome boy find joy.

June 2017

Jace is one lucky cat! He was rescued by North Shore Animal League America and then adopted into a wonderful home with a family who loves him dearly. His parents couldn’t be happier with having Jace as part of the family, and their daughters have more than welcomed him with open arms. His human sisters spoil him with toys, plenty of treats, and he can often be found sleeping in one of their beds at night. It’s safe to say Jace has officially become just one of the kids!

March 2017

Jace is one happy cat. Who wouldn’t be with the sweetest human sisters in the world? The girls never miss a minute of petting him, playing with him, spoiling him with treats and sleeping with him every night. Their parents are so happy to watch them all grow up together. This is family each member always dreamed of.

December 2016

Jace’s family is thankful his heart murmur hasn’t progressed and is easily managed through daily medication. His human sisters love to wiggle his ribbon toy for him to chase. And when he’s had enough, they’re ready to give him a treat and pet him while he purrs away. Every night, they snuggle together to sleep peacefully. What a wonderful life they have as a family.

September 2016

Jace is such a playful little rascal who loves to surprise his human sisters by jumping out as they are walking by. The girls scoop him up to give him hugs and kisses while he purrs away. Thank you for sponsoring Jace which provides his daily medication to keep his heart murmur from progressing and so much more. Jamie is living the life of luxury with three beds to enjoy and is a great eater who never misses a meal. The family recently began fostering a kitten who will not give up on winning Jamie over. So far, Jamie has been giving her the cold shoulder. Darlene, Jamie’s foster mom, gets a kick out of watching their visits and hopes they become friends soon. Thank you, Jamie’s sponsors, for providing her with the sweetest life possible.

June 2016

Jaces heart murmur has thankfully still successfully managed through his daily medication. His human sisters love him more and more each day since they brought him home in September 2015. We couldn’t be happier for Jace who is now part of a loving family after patiently waiting four years for them to find him here. Your generosity played a major part in keeping Jace healthy and happy during that time. Thank you.

March 2016

The Porters don’t even remember what their life was like before they took Jace home in September 2015. He comes running to eat his meatball treat every day with his heart murmur pill secretly tucked inside! His two human sisters can’t get enough of playing with him. And when all three are tuckered out, you can find them cuddled up on the couch with Jace purring away. What a blissful life they have together. Thank you for your generosity that allows us to keep our no-kill promise to Jace and all the animals in our care.

December 2015

We lovingly cared for Jace for the past four years until the Porters fell in love with him in September 2015 and had to bring him home to be forever spoiled. Jace fit right into the Porter family, including two human sisters. They are all looking forward to sharing the first of many holiday seasons together. Although everyone here misses Jace, we couldn’t be happier for him and the Porters.

September 2015

If you ask anyone in the cat room who their favorite cat is, everyone will mention Jace. This outgoing boy loves to greet visitors, and is great with kids. His heart murmur is stable with the medication he willingly takes in a meatball. He’s happy to be anyone’s companion, to play, to jump, and climb, or just to snuggle in his bed. We can’t wait for that special someone to take him home to be forever cherished!

June 2015

Jace has been getting extra attention from the associates and spending some time in our adoption office. He is branching out from his usual spot on the cat tree in the cat room. Until we find him the perfect adopter, we’ll make him feel right at home with all the loving care he needs!

March 2015

Jace has been excellent. He is the perfect greeter when visitors come into the cat room. He will walk towards you expecting to be petted and to receive a good ear scratching. His absolute favorite thing is getting groomed with the cat brush, and he isn’t shy to indulge. We are so happy that Jace is doing well, we know he will be a wonderful addition to his permanent home one day.