Meet Little Man

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Meet Little Man! Little Man was born with irreversible deformities in both hind legs – the harsh consequence of puppy mill breeding. He is also blind in his left eye due to a condition known as microphthlamos, a disorder where one or both eyes are abnormally small. These imperfections would have meant certain death for this otherwise healthy, young dog had we not been there to save him.

Our medical team fitted Little Man with a mobility cart with wheels that carry his hindquarters easily. He’s an active pup and loves to run. Little Man waits for the day to be adopted by the perfect family match, and he is currently in a foster home surrounded by people who love and care for him. It’s our monthly supporters that allow us to provide Little Man with the best quality of life and the proper attention he deserves.

December 2017

Let’s all give a big welcome to one of our newest Sponsor Pets – Little Man! He was born with irreversible deformities in both hind legs, causing them to be inverted. Although this rare congenital defect makes things a bit more challenging for him, don’t think for even a second it can keep this resilient pup down. Using his front legs as propellers, Little Man has no problem getting around, especially if there’s yummy treats or a familiar face calling his name on the other end of the journey. Because his hind legs drag across the ground when he maneuvers around, the medical staff in our Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center have come up with several ways to make his life easier – one being a small mobility cart that allows his hind legs to be raised into a harness and replaced by tiny plastic wheels. It’s obvious Little Man prefers to do things on his own, but the more he gets accustomed to his cart, the easier it will be for him to maneuver around without complications.