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Meet Little Man! Little Man was born with irreversible deformities in both hind legs – the harsh consequence of puppy mill breeding. He is also blind in his left eye due to a condition known as microphthlamos, a disorder where one or both eyes are abnormally small. These imperfections would have meant certain death for this otherwise healthy, young dog had we not been there to save him.

Our medical team fitted Little Man with a mobility cart with wheels that carry his hindquarters easily. With his new wheels it wasn’t long before Little Man rolled his way into a new home. His mom, Peggy, says he was very quiet when she first brought him home, but broke out of his shell in only a few days. He loves to run, play fetch, rest on his mom’s shoulder and even likes to watch TV! Peggy also says that “He is a very grateful little doggie, and I am so very grateful to be his mom.”

June 2024

Little Man is recovering from the loss of his canine brother, Chi Chi. “Although they were just getting comfortable with each other, Little Man took it very hard,” mom Peggy shared. “He was very clingy for a while and I could tell he was waiting for Chi Chi to come home.” Fortunately however, Little Man has found a distraction in new best friend and fellow rescue pet named Holly. Their adorable antics are also bringing smiles to everyone who sees them play and sprint around with each other!

February 2024

Little Man and his new canine brother Chi Chi are slowly becoming true siblings, said mom Peggy. “I’ve noticed that they actually look for each other,” she told us. “Chi Chi is now actually ‘allowed’ in Little Man’s bed, which shocked me!” Little Man is in great health and continues to inspire everyone who sees him: “People will stop their car to ask about his condition and rave about his tenacity. I truly couldn’t ask for two better companions than Little Man and Chi Chi.”

May 2023

Little Man has been an understanding companion for his mom Peggy this year, especially after she recovered from a bad accident. “It wasn’t possible for me to pick him up or even take him out,” she said, “but Little Man understood! He let my friends and even a dog walker take him outside without looking back!” In fact, according to Peggy, nothing has been holding him back as he runs and plays outside: “People watching are amazed. They don’t see his ‘disability’ anymore, just like I don’t.”

March 2023

Little Man does not seem to know he has a disability, said his mom, Peggy. He enjoys his social time with old friends, like neighbor Olive, and with all the new doggie friends who move into the neighborhood. When it’s time to stay inside, Little Man loves snuggling or just sitting next to his mom and playing with his stuffed toys. She said, “He is such a joy and always a good boy!”

November 2022

Little Man has literally been having a ball lately, playing fetch with his many doggy friends, both big and small. His mom Peggy told us, “He has become quite the socializer!” He has been such a good listener, that he is now allowed off leash in the backyard. After all the activity, Little Man does enjoy a good long nap. “I can’t tell you how many people stop and tell me how cute he is and how lucky he is,” proud mom Peggy said, “But I think I am the lucky one!”

June 2022

Little Man appreciates all that nature has to offer, and enjoys taking long walks, or running around the backyard with his canine friends. It seems he has become quite the social butterfly, according to his mom, Peggy. “We have pretty frequent playdates with his doggy neighbor, Olive,” she said. “I think he is in love!” When Little Man isn’t chasing squirrels, birds and bunnies, he is simply content to look out the window and enjoys watching the world go by knowing he is safe and loved.

March 2022

Little Man has become quite the social butterfly! His mom, Peggy, reports, “He has a new ‘best friend’ next door named Olive. He gets SO excited when I tell him we’re going to Olive’s house! He is clearly the alpha male with her, but she doesn’t mind one bit!” Little Man also loves to sit outside, feeling the breeze, and greeting everyone who walks by. “He definitely knows who the dog lovers are!” Peggy said. “He is such a pleasure — a good dog and an incredible companion.”

November 2021

This Little Man is learning that it is never too late to pick up social skills! His mom, Peggy reported that, “It used to take Little Man quite a while to warm up to some dogs, but he recently made friends with a dachshund — just his size! And he loves the bigger dogs, too.” Little Man is on the move, even playing fetch in the backyard. He even likes it when other dogs join in, but he will let them know that his mom just wants him. “He’s got a great personality,” Peggy said. “He definitely wins the hearts of most people, and sometimes people will even stop in their car to ask me about him. He’s a joy!”

July 2021

Little Man was not happy with all the snow we received in Feb! His mom, Peggy, reports, “He loved playing in it but it was just too much! He is enjoying the nicer weather and longer walks.” Little Man has a new neighbor — a puppy named Olive — and he is slowly getting to know her and play with her. Little Man is adjusting to his mom working outside of the home every other day, and doesn’t seems to mind. Apparently that’s when he catches up on sleep! Says Peggy, “He’s a very good boy and I love him so much!”

March 2021

The past year was a very challenging one for mom, Peggy, and Little Man. He missed playing with some of his friends because the neighbors hadn’t been around. Peggy made sure he had plenty of new toys to keep his interest and he still really enjoys playing fetch. She tried to teach him to catch the ball, but he lets it bounce off his nose! Peggy had surgery recently and Little Man was “an outstanding and understanding companion.” She feels that Little Man knew something was different and he was very gentle. He was even agreeable about mom’s friends taking him outside for her. He’s smart and learned their names and got excited when she told him they’re coming! They said he was a pleasure to walk. All in all, Peggy says things are going well and she’s so very grateful to have him in her life.

November 2020

Little Man really enjoys having his mom Peggy working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He sleeps late, plays hard on their lunchtime walk, and then takes a long afternoon nap. He has a doggie friend named Sampson who they often meet outside. Little Man’s a very social guy! Little Man’s new “hobby” is practicing yoga with Peggy. He sits on her to make sure she stays in the pose! Little Man has also become a big FaceTime fan. If a friend or family member calls and he recognizes the voice, he will run from the other room to sit with her while she chats. He’s really been the best company his mom could ask for, especially while working from home. He’s amazing and Peggy loves him very much.

July 2020

Since Peggy’s been working from home due to the COVID 19 health crisis, she’s been working on training Little Man to fetch more consistently. By practicing his fetch skills in the house, she’s been able to keep him busy and tire him out! She feels that he’s has gotten quite good at it and he really enjoys the game!
At night, they take walks together around the neighborhood and occasionally he gets to see a dog friend or two. Peggy believes that Little Man is happy with the added bonus of sitting on her lap while she works at her computer during the day, and especially during a thunderstorm, but she thinks about whether he’s wondering “when will she be leaving for an extended period of time so I can get in a good nap!”

March 2020

Little Man enjoyed “helping” his mom, Peggy, during the holidays by eating all the Christmas cookies she made for him — doggie cookies of course! Unfortunately, now every time she bakes, he thinks it’s for him! When they go on their walks together, Little Man is mesmerized by the lights on the houses and sometimes he stops to bark at objects on the lawn like lighted reindeer and snowmen! He’s always delightfully surprised when there is snow on the ground. Little Man just loves the snow. A friend recently bought him a new round bed. It’s actually so fluffy that he almost disappears in it, laughs Peggy. It’s become his favorite bed especially when he’s exhausted from playing outside.

November 2019

Little Man still loves chasing anything that moves. He recently found a bunny in the yard and it fascinated him. He’s been on the hunt for the bunny ever since. They go on lots of walks together and Little Man actually knows where his “friends” live now! Sometimes after a walk, he sits on the front stoop with his mom and greets people as they come and go. Also, one of their neighbors was in a rehabilitation facility recently. So Little Man went there periodically to cheer her up as well as the other residents. “He’s really such a good boy and I enjoy him so much,” says his mom, Peggy.

July 2019

Little Man was disappointed that there was so little snow this past winter as he enjoys playing in it so much! His mom, Peggy, reports that he is doing well. He absolutely loves taking walks and wants to meet everyone along the way. He plays fetch and gets very excited about going for a car ride. Little Man actually watches a TV program called Lucky Dog that features one rescued dog every week who gets adopted from a shelter.

March 2019

Little Man’s mom, Peggy, said that despite being born with irreversible deformities to both hind legs, he has no trouble getting around. In fact, even in his mobility cart, this adorable puppy mill survivor keeps up with joggers! On weekends, he and Peggy go to a neighborhood schoolyard where he chases squirrels and birds. On the way home, they visit some of his canine pals, including Molly and Sampson, who live in his building. “He also loves visiting his first foster mom and her four doggies,” Peggy said, “and going back to North Shore to visit his human friends.” And we’re always thrilled to see him.

November 2018

Little Man had a splendid summer with his mom, Peggy, but they are both glad the leaves have changed and temperatures have cooled. Surely, this little guy will miss playing in the sprinklers with his doggy pals from around the neighborhood and snoozing in the air conditioning, but with new seasons come new adventures. Weekends filled with long walks and playing in dog parks capped off by cozying up with mom in his lush new pillow bed have suited him just fine. He’s overcome so much during his first two years of life. We’re excited to watch this amazing dog grow with his loving family. Thanks to all of the support he receives from his loyal Sponsors, Little Man continues to thrive.

March 2018

Little Man officially found his responsible, loving home last Labor Day. His mom, Peggy, says he was very quiet when she first brought him home, but broke out of his shell in only a few days. He loves to run, play fetch, rest on his mom’s shoulder and even likes to watch TV! He’s big on hugs and kisses too. He also has a few doggie friends in their apartment building. Peggy also says that “He is a very grateful little doggie, and I am so very grateful to be his mom.”

December 2017

Let’s all give a big welcome to one of our newest Sponsor Pets – Little Man! He was born with irreversible deformities in both hind legs, causing them to be inverted. Although this rare congenital defect makes things a bit more challenging for him, don’t think for even a second it can keep this resilient pup down. Using his front legs as propellers, Little Man has no problem getting around, especially if there’s yummy treats or a familiar face calling his name on the other end of the journey. Because his hind legs drag across the ground when he maneuvers around, the medical staff in our Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center have come up with several ways to make his life easier – one being a small mobility cart that allows his hind legs to be raised into a harness and replaced by tiny plastic wheels. It’s obvious Little Man prefers to do things on his own, but the more he gets accustomed to his cart, the easier it will be for him to maneuver around without complications.