Meet Luna

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Meet Luna! Luna, a sweet 5 year old, was abandoned in an apartment when our rescue team found her and brought her to the safety of our sanctuary care in 2013.

It didn’t take long for Luna to be adopted into a loving, responsible home. Sadly, she was recently returned when her dad became ill and couldn’t care for her any longer. Her gratitude that we came to her aid once again was deeply profound. Our veterinarians found Luna to now have a mild Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, or a heart murmur, causing a thickening of the walls of the heart.

We are thankful no medication is needed at this time, and only biannual veterinary visits and a yearly echocardiogram are required. Her loud purrs and chirpy strolls around the cat room fill our hearts up and will continue to do so until she meets her adopter!

March 2018

Luna has now been home with her new family for a full year! She had
many amazing firsts in 2017 according to her mom, Robyn, including her
first of many Christmas holidays, several visits to her friends at Animal
League America’s Pet Health Center for checkups and dental procedures,
and of course many scrumptious snacks and treats for being such a good
girl.” Because of the generous supporters of our Pet Sponsor Program,
Luna receives everything she needs in order to live a great life while
brightening the lives of her family. Thank you!

December 2017

We’re happy to report that Luna is as happy and healthy as ever! Luna loves her screened porch so much that as soon as someone is downstairs in the morning, she goes right to the door to be let out. “During the night when we are all sleeping, she picks up one of her many burlap mice in her mouth and walks around the house meowing. She will eventually bring them upstairs, and I find at least three every morning in our bedroom. She thinks she’s bringing us gifts, but Luna is the real gift,” Robyn said. “We are forever grateful and indebted to Animal League America and
her amazing sponsor parents for opening up their hearts and providing everything she needs.

September 2017

The 5-year-old green-eyed beauty is finally home and in the care of a wonderful family who adores her! Taking some time to adjust when she first arrived in her new home, Luna steadily warmed up and quickly made her way into the hearts of her new human friends. Luna’s mom, Robyn, says Luna explores, sits on their laps or next to them on the couch, and is comfortable sleeping everywhere in the house. She was nervous to look outside at first, but now sits by the front glass door and watches the world go by. She’s quickly learning that wand toys and burlap mice are a lot of fun to play with, and her greatest joy is her home’s large screened-in porch. Afternoons in there make for great naps and bird and squirrel watching. “I promise to make Luna’s previous life a distant memory now that she is in her forever home,” Robyn says. “With Animal League America’s generosity and kindness, Luna’s special food and care, including yearly echocardiograms for her heart murmur, are provided for. We are ever so grateful and indebted to the organization, as well as her sponsor parents, for opening up their hearts and providing her with everything she needs.”

June 2017

When Luna was selected for the Pet Sponsor Program, those who love her rejoiced! Luna’s life has had so many obstacles, and her road to adoption has been a very bumpy one. Her heart issue was minor; her difficulty adjusting to shelter life proved to be her greatest challenge. One fateful day, a woman came in to consider adopting an adult cat after losing a longtime pet. An introduction to Luna led to instant enchantment. Luna’s story moved her so much that she was back that same afternoon to introduce the kitty to her two teenagers. They were every bit as shy as Luna and had a great depth of understanding how quiet brings comfort to those who are easily overwhelmed. A perfect match was made. Having familiar people there to pass Luna to her new family helped her adjust quickly to a new life. Luna was cuddling on the couch that first evening. Her new home has a summer screened in room that is every cat’s dream. She has a beautiful cat tree and wonderful toys to fi ll her life, but most importantly, she has a loving family who understands her. She could not have found a home more suited for her. Thank you to the Pet Sponsor Program for eliminating obstacles for an otherwise overlooked pet.