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This beautiful Golden Retriever is Marty. Marty was rescued from a backyard breeding operation when he was only 2 months old.

Often, as in Marty’s case, the breeding parents are inbred, over-bred, not given proper medical attention and on insufficient diets, commonly resulting in sickly and even deformed offspring.

As a puppy, Marty started exhibiting questionable behaviors such as walking in circles, stumbling and even bumping into walls. Marty has a mild neurological disorder (disease of the nervous system) and his symptoms include: lack of balance, staring aimlessly, circling, walking into objects and occasional unresponsiveness. Because of this, he needs a close eye on him and to be kept safe from general household hazards such as stairs and sharp objects like table corners. Had Marty’s parents been properly bred and cared for, he most likely would not have this unfortunate condition.

Marty is an incredibly affectionate and darling dog. His gentle nature and sweet face make him quite hard to resist. Funny and adorable, Marty is a great dog, and the Animal League is happy to be able to care for him in our Sponsor Program for the rest of his life.

July 2019

Marty’s family reports that this friendly Golden Retriever “is doing very well.” He has had some very small seizures so the veterinarians have put him on anti-seizure medication and his mom, Carolee, is monitoring him closely and reporting back to the veterinarians. In colder weather, Marty tends to like just relaxing inside and staying warm and cozy in the house. He and Carolee are both looking forward to nicer weather so they can get back to their regular walks. Marty’s mom loves to take photos of him as she thinks “he is the cutest dog ever!” Carolee wishes to thank his Sponsors for their continued support.

March 2019

Marty’s family reports that this friendly Golden Retriever “is doing great.” “He loves to meet new people, take long walks in the park, and visit his furry friends,” said mom, Carolee. “He’s the sweetest dog, and he’s so gentle with my almost-two-year-old niece.” Marty always helps host holiday get-togethers, enjoying the company of family and friends who spoil him with affection and treats. Marty has been with Carolee and Carlo since 2010, and they still can’t stop taking photos of their happy, loving, photogenic pal.

November 2018

If any of our Sponsor Pets enjoy the colder weather, it’s this burly Golden! Although he enjoys being outside with his family in the summer, Marty’s heavy coat is perfect for cuddling up on those cold days with the ones he loves. His mom, Carolee, says that though he’s getting up there in age, her sweet boy is still full of energy, especially when it comes to playing with all of his toys and taking car rides with his human mom and dad. Anywhere he has the chance to meet and greet humans and dogs, Marty is always up for making new friends. Health-wise, Marty continues to get positive reports from his veterinarian during his regular checkups. Thanks to all of his amazing Sponsors and plenty of TLC from his family this
gentle boy continues to thrive even into his golden years.

March 2018

Everyone’s favorite Retriever recovered very nicely from knee surgery last year. His mom, Carolee, says she is extra careful with him using stairs – they even built a ramp to the back entrance to the house for him. And Marty and his mom wanted to make sure that they thank everyone who sent him presents last Christmas. Thanks to his sponsor parents, Marty is able to stay happy and healthy as he enjoys his golden years!

December 2017

Marty is doing very well according to his mom, Carolee. He had a surgery on his knee in March and has fully recovered very well. He had a slight scare at the end of the summer, when he had small seizure. The veterinarians here at Animal League America examined him and gave him a clean bill of health. Marty’s mom said the family installed cameras in the house that are connected to her mobile phone so she can check in on him throughout the day. She’s happy to report that he’s been his normal self since that incident. He is such a good boy when we are not home and he just sleeps and enjoys the peace and quiet while he waits for us to return.

September 2017

This handsome Golden Retriever continues to maintain a healthy lifestyle with his human family – enjoying long walks, yummy food, and lots of rest and relaxation. Marty is an incredibly affectionate and darling dog. His gentle nature and sweet face make him quite hard to resist. Funny and adorable, he’s a great dog, and Animal League America is happy to be able to care for him in our Sponsor Program for the rest of his life.

June 2017

Unfortunately for Marty, everyone’s favorite Golden Retriever, one of his hind legs was injured while going up the front stairs of his home. Diagnostic testing at Animal League America’s Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center confirmed that he tore the cruciate ligament and would need surgery to repair it. It was decided that Marty would undergo Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) surgery in order to fully heal from his injury. He remained at the medical center for three nights after the surgery where he was given excellent care by all the loving veterinarian technicians and other medical staff. Marty’s entire family made sure to visit him each night so he’d always knows they weren’t too far away. Thankfully, everything went smoothly and Marty is home doing physical therapy and rehabilitation on a daily basis. Thanks to the wonderful support of all of his sponsors, Marty will be enjoying his long summer walks with his mom, Carolee, and the rest of the family this summer!

March 2017

Marty’s mom cannot say enough good things about her sweetie! He is doing very well and committed to fitness — he just loves going to the park on Sundays for walks. Though it’s pretty cold out, he doesn’t seem to mind. He has a new jacket with a hood to keep him warm! Marty is very healthy. He is exercising, eating and sleeping well. Thank you to all his sponsors who remembered him at the holidays with presents and cards!

December 2016

Marty and his family have been visiting friends and family, enjoying the autumn weather and walks in the park. Marty got a new shorter haircut too, which made him much more comfortable. His adopter is happy all is well and that Marty is her sweet angel! Happy and healthy!

September 2016

Marty has been going to the park on Sundays where he meets other dogs and takes in the fresh air. Carolee, his mom, is not sure what Marty loves best… going to the park, resting or eating? What she does know is Marty is always smiling no matter what he is doing! Marty sends lots of tail-wagging thanks to all his loyal sponsors.

June 2016

Marty lives a life of leisure by resting during the day, either in front of a sunny window or outside in the yard, weather permitting. And, every evening after dinner, his human parents take both Marty and his canine brother for a nice walk in the fresh air. Marty is a blessing to his mom Carolee, just a pure joy to have! Marty and his family are so thankful for his kindhearted sponsors that saved his life.

March 2016

Marty’s Golden Retriever brother, Rolf, is struggling with a stubborn skin allergy that has been difficult to treat. So Marty has been spending some extra special time with Rolf while he is recovering. Mom, Carolee, has been taking them to the park for some fresh air and to take Rolf’s mind off the itchiness. The sweet-nature of the boys help them, together, easily handle any health issues that come their way. What a perfect canine pair!

December 2015

Marty stops to smell everything during his evening walks with mom Carolee. The many people they meet along the way warmly greet them with “Oh what a beautiful dog!” And Carolee couldn’t agree more. Popular Marty showed off his gentleman’s charms during two sponsor visits here on campus. Each of the sponsors were thrilled to have the chance to meet both Marty and Carolee who are so grateful for their monthly gift of life as well as that of all the sponsors

June 2015

Marty loves running around outside until he’s had enough and then coming in to snuggle up on the couch to watch TV with his mom, Carolee. Carolee enjoys bringing Marty to work with her here every Saturday where he spends the day being pampered in the Grooming Department. To Carolee, Marty is such a joy and her precious angel that completes her family. We couldn’t be happier for them and thank you, Marty’s sponsors, for providing all the medical care he needs to give him the best life possible.

March 2015

Marty has been doing very well. He hasn’t been too thrilled about the cold weather; he prefers to stay inside and relax with his canine brother. His mom, Carolee, loves to show him off when he comes to work with her on the weekends. Marty’s new nickname is “gentle giant” because he is just so sweet.

December 2014

Mellow Marty is cool and calm as always.  Carolee enjoys taking Marty for walks around the neighborhood.  She loves when he gets a quick rhythm in his pace; he almost trots like a horse!  Carolee truly appreciates how dedicated Marty’s sponsors are and is thrilled that there are incredible people that are so devoted to animals, especially her Marty.  Marty is a gem and even though he needs more attention than most dogs, he deserves every minute!

September 2014

Marty loves the summer weather, feeling the heat on his golden mane is nice for a little while but laying on the cool floor is just as enjoyable. He is a true companion to his mom, Carolee. He loves being by her side, especially when he comes to North Shore Animal League America on the weekends while she works. Overall, Marty has been doing well and staying happy. Thanks to his devoted sponsors!

June 2014

As usual Marty is his happy self. He has his normal Saturday routine when he comes to work here with his adoptive mom – so, of course gets lots of love from the staff. He did recently have to change his food due to sensitive skin and allergies, which is very common in golden retrievers. He does receive his regular grooming which has been very helpful and keeps him from scratching. His mom said, “Marty is one amazing dog and is a big part of our family”. They are so thankful to the sponsors for their continued support.

March 2014

Happy go lucky Marty enjoys his Saturday play dates with his North Shore Animal League America Grooming Department canine buddies, while his human Mom, Carolee, works in the Medical Center. And sometimes he even enjoys a royal spa treatment while he’s there. In the colder weather, Marty wasn’t able to go for as many walks as he’d like so he can’t wait for the warmer weather to return. It’ll be here before he knows it!

September 2013

Marty is feeling good and enjoying the summer. At a recent check-up, the Veterinarian gave him a clean bill of health. He continues to go to work on Saturdays with Carolee and looks forward to chance to play with the other dogs in grooming. He really is the sweetest dog and the family is so happy to have him. Thank you for sponsoring Marty enabling us to provide the right care to manage his neurological condition!

June 2013

Carol Lee is happy to report that Marty is a happy and healthy dog. He put on a few extra pounds this past winter due to the snow and ice and less walks. With the nicer weather, they are taking longer walks to get Marty back in shape.

March 2013

The holidays were great! Marty loves company, and there was plenty of that for the holidays—not to mention all the food the company gave him. Before the weather got so cold Carol Lee and Marty went to the park near their house a few times for some nice walks on the trail. Marty loves to walk, and he is very calm on a leash. They stop at a picnic table and eat sandwiches (of course Carol Lee makes one for Marty as well). Everyone in the family just adores him. His health is good. He still comes to work (here at the Lewyt Medical Center) on the weekend with Carol Lee. He is always such a good boy and everyone loves him.

December 2012

We are happy to report that Marty is doing very well. He enjoys running around the yard and loves a lot of company. The family had many barbecues this past summer and Marty was always the life of the party. He greets everyone with his wonderful smile and then licks them. The only problem is he has gained a little weight from all the food. So now, Carolee and Marty are taking longer walks in the evening for more exercise. Marty loves his life in Bayside. Carolee cannot imagine her home without him. In the beginning, when she first took Marty as a foster pet, she never thought he would weave himself into the family’s heart. It is because of the sponsors that they are able to care for him, and for that gift, they are very grateful.

September 2012

Carolee loves Marty and is happy to say he is doing great, with the exception of an ear infection that was cleared up as fast as it came. He is a happy dog. He really enjoys coming to the Animal League with Carolee on Saturdays. He likes being the center of attention. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is; he likes being in the backyard, enjoying being with the guests. Carolee said Marty really is the best dog, and she is so happy to have him in her family.

June 2012

Carolee is happy to say that Marty is doing great! He is a happy and healthy dog. He really enjoys taking walks and being outside in the yard now that the weather has warmed up. He is the best dog to walk–he never pulls, but instead walks at her side at a steady pace, and that is a special trait in a dog. Their other dog is quite the opposite. Marty comes to the Animal League each Saturday with Carolee. She works part time in the Medical Center as a receptionist. Everyone makes a big fuss when he comes in. Marty is the Animal League’s mascot!

March 2012

Marty is the Animal League’s big mush! He’s popular, too. He was the center of attention at a recent fundraiser. A small group of young school girls decided to host a bake sale in his honor. The girls were excited to meet Marty and donate their proceeds from the event. Marty sure did show off for them. The girls didn’t want to stop petting him and they all wanted to take him home! Marty’s foster mother, Carolee, was so proud of Marty and the girls for their good deed. Carolee continues to bring him to the Animal League every Saturday. The staff and volunteers count on seeing him each week. He’s up-to-date on his medical exams and vaccinations. His devoted foster mother makes sure that he gets the care and love that he needs and deserves.

December 2011

We are happy to report that Marty is doing just fine. Marty and his foster mother have been taking long walks in the evening which he seems to enjoy. He started a new habit – howling! It is very funny to hear Marty howl like a hound dog. Often when his foster brother, dog Rolfie, barks then Marty starts to howl. Their foster mother wants to capture them barking and howling on video so that she can submit it to the show, America’s Funniest Home Videos. She is sure she’ll have a good chance of winning! All is well in the house and Marty is happy and enjoying life.

September 2011

Marty continues to enjoy the warm weather. His family has spent time in the backyard together playing and having barbeques (one for his roommate dog Rolfie’s 7th birthday!). Marty is still a puppy at heart although he is about two years of age. He still chases his foster mother’s feet as she walks past him with the hose if she has it out. Sometimes she tries to hose off his feet and he tries to eat the water which is funny to watch. His neighbors even comment how they love watching Marty play outside. As much as he loves romping around or laying in the sun, he must be watched carefully. He will circle around sometimes and if not watched he circles to the point where he exhausts himself. Recently, she noticed that one of Marty’s ears was red and that he had been scratching it. The Animal League veterinarian said he thinks it was allergy related. Also, his skin was a bit dry and flaky so the League’s grooming department gave him an oatmeal bath which seemed to help. His ear infection has cleared up and his diligent foster mother will continue to watch for any other signs of allergies.

June 2011

Marty’s foster mother made a recent appointment for him to be seen by an Animal League veterinarian because she noticed his skin was a little dry and he seemed to be scratching it a lot. She wanted to make sure that he wasn’t developing allergies like his roommate, dog Rolfie. Allergies are a common problem in Golden Retrievers. At this point, they don’t think Marty has allergies. He was given a prescription for derma caps which should help with his skin and his foster mother also started adding olive oil in his food which he seems to love. Marty developed a recent ear infection which took over a week to resolve with a prescription of Ottomax. Although Marty doesn’t seem to mind the cold, he and his foster mother are very much looking forward to the warmer weather so they can both enjoy days at the park!

March 2011

We are happy to report that Marty is doing well. He’s another one of our Sponsor Program dogs who really enjoys the cold winter weather. He loves to frolic in the snow in the backyard – the higher the snow the better for Marty! He’s content sniffing everything outside and gets into a hunting type of mode. That hunting instinct must be the Golden Retriever mix in him. Marty continues to come to work at the Animal League with his foster care mother every Saturday and gets to play with some friendly staff members in the grooming department. Marty is one of the most lovable dogs we’ve ever encountered and we are so proud to meet all of his needs.

December 2010

We are pleased to report that Marty has made a wonderful amount of progress with his house breaking training since the last update. His foster mother is extremely proud of him! Unlike his roommate dog Rolfie, Marty is enjoying the warm weather and loves being able to have time outside in the yard to play. He sometimes appears as though he is sun bathing. He will lie down in the direct sun when there are other parts of the yard completely shaded. Of course, he has his large bowl of ice water outside and his mother does keep an eye on him so that he doesn’t become too hot. On the very hot days, she keeps him inside all day with the air conditioner on. Marty tends to lose some of his appetite with very warm weather. That said he’s in good physical shape. As far as his circling due to his medical condition, he does still walk in a circle and sometimes loses his balance, though never falling.

September 2010

SMARTY MARTY, a nickname recently given to him by his doting foster mother, is feeling well and living life to its fullest. One of the best parts of fostering a pet to an Animal League Associate is that we can see that special-needs dog or cat more frequently. In Marty’s case, staff members can see him almost every Saturday. Not only is this positive for Marty – tons of love, affection and treats, but it’s good for his health – he can be checked by a veterinarian more often.

Marty’s foster mother, Carolee, reports that he is doing fine. She is still working on his house breaking but is not always successful. Marty loves to chew on things just like any other Golden Retriever – he requires a lot of chew toys! If you catch him chewing on something he’s not supposed to he will stop when you walk by him and he does take a correction rather well. He is a loving and playful dog, but needs a close eye on him at all times due to his neurological condition. Every Saturday Marty visits the Animal League. Everyone at the League loves him and gives him lots of attention! His foster mother told us that she feels blessed to have him, but longs for the day that Marty will find his forever home where he can be the King of His Castle.

March 2010

New to Program! Marty is a beautiful Golden Retriever who was rescued from a backyard breeding operation when he was only two months old. As a puppy, Marty started exhibiting questionable behaviors such as walking in circles, stumbling and even bumping into walls. Marty has a mild neurological disorder (disease of the nervous system) and his symptoms include: lack of balance, staring aimlessly, circling, and walking into objects and occasional unresponsiveness. Had Marty’s parents been properly bred and cared for, he most likely would not have this unfortunate condition. Marty’s gentle nature and sweet face make him quite hard to resist. The Animal League is happy to be able to care for him in our Sponsor Program for the rest of his life.