Meet Archie

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Archie, and his littermate Maverick, were surrendered to North Shore Animal League America when they were seven months old because their previous owner didn’t have the time to dedicate to the dogs. Both pups showed signs of lameness and their orthopedic radiographs revealed hip dysplasia.

The two brothers will likely need surgical intervention and/or physical therapy in their future to mitigate further damage and pain. They will certainly require joint supplements for the rest of their lives. Nevertheless, Archie and Maverick are fun-loving, big dogs with giant hearts of gold. If he could, Archie would give you an affectionate nose kiss as a thank you for sponsoring him.

November 2022

Archie has a love of water, and last summer he really enjoyed the pool and beach. His mom Christina told us “Leo loves his playdates and being around other dogs.” This boy likes to be on the move and also loves the car and going to dog-friendly stores. “I am forever grateful Leo has come into my life,” Christina said. “He’s changed it immensely and I can’t image life without him.”

June 2022

Archie (aka Leo) had his one-year-old birthday with his new family, but they celebrate him every day. Said mom, Christina, “He is an amazing family dog and companion.” The family appreciates how sweet and mellow Leo is, but loves that he also has the energy for going on hikes and running around the backyard. “We’re forever grateful Leo has come into our lives,” Christina said. “He brings so much joy.”