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Meet Bobbi! He was seven years old when Bobbi’s life was turned upside down and he was admitted to North Shore Animal League America’s Pet Health Centers for acute symptoms of feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). Then he was abandoned by his owner. We made a promise to Bobbi that he’d be safe and his next home would be his best yet.

Once our wonderful medical staff had him back on his paws, Bobbi’s high energy antics kicked into full gear and his impish personality now delights everyone he meets. Bobbi loves to leap to the highest perches in our Adoption Center and can be found frolicking with kittens while playing with toys, but his favorite pastimes are gazing out the window and basking in a sunbeam. Until now his FLUTD was a deterrent to an adopter who might hesitate to take on the cost of a special diet, but thanks to our Pet Sponsorship Program, the financial burden is taken away, and a family can fully invest in offering their windows for this delightful boy to dream by.

February 2024

Bobbi (aka Indy) keeps mom Rachel entertained with his chattiness and she loves their long conversations, but maybe not his pre-dawn zoomies! They have established a special routine that includes snuggle time and playtime, and Rachel remains grateful for Indy’s presence in her life: “He’s an amazing companion, and when I come home from a long day of teaching kids, it’s wonderful to have Indy so excited to see me.”

November 2023

Bobbi (aka Indy) has shown just how adaptable he is during the recent move into a new home with mom Rachel. “Indy is taking very well to the new apartment,” she said. “He loves to sit by our sliding glass door and talk to the birds. I am so grateful for Indy; he’s a constant for me in an inconsistent world. A huge thank you again to Indy’s sponsors. We really wouldn’t be able to do it without them.”

May 2023

Bobbi (aka Indy) has had wonderful medical check-ups lately, with the only significant change being that “he’s becoming much more cuddly!” said mom Rachel. “We’ve been working slowly on getting him comfortable with sitting on me, and he has even been testing it out with other people.” Indy loves waking his mom up with a big meow and they have many conversations. “He truly is so wonderful,” said Rachel, “and I’m lucky to have him as part of my family.”

March 2023

Indy’s family continues to be incredible grateful to all his sponsors for ensuring Indy has the medical care he needs. “Indy recently had pancreatitis,” mom Rachel said. “But I took him to the Pet Health Centers right away and now he’s back to normal and doing great!” Rachel loves what a loving, sassy kitty he is, with very particular affinities: “He loves cardboard boxes, a certain sweater of mine, the couch or any window, and my t-shirt drawer. He may be a cranky old man, but we love him and his quirky personality!”

November 2022

Indy adjusted to a new dwelling with his family this year, but happily it came with huge windows, which he adores. According to mom Rachel, Indy is also a fan of “belly rubs, and zoomies at night, which are very fast!” They had a trip to the PHC to address some minor health issues, but all is well. Rachel is grateful for her “emotional support kitty” and commented: “He brings me joy, love, and sometimes a bug he kills, but I know that also means love!”

June 2022

Indy’s mom, Rachel, is amazed when she looks back over the past two years she had with this special cat. “At first, you couldn’t pet him for more than five seconds,” she recalls. “It took a lot of time but with patience and love, he is no longer overstimulated or uncomfortable with physical affection.” While not much for toys, Indy has a new favorite window perch, and cat tower which he adores. Fun fact: If you meow at Indy, he will meow back!

March 2022

Indy really did find the perfect family — one that loves and appreciates his unique personality. His mom, Rachel, explains that he is so happy to be loved, but also likes his personal space once in a while. “Indy isn’t much into play, but he LOVES his scratch boards. And I have come to know his boundaries,” she said. “He is usually very friendly and cuddly in the mornings and nights, and when he wants to be alone, he really needs that time too.” His health is great and Indy’s family keeps him on his regimen. No doubt Indy feels exactly the way Rachel does when she says, “I’m just so happy to have him in my life!”

November 2021

Indy is settling into the new home that his family moved into this year, and is really enjoying having more space to play. His mom, Rachel, reported, “Indy will sleep a lot of the day and night but at around 4AM he loves to get the zoomies.” Indy is also a great communicator. He has been extremely vocal lately and loves to use his voice, having long conversations with his mom. Another benefit to Indy’s new domicile is the view from their second floor windows, where Indy likes to sit and take in the world. “Indy acts like a kitten,” Rachel said. “He is such a light in my life.”

July 2021

Indy’s mom, Rachel, reports that Indy has been making wonderful progress. She writes, “I can see Indy has finally come 100% out of his shell. His health has been great since starting on a special diet.” She said that anyone interested can follow Indy on Instagram: @kittycatindy. According to Rachel, “Indy’s new activity has been napping and sleeping in a cardboard box — his new favorite toy! I am in the midst of creating him a cardboard tower.” Rachel says that she switches out his toys to keep him entertained, and continues to appreciate and love him tremendously.

March 2021

The past year has been difficult for Indy’s mom, Rachel, and Indy helped her immensely with the anxiety and depression that she sometimes suffers from. He has been her company, providing cuddles and love first thing in the mornings. Of course, the cuddling is on his terms! “Indy trusts me, and I am so glad to be that person for him, as he is always there for me,” says Rachel. With that trust, his personality now shines through. It hasn’t been an easy process, but she “doesn’t mind the hard moments of him being scared, we take things one step at a time.” They love to play together and Indy has a fishing toy that he delights in and it’s now his favorite. He had his regular veterinary exam recently and has no new medical issues — his feline lower urinary tract disease is being managed through his special diet.

November 2020

Bobbi (aka Indy) has moved to Connecticut with his mom, Rachel, and he’s been adjusting well. Bobbi’s mom got a job as a teacher and is very excited about her new opportunity. Her bedroom has built-ins and a lot of shelves and he loves to climb all over them and even sleep in them! Rachel is so proud of how far Bobbi has progressed with his socialization. She feels that sometimes he is still skittish, but “he has become SO much more patient and loving.” She worked with him to do some conditioning to help him stop feeling so overstimulated. Her family has been mourning the loss of their Corgi named Scooter, who passed away from blood cancer. Bobbi has been a bright light in this dark time for Rachel and her family.

July 2020

Bobbi made the big move to a cage-free room in Bianca’s Furry Friend’s Feline Adoption Center this past winter, and the change in his personality occurred immediately! From the moment he entered the room, he rushed to the lap of his closest confidant and head-butted his approval. Bobbi shares a room with other feline friends, who are all on a diet for lower urinary tract disease, and they live harmoniously in the glow of the sunny windows while lounging in comfy beds together. When it’s playtime, Bobbi boisterously takes the prize every time. We’re very hopeful that his family is going to discover him soon, and bring home this treasure we’ve all grown to love.

March 2020

Big changes throughout North Shore Animal League America’s Port Washington, NY campus have meant big changes for Bobbi! You can now find our extraordinarily energetic eight-year-old living in our Feline Behavior Suite where he is afforded longer days of cage-free living than in his previous space. Bobbi is carefully monitored for his FLUTD and he’s had a fantastic health streak of late. There haven’t been any scares about blockages of his lower urinary tract. His special diet—provided at no cost thanks to our Sponsor program—is all this frisky fella needs to keep him in tip top condition. He takes care of exercising by chasing feathered toys around because, after all, the world is Bobbi’s playground!