Meet Clifford

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Meet Clifford! Clifford came to our shelter from Turks and Caicos, as a young stray dog. When he arrived his hip and front paw were severely damaged from being hit by a car. Unfortunately, his leg couldn’t be saved and had to be amputated. His recovery period was long. The staff in our Pet Health Centers rehabilitation ward had to hand feed him and teach Clifford how to walk again.

Having been homeless at such a tender age, the shelter setting was very difficult for dear Clifford, so our pet behaviorists worked on his socialization. Then, while still being nurtured in our facilities, Clifford was diagnosed with a spinal disc disease. Throughout it all, this charming big red dog hobbled his way into the hearts of so many people and other dogs. Animal League America’s Pet Sponsorship Program will not abandon Clifford. We will continue to support both his medical and emotional needs even if it’s for the rest of his life.

Thank you for sponsoring Clifford! He needs you to be able to live the full life he deserves.