Meet Dempsey

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After 12 years in the only home he ever knew, Dempsey came to North Shore Animal League America because his owners were overwhelmed by his medical issues

At our Pet Health Centers, he was diagnosed with hyperthyroid disease and asthma. Both conditions require medication. Dempsey also underwent two surgeries to repair entropion. Entropion is a condition in which the eyelid fold inwards,  causing significant irritation and discomfort. This elder statesman recovered well and has a happy-go-lucky personality to match his new lease on life. Thank you for sponsoring Dempsey!

November 2023

Dempsey has settled into his new home well and rediscovered his appetite. According to mom Amanda, “Dempsey is no longer as picky with his food and has the pooch to show for it!” She found him a new play tunnel that is just his size, which he loves. “It’s been nice watching him get more comfortable,” she added. “Just looking at him enjoy his retirement years makes me happy!”

May 2023

Introducing Dempsey! Dempsey was originally abandoned at our Adoption Center as a kitten and quickly adopted, but returned after 12 years because the owners were moving and Dempsey was having some medical issues. As Dempsey recovered from entropion repair surgery and was treated for hyperthyroid disease and asthma, he became everyone’s favorite lap cat. He was later adopted and returned again due to an illness in the home. Through all the hardship and a second surgery for his entropion, Dempsey maintained his happy-go-lucky personality and won the heart of a family he can count on, in addition to the support of the Pet Sponsorship program.