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Keke’s former owners said they couldn’t handle his special requirements and surrendered him to our care.

Keke has what is known as Mega colon. He has difficulty processing food since it doesn’t go through his intestines properly. He needs a prescription diet and medications. He’ll have regular trips to the vet and possibly go through hospitalizations from time to time due to his condition. You can see that Keke has ‘clouding’ over one eye that doesn’t seem to be problematic at this time. At least he landed in the very place he needed to be: North Shore Animal League America’s Pet Sponsorship Program. Now he’s assured of the best possible medical care and a loving staff to tend to him and find his ideal home.

June 2024

Keke is thriving and a recent check-up confirmed his health remains strong under the watchful eye of mom Marybeth. He enjoys being social and according to Marybeth, “His favorite part of the day is the evening, when we’re all together as a family.” In exchange for some playtime and snuggletime, Keke rewards them with loud purrs!

February 2024

Keke is not only eating well and staying healthy, but “continues to be a bright spirit,” according to mom Marybeth. She added: “Keke loves to cuddle up and watch TV with us. He greets all our guests with curiosity and openness, nuzzling their feet and purring loudly when they pet him. We are so lucky to have this sweet, funny, curious and gentle guy in our lives!”

November 2023

Keke had an excellent report from his recent checkup, and had some dental work done, which made him even more handsome and happy! “We continue to be grateful for the wonderful care he gets from the PHC staff,” said mom Marybeth. “We’re looking forward to another holiday season because Keke always brings extra joy with his sparkling personality! We are so grateful he’s part of our family.”

May 2023

Keke celebrated her first “Gotcha Day” with her loved ones this year and they couldn’t be happier with the addition to their family. “He’s so much a part of the fabric of our lives,” mom Marybeth said. “It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a year.” A “curious, loving, joyful and playful cat,” Keke has been healthy and spending time at his favorite pursuit of chasing ribbon and string toys.

March 2023

Keke has discovered his social butterfly side and according to mom Marybeth “is charming everyone with his friendly, laidback nature.” It must be because Keke is happy and healthy and enjoying the adoration. “He’s so easy to love,” said Marybeth. “He takes everything in stride, and we are so happy he is part of our family.”

November 2022

Keke may have more health challenges than most cats, but you wouldn’t know it from his disposition. “Keke is a happy, curious, friendly cat,” said mom Marybeth. “He loves to greet any visitors we have and enjoys being pet and brushed.” These days his favorite spot is sitting in the sun, whether by the screen door or windowsill, and keeping an eye on the birds and squirrels in the backyard. “We love having him as part of our family,” she added, “and we’re thankful for the care he gets from the Animal League America veterinary staff.”

June 2022

Keke has wasted no time settling into his home and endearing himself to his entire family. Thankfully Keke’s health has been stable and he’s getting plenty of exercise as he explores his new space. An apparent ornithophile, Keke enjoys watching birds from the window, or even on TV. Mom, Marybeth, also reported, “He’s developed a special friendship with his human sister Cara, and often curls up on a beanbag chair in her room while she does her homework. Keke has brought us so much joy already, and we’re so lucky to have him!”