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Meet Khaleesi, a beautiful Siamese who was brought to Animal League America as a kitten by her rescuers. She was a very sick little girl and was immediately admitted to our Pet Health Centers.

Tests and x-rays revealed that Khaleesi has a birth defect called atresia ani. This is a condition in which the anus does not form correctly making it difficult or impossible to defecate. Khaleesi effectively had one opening through which she was partly urinating and defecating.  She would have died without emergency surgery that our veterinarians performed!  Shortly after Nicolette adopted Khaleesi, she developed additional complications and needed more operations. She also has megacolon as a result of her birth defect which means she’ll have chronic constipation and require medication to help her system function better.  The Pet Sponsorship Program ensures that Khaleesi gets the supportive lifelong care for her medical conditions.  Thank you!

June 2024

Khaleesi (aka Murphy) is still as curious as ever. According to mom Nicolette, “She’s become more adventurous with climbing stairs, exploring under furniture, and she loves to lay in the sun next to the screen door and watch the birds outside.” Nicolette can just never say no to Murphy’s vocal expressions for affection, and lately she is meowing louder than ever to get her attention!

February 2024

Khaleesi (aka Murphy) is busy soaking up the sun, playing with bottle caps, and rolling around on her favorite shag rug. According to mom Nicolette, Murphy finally decided she was ready to share her parents’ attention with her baby human sister. Murphy can still get a little nervous sometimes, but she loves to play and is vocal about letting you know when she needs some affection!

November 2023

Khaleesi (aka Murphy) continues to be queen of her household and adapted well to letting her human sibling share the attention of their parents. Murphy still prefers a shag rug to any other surface for rolling on, and though she still has a little bit of a nervous nature, when Murphy meows for a little affection, her family is pleased to oblige!

May 2023

Khaleesi (aka Murphy) is as stunning a feline as ever, with a disposition to match. Though her physical challenges related to her megacolon are not easy, she has been doing well, said mom Nicolette. She had a recent visit to the Pet Health Centers, where the veterinary team monitors her condition to keep her on track. Said Nicolette, “Since then, she’s been her happy self, and napping where she can!”

March 2023

Murphy’s personality has continued to shine in the comfort of her loving home, and she has even discovered a taste for adventure. According to mom Nicolette, Murphy is now climbing the staircase railing with no fear! Naps are preferred with a paper bag or even under the bed. We are so happy this sweet girl has found her voice, and in fact will meow until she gets her afternoon treat, which her mom is more than happy to oblige.

November 2022

Khaleesi (aka Murphy) is spending her time soaking up the sun, playing with bottle caps and rolling around on her favorite shag rug. According to mom Nicolette, a more recent hobby is “figuring out if she likes her new (human) baby sister!” Though Murphy can be a nervous girl and she can get startled easily, she does love to play, and she’ll meow at you until you give her the attention she desires.

June 2022

Khaleesi (aka Murphy) may have had a challenging start, but now that she has the support she needs with her medical condition, she is getting to enjoy her life to the fullest. She still has her sweet nature and affectionate disposition. Murphy reminds her family every day about what it means to be resilient, and they are so grateful for having her as an important part of their home.

March 2022

Khaleesi continues to weather her medical challenges like the queen she is. Murphy’s family is grateful every day that they brought this beautiful girl into their home. Affectionate as ever, they told us Murphy’s determined spirit and sweet and playful nature continue to shine bright. Many thanks to all our Sponsors for ensuring Murphy gets to be the little survivor she was meant to be.

November 2021

Khaleesi is the little fighter with an enormous heart that she has always been. She has really settled in with her adopted family, and they enjoy providing her with the patience and assistance she sometimes needs. Khaleesi has an extremely affectionate nature and her favorite place to be is still anywhere next to one of her beloved people!

July 2021

Khaleesi may be small in size, but she is big in spirit! As her mom, Nicolette, puts it: “She’s a tiny little fighter. She was born without a butt and was given not just a new butt, but a whole new life.” Khaleesi is precious to her family and she loves her treats, napping on paper bags, and cuddling up next to them. Says Nicolette, “She’s feisty, but loves hard. Khaleesi will greet us when we come home and meow at any closed doors because she hates being alone.”