Meet Khaleesi

Meet Khaleesi2021-03-09T15:29:22+00:00

Meet Khaleesi, a beautiful Siamese who was brought to Animal League America as a kitten by her rescuers. She was a very sick little girl and was immediately admitted to our Pet Health Centers.

Tests and x-rays revealed that Khaleesi has a birth defect called atresia ani. This is a condition in which the anus does not form correctly making it difficult or impossible to defecate. Khaleesi effectively had one opening through which she was partly urinating and defecating.  She would have died without emergency surgery that our veterinarians performed!  Shortly after Nicolette adopted Khaleesi, she developed additional complications and needed more operations. She also has megacolon as a result of her birth defect which means she’ll have chronic constipation and require medication to help her system function better.  The Pet Sponsorship Program ensures that Khaleesi gets the supportive lifelong care for her medical conditions.  Thank you!