Meet Kovu

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Meet Kovu! This sweet boy was in bad shape when he first arrived at North Shore Animal League America. Yet even with his multiple health issues his loveable playfulness always shines through.

When Kovu arrived at North Shore Animal League America, he was skin and bones. Here he was diagnosed with a condition called “immune mediated hemolytic anemia” (IMHA), a disease in which the body attacks its own red blood cells. This disease can’t be cured, but can be managed with potentially lifelong medication. Kovu also has a heart murmur that is attributable to the severe anemia he had when he was diagnosed with IMHA. Upon arrival, he had an extensive wound on the bottom of his right front paw that was very infected. Unfortunately, it was so severe that two of his middle toes needed to be amputated. Not only that, but he came here with Lyme disease, ringworm and skin issues! But, Kovu doesn’t let his medical issues keep him down — he has never-ending love and kisses to give. Thank you for sponsoring this sweet Hound mix. He needs you and the Pet Sponsorship Program to be able to live the full life he deserves.