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Meet Kovu! This sweet boy was in bad shape when he first arrived at North Shore Animal League America. Yet even with his multiple health issues his loveable playfulness always shines through.

When Kovu arrived at North Shore Animal League America, he was skin and bones. Here he was diagnosed with a condition called “immune mediated hemolytic anemia” (IMHA), a disease in which the body attacks its own red blood cells. This disease can’t be cured, but can be managed with potentially lifelong medication. Kovu also has a heart murmur that is attributable to the severe anemia he had when he was diagnosed with IMHA. Upon arrival, he had an extensive wound on the bottom of his right front paw that was very infected. Unfortunately, it was so severe that two of his middle toes needed to be amputated. Not only that, but he came here with Lyme disease, ringworm and skin issues! But, Kovu doesn’t let his medical issues keep him down — he has never-ending love and kisses to give. Thank you for sponsoring this sweet Hound mix. He needs you and the Pet Sponsorship Program to be able to live the full life he deserves.

June 2024

Kovu loves to be active, especially when that includes running after anything that moves in his yard and taking in all of the scents. His adventuring recently resulted in a scrape to his eye, but he healed up quickly. There’s no contest however, when it comes to his favorite activity of all – spending time with mom Beth. The feeling is definitely mutual! “At the end of the day, we’ll spend time on the couch watching TV together,” she said, “and I love how he nudges me for pets while I’m working; very cute!”

February 2024

Kovu has the same medical challenges as always, but his family is experienced in how to monitor his needs and keep him comfortable. They adore him and think his additional gray hair just makes him that much more handsome! Mom Beth added, “He brings such exuberance, love, and joy into our lives every day. We are so glad Animal League America gave him a chance when most other places may not have, based on his condition at the time.”


Kovu is his mom Beth’s “personal couch buddy.” He loves being outside as well though, and especially enjoys galivanting with his canine siblings. “Sometimes Kovu just lays down in the middle of the yard and refuses to come in,” Beth said. “He just looks at me with his expressive face like ‘PLEASE let me stay’ and how can I refuse him? We all feel blessed to have him!”

May 2023

Kovu still bears the impact of losing his front toes, so he still limps if he uses it too much, according to mom Beth. That doesn’t hold him back from his favorite pastimes of spending the night watching TV on the couch with Beth and exploring the smells, sights and sounds in the yard. “I love how he’s so gentle and well-behaved,” Beth said. “He also seeks attention and love from everyone he gets to know! He’s really come out of his shell!”

March 2023

Kovu continues to charm everyone with his endearing nature, as mom, Beth explained: “I don’t believe there is a more well-behaved, kind, and affectionate dog out there than Kovu! He loves everyone (kids to the elderly) and all dogs, even our chickens!” Though Kovu still has soreness in the paw where his toes were amputated, his family got him supportive booties to help. Not a problem though when they all watch TV together, and Kovu will even wait on the couch and look at them as if to say, hey, it’s time for our shows!

November 2022

Kovu does have some ongoing medical issues, but his mom Beth has been monitoring him well and taking him in for his checkups and bloodwork. Every day they appreciate the gift of having him in their family. “Kovu brings so much unconditional love and happiness to our lives,” Beth said. “We are so grateful Animal League America invested the time and energy to keep him well. He is a total angel and a very special being.”

June 2022

Kovu remains steady in his passion for tennis balls. They are his favorite thing to chase and when you pick one up, he comes alive, said mom, Beth. When not running around the backyard, he likes his quiet time, too. “Watching TV with me on the couch or sleeping in my daughter’s bed at night are also favorite pastimes,” she said. “He is an amazing dog, so gentle, loving, and kind. Kovu is a true gem!”

March 2022

Kovu is loving being an official member of his formerly foster family. He has some lingering nausea and limping, but also loves a good tennis ball … or anything that can be thrown for him. His mom, Beth, reports, “Kovu also loves romping around with his rescue dog brother Jagger in the yard, exploring the sights and smells a few times a day.” When he isn’t curled up in his favorite spot next to mom, he’s spending the night on his human sister’s bed. “He is the sweetest, most lovable soul,” Beth exclaimed. “We are lucky to have him in our lives!”

November 2021

Kovu continues to enjoy being officially adopted into his foster home, and they continue to appreciate the wonderful dog that he is. “Kovu is everything (and more — all 80 pounds of him!) that anyone could hope for in a canine companion,” mom Beth told us. “He is a gentle giant who we describe as: goofy, sweet, loving, cautious, dedicated (to me!), and very smart!” Kovu loves exploring outside and though his belly is still sensitive, it has definitely improved. No doubt the devotion from everyone around him — family, friends, and canine brother, too — has helped him feel better! “He really is a special boy,” Beth said. “We are so blessed to have him in our lives.”

July 2021

Kovu has found his new home! We are so thrilled to announce that Kovu’s foster parents decided to make Kovu a permanent part of their family. “Kovu is such a happy and loving dog!” says mom, Beth. And it is clear Kovu is receiving the most loving, compassionate care. Beth noted, “He has spurts of energy, but can tire easily. I purchased him dog booties for his front paws where his toes were amputated, and it does seem to help protect the area. Being the sweet dog he is, he accepts wearing them, as if he knows they will help him!” Kovu’s favorite activity, when he isn’t lounging on the couch, is running around the yard with his canine sibling, Jagger. Kovu likes to explore all the sights and smells, and run after any bunnies he might see! Kovu also loves treats and doggie tennis balls, which they always make sure are in abundant supply. According to Beth, “No matter how he might be feeling, he maintains his sweet demeanor through it all!”