Meet Louie

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Louie came to North Shore Animal League America on Dec. 14, 2015 aboard one of our Mobile Rescue Units – one of 87 other dogs and puppies saved from the ravages of a puppy mill.

Like many puppy mill survivors, Louie had a number of medical and behavioral issues as a result of being confined to a tiny wire cage without adequate nutrition, medical care, and socialization.

Shortly after his arrival, Louie, then 8-years-old, started having seizures. This was caused by a diagnosed liver condition known as microvascular dysplasia. The toxin buildup from this condition can cause abnormal behavior and weakness. Lifelong medication and diet can keep the toxins at bay. He was also diagnosed with a heart murmur and bilateral luxating patellas (his kneecaps popped in and out of place).
And Louie was also fearful due to previous lack of human attention.

But here, Louie had an amazing team of veterinarians, pet behavior specialists and kennel associates who made it their mission to transform him into a highly adoptable pet. Now, he’s in a loving home and he’ll get the medical attention he needs at North Shore Animal League America for the rest of his life.

March 2018

Louie’s mom Justine says that Louie has been doing amazingly well since the family moved to their new home in Hoboken, New Jersey. His big
personality has come to light and his energy is spectacular. Sometimes all it takes is a change in scenery and a family who loves and adores a pup to elicit positive changes. Thanks to the support of all of his Sponsor Parents, Louie is now living his best life, treated with respect and admiration – a life we hope every rescue pet gets to experience one day.

December 2017

Louie’s mom Justine said her loving senior man is still taking the time to adjusting to life in his new home, but he has brought her so much joy in the process. He’s still hesitant with new people and unfamiliar dogs, but he is steadily making process, especially with his human family never too far behind. Rescued from a Midwestern puppy mill in 2015, there’s no question Louie needed a patient, caring adopter to help him through the transition process. Luckily for him, he’s found that and more in his mom Justine! Thanks to the support of his family and his sponsor parents, Louie is not only loved unconditionally, but he receives only the best medical care from the veterinarians here at Animal League America.

September 2017

While he is still adjusting to life in his new home, Louie has quickly become the apple of his mom Justine’s eye! She said although he gets nervous and takes time to adjust when meeting new dogs, she believes his true personality will come out once he feels fully comfortable in his new surroundings. Louie has been through a lot, so Justine knows it will take time and patience before he completely adjusts. In the meantime, he certainly seems to be enjoying a lush life with his human family. Justine says she can tell that Louie loves to be spoiled, and she takes a lot of pride in knowing that her four legged pal will never have to live his life confined to a cage ever again!