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Maverick, and his littermate Archie, were surrendered to North Shore Animal League America when they were seven months old because their previous owner didn’t have the time to dedicate to the dogs. Both pups showed signs of lameness and their orthopedic radiographs revealed hip dysplasia.

The two brothers will likely need surgical intervention and/or physical therapy in their future to mitigate further damage and pain. They will certainly require joint supplements for the rest of their lives. Nevertheless, Maverick and Archie are fun-loving, big dogs with giant hearts of gold. If he could, Maverick would give you an affectionate smooch as a thank you for sponsoring him.

February 2024

Maverick has grown into an incredibly special dog, and according to dad Anthony, there haven’t been any noticeable signs lately of his hip dysplasia. In fact, his shepherd instincts have been a super help around the house, added Anthony, and regular walks and exercise have kept Maverick calm and satisfied. As always, this energetic pup “craves attention and brings smiles to everyone!”

November 2023

Maverick is still not showing any further signs of hip dysplasia and happily is able to play hard and keep up with the antics of his two canine siblings. They make a happy entourage according to dad Anthony. Once they are all exhausted from running around the dog park, it’s time to snuggle, which is another of Maverick’s favorite pastimes!

May 2023

Maverick is doing wonderfully, dad Anthony informed us. “We haven’t noticed any signs of pain or discomfort, and he continues to enjoy his longs walks and endless playtime in the backyard with his dog brothers.” Between tennis balls and chew toys, Maverick never lacks for entertainment. His family is excited to see what the future brings and the new ways they will spend their time together.

March 2023

Maverick is doing wonderfully, according to dad Anthony. His family has been very careful to manage any hip dysplasia discomfort by not overexerting him and making sure he takes his vitamins. “We can’t believe how much he’s grown in a short time with us and become an integral part of our family,” said Anthony. “And Maverick couldn’t be happier because he is nurtured and loved by all of us in his new home.”

November 2022

Maverick is not showing any signs of discomfort from his hip dysplasia, according to dad Anthony, and doesn’t have any trouble keeping up with his two canine siblings. They all enjoy long walks together and frequent visits to the dog park, and Maverick appreciates always having a playmate around. We are so pleased he continues to be his sweet self, as Anthony added, “Maverick’s high energy, and also very loving.”

June 2022

Maverick has made a wonderful transition to his new home, reports dad, Anthony. Happily, Maverick has two dog siblings whom he adores, and who help him expend his boundless energy. He enjoys toys too, though he is capable of quickly stripping a heavy duty rope toy down to strands of yarn! Maverick is still growing into his bigger body, and his family is highly entertained by his sometimes clumsy antics. Says Anthony, “Having a one-year-old dog in the house has been very therapeutic. Maverick loves giving kisses, craves attention, and always brings a smile to everyone!”