Meet Max2024-02-08T10:48:32-04:00

A medical crisis turned senior Max’s life upside down when his lifetime owner became too ill to care for his special needs.

Max has a motility disorder, which is an abnormality resulting from conditions that disrupt the normal emptying of the stomach through the gastrointestinal tract. Our veterinarians put Max on a regimen of several medications and a special diet. With a plan in place, he’s ready to get the golden retirement he deserves. Despite the challenges Max has faced, he relishes new human friendships and keeps busy with the toys he so enjoys. Thank you for sponsoring Max!

February 2024

Max had his life turned upside down when his lifetime owner became too ill to care for Max’s special needs. Max needed medical attention as well and has spent time with our vets who’ve put a plan in place to help him live better with his chronic colonic inflation. Support from his wonderful Sponsors will help find Max a foster home – or a purrmanent one – to provide our wonderful gentleman with the life he has truly deserved all along.

November 2023

Max had an extended summer vacation with his shelter medical team and was eager to catch up with his old friends back in his “home base” of our Feline Care Home. Further collaboration with medical specialists about his precarious gastrointestinal issues has armed our vets with great information being used to provide maximum comfort for Max. He couldn’t be happier to flop over and show his belly as his way of saying he trusts his humans and knows he’s in great hands.