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Mildred was 6 years old when she arrived to North Shore Animal League America as part of a puppy mill rescue in late March 2022. Despite her difficult start to life, she is incredibly affectionate and welcomes everyone enthusiastically. Mildred suffers from hypothyroidism which was left untreated for quite some time.

Tragically, she represents what we often see with dogs who come to us from commercial breeding facilities: animals not provided with the proper care for easily treatable medical issues. Hypothyroidism is a deficiency of thyroid hormone and the most common type of hormone imbalance in dogs. Without medication, reduced levels of thyroid hormone can lead to multiple symptoms including skin abnormalities, skin infections, and hair loss — issues that Mildred clearly exhibited when she came to us. Mildred began a simple regimen of a twice-daily pill of thyroid hormone to return her coat and skin to full health. However, she will need medications for the rest of her life.

February 2024

Mildred (aka Mallory) is grateful for all the attention that her mom Dorothy has given to her in getting on top of her allergies. Thankfully Mallory is doing much better with her skin issues and goes to the Pet Health Centers every two months for rechecks. In addition to time spent with sister Olivia, “Mallory finds joy and happiness in everything she does!”

November 2023

Mildred (aka Mallory) is doing better with her skin issues, according to mom Dorothy. Mallory was referred to a specialist through our Pet Health Centers, and they are getting this sweet girl on the road to recovery. Dorothy is very appreciative of Mallory’s Sponsor Pet family, and the legion of fans who are charmed by Mallory’s beautiful and expressive face!

May 2023

Mildred (aka Mallory) makes everyone smile with her endearing expressions and tolerant disposition. Mallory has been such a wonderful addition to the household and has not experienced any recent health issues. We are pleased to hear her primary concern is limited to where her next treat is coming from!

March 2023

Mallory’s face is simply irresistible and puts a smile on the face of everyone who sees her. Mom Dorothy noted that Mallory does still have some unresolved skin allergies, so they have started her on some immunotherapy by way of allergy drops under her tongue. They love her to pieces and particularly enjoy including Mallory in all their family photos!

November 2022

Mildred (aka Mallory) discovered the joys of sunbathing earlier this year. After her difficult start to life, she deserves lots of indulgences! She is still dealing with some skin and allergy issues, but the PHC is working to resolve them. It has been great to see Mallory become fast friends with her chihuahua sister Olivia. Adoring mom Dorothy said, “Mallory is a great addition to the family, and a joy to all who meet her.”