Meet Mrs. Sippi

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Meet Mrs. Sippi! Abandoned, Mrs. Sippi came to us undernourished, underweight, and had a very thin, unhealthy coat. These proved to be the least of her problems. A full examination at our Pet Health Centers found that this beautiful five-year-old has a heart murmur and a thickening of the walls of her heart. Although she doesn’t need medications currently, she will need to be watched closely for the rest of her life.

Mrs. Sippi requires, at minimum, an echocardiogram every six months to monitor her condition. A truly affectionate cat, she wants to be picked up, cuddle and play with anyone she meets. Her rescue journey is well on its way; she’s gained weight and her coat is full and soft. Her Pet Sponsors assure that she’ll have proper medical care and the loving future she deserves. Thank you!

July 2019

Mrs. Sippi (aka Penny) had her echocardiogram earlier this year and her heart was stable and she was not prescribed any medication. She will need to come back to the cardiologist in six to 12 months. She also underwent a dental cleaning and they had to extract a tooth, but she’s eating fine. During her exam before the cleaning, the veterinarians did blood work and decided to put Mrs. Sippi on a special diet to help support the functioning of her kidneys. She’ll be monitored regularly. Meanwhile, at home, her dad, Yifeng, said that “Everything is going well. She’s the best cat anyone can ask for and we’re just happy that she’s part of our family.” She enjoys the company of people, is always happy, and loves to cuddle. Recently, he caught her getting mad at her own tail and swatting it and this really made him laugh.

March 2019

Mrs. Sippi (aka Penny) whom we introduced in our last update, has been adopted and is settling nicely into her new home. Her dad, Yifeng, bought her many cozy new cat beds to choose from — and she loves them all. Because this delicate little five-year-old was diagnosed with a heart murmur and thickening of the walls of the heart, she will need an echocardiogram every six months. But at the moment, she requires no medication and is enjoying life for the first time in a long time. “She’s a happy girl who’s just waiting for her meals,” said Yifeng.