Meet Mrs. Sippi

Meet Mrs. Sippi2018-10-11T14:10:59+00:00

Meet Mrs. Sippi! Abandoned, Mrs. Sippi came to us undernourished, underweight, and had a very thin, unhealthy coat. These proved to be the least of her problems. A full examination at our Pet Health Centers found that this beautiful five-year-old has a heart murmur and a thickening of the walls of her heart. Although she doesn’t need medications currently, she will need to be watched closely for the rest of her life.

Mrs. Sippi requires, at minimum, an echocardiogram every six months to monitor her condition. A truly affectionate cat, she wants to be picked up, cuddle and play with anyone she meets. Her rescue journey is well on its way; she’s gained weight and her coat is full and soft. Her Pet Sponsors assure that she’ll have proper medical care and the loving future she deserves. Thank you!