Meet Mrs. Sippi

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Meet Mrs. Sippi! Abandoned, Mrs. Sippi came to us undernourished, underweight, and had a very thin, unhealthy coat. These proved to be the least of her problems. A full examination at our Pet Health Centers found that this beautiful five-year-old has a heart murmur and a thickening of the walls of her heart. Although she doesn’t need medications currently, she will need to be watched closely for the rest of her life.

Mrs. Sippi requires, at minimum, an echocardiogram every six months to monitor her condition. A truly affectionate cat, she wants to be picked up, cuddle and play with anyone she meets. Her rescue journey is well on its way; she’s gained weight and her coat is full and soft. Her Pet Sponsors assure that she’ll have proper medical care and the loving future she deserves. Thank you!

March 2023

Penny continues to receive monitoring for her heart condition, but we are grateful that she has a family who keeps careful watch over her. They treat her like the queen she is, and don’t mind that she puts up a fuss when it’s time to go in her carrier.

November 2022

Mrs. Sippi (aka Penny) never lets her heart murmur get in her way and continues to shower her family with affection. Her medical condition does require monitoring, and Penny is still not a fan of her carrier, but her family makes sure Penny gets to her checkups. And her Sponsor Pet family makes sure Penny has the medication and treatment she needs to keep her purring well into the future!

June 2022

Penny’s heart murmur continues to be monitored with regular echocardiograms, but has not caused her any issues — other than the stress of the vet visit! This affectionate girl still does not enjoy her exams, but thankfully they are over quickly. When she is in the safety of her loving home, all grumpiness dissipates and she is back to her sweet self. Her Pet Sponsors assure that she’ll have proper medical care and the loving future she deserves.

March 2022

Penny is living the life of a princess, and getting the love and attention she deserves. Penny’s complex medical condition does require special attention from her caregivers, which they are happy to provide. Penny does not enjoy a vet visit, however! It can make her a bit grumpy, but she gets over it quickly. As long as she can get back to the safety of her favorite bed at home, all is well!

November 2021

While Penny’s kidney issues require special care and attention from her family, thanks to all of her Sponsors, she is getting the special food and medication she needs. Through it all, Penny’s stunning features and beautiful spirit shine brightly. Once abandoned and homeless, Penny continues to enjoy the safety of her loving home and is purr-fectly content to sleep peacefully snuggled next to her loved ones.

July 2021

Penny’s dad, Yifeng, is doing whatever it takes to address Penny’s health issues. Those efforts include taking Penny to our Pet Health Centers, and feeding her a special diet to help with her kidney issues. The generosity from our incredible Sponsor Pet members ensures that Penny will be able to get whatever food and medication she requires. Fortunately, this stunning, fluffy feline has a supportive family that absolutely adores her, and they can’t imagine their lives without her.

March 2021

Penny came in for her annual exam not too long ago. Her dad, Yifeng, was surprised and saddened when the veterinarians told him that she’s in kidney failure. Penny will need to be on a special diet to address this new health issue but her family is committed to helping her face this new medical challenge. When asked by the doctors if Yifeng would be able to administer fluids under her skin at home, he replied that of course he is willing to try anything to make her feel better. On a happier note, she also underwent an echocardiogram to check on her heart and there have been no changes in her heart murmur. She loves to play with her toys or can be found lounging in different cat beds around her home. Penny always gets excited to greet her family when they return after work and then she winds around their legs looking for her dinner.

November 2020

Mrs. Sippi, aka Penny, has been a great companion for her dad, Yifeng, during the COVID-19 pandemic. She’s always loved cuddling and being pet by family members and she’s more affectionate than ever. He’s so happy that Mrs. Sippi’s heart has remained stable and she has not needed to start any medication. She spends her days curled up in one of her beds, lounging at the top of her cat tree, or just following him around. There’s no place like a home.

July 2020

Mrs. Sippi (aka Penny) is so relaxed and loving in her home that it’s as if she’s lived with Yi Feng’s family forever. She had her semi-annual echocardiogram recently and luckily the thickening in the walls of her heart and the heart murmur have not progressed. The cardiologist’s recommendation was to repeat the test every 6 – 12 months to reassess whether Mrs. Sippi the need for medication. She also had a dental exam and cleaning and, unfortunately, needed a tooth extracted. All in all, her dental health wasn’t too bad, but Yi Feng was told he should brush her teeth. Before the dental exam, blood and urine were taken. When the results of the tests came in, the veterinarian was concerned about renal disease. As Mrs. Sippi is now almost 7 years old, and cats often have problems with their kidneys as they get older, the doctor prescribed a special feline diet that promotes kidney health. Still and all, Mrs. Sippi is enjoying life as a much-loved pet.

March 2020

Mrs. Sippi (aka Penny) has come a long way from the undernourished, underweight cat with an unhealthy coat who arrived as a rescue at Animal League America. Those were the least of her problems. Her veterinary examination at our Pet Health Centers revealed that she has a thickening of the walls of her heart and a heart murmur. Penny takes it all in stride and she’s now loving her life as part of Yifeng’s family. She enjoys the attention she gets from visitors, especially the children. Her heart murmur has to be monitored for the rest of her life and she’s due for another echocardiogram soon.

November 2019

Penny has really settled into her life with Yifeng’s family since she arrived a year ago. In fact, she’s now also very comfortable with relatives that come to visit and all the children in the extended family really love her. She recently visited North Shore Animal League America’s Pet Health Centers to get her annual vaccinations. Penny was put on a scale and she’s actually gained a little weight.

July 2019

Mrs. Sippi (aka Penny) had her echocardiogram earlier this year and her heart was stable and she was not prescribed any medication. She will need to come back to the cardiologist in six to 12 months. She also underwent a dental cleaning and they had to extract a tooth, but she’s eating fine. During her exam before the cleaning, the veterinarians did blood work and decided to put Mrs. Sippi on a special diet to help support the functioning of her kidneys. She’ll be monitored regularly. Meanwhile, at home, her dad, Yifeng, said that “Everything is going well. She’s the best cat anyone can ask for and we’re just happy that she’s part of our family.” She enjoys the company of people, is always happy, and loves to cuddle. Recently, he caught her getting mad at her own tail and swatting it and this really made him laugh.

March 2019

Mrs. Sippi (aka Penny) whom we introduced in our last update, has been adopted and is settling nicely into her new home. Her dad, Yifeng, bought her many cozy new cat beds to choose from — and she loves them all. Because this delicate little five-year-old was diagnosed with a heart murmur and thickening of the walls of the heart, she will need an echocardiogram every six months. But at the moment, she requires no medication and is enjoying life for the first time in a long time. “She’s a happy girl who’s just waiting for her meals,” said Yifeng.