Meet Pom Pom

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Meet Pom Pom! Arriving as an older kitten, Pom Pom needed more help than most to transition to shelter life and prepare himself for family life. Enter our dedicated feline pet behavior team who made a home for him in a tranquil area, relieving his stress and frustration while our medical team committed themselves to discovering a successful plan to treat his chronic irritable bowel disease.

Pom Pom also happens to be very smart! He’s been clicker-trained and is known to high-five with his paw. He really pulls out all the stops to charm everyone he meets.

In the Pet Sponsorship Program, his medical needs, controlled through diet and medication, will be provided for as long as he needs it, even if it’s for the rest of his life. Thank you Sponsors!

July 2019

Pom Pom is still living cage free on our campus. The staff says he is a real sweetheart and loves to greet visitors with a chirp followed by a squeaky meow. He adores playing with the cat catcher wand toy and is happy to spend hours hunting for his special duck treats out of his dispensing ball. He can only get these treats because of his inflammatory bowel disease. It is under control, but sometimes he gets flare ups. It doesn’t slow him down at all—he’s always in motion. “Pom is what is called a close talker,” commented Dorit, our feline expert. “Being on your lap isn’t enough for him. He likes to stretch out against your chest, get close to your face, and nuzzle with people he trusts. He’s even laid across my neck a few times!” We are so thankful to his wonderful Sponsors and happy that he can be here with us until his perfect family comes along.

March 2019

Pom Pom who lives cage-free on our campus, is following the construction of Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center from the comfort of his window perch. But when human visitors arrive, he happily jumps into their laps. As much as Pom Pom loves to play, he chooses humans over toys every time. We’ve had a few inquiries about our favorite high-fiving feline, but his medical issues remain an obstacle. Thanks to his generous sponsors, he’s safe and loved. Until the right human discovers him, he’s ours to enjoy, and we relish every moment. He is truly a one-of-a-kind treasure!

November 2018

Pom Pom has been enjoying cage free living in a private space on our Port Washington, N.Y. campus. Visitors are surprised to learn this enthusiastic greeter has lived almost his whole life with our dedicated Feline Pet Behavior Team. Dropped here as a kitten, Pom Pom didn’t enjoy the chaos of the adoption floor, so we set him up in a much more comfortable environment. Now feeling safe, he welcomes guests with chipper chirps and beats them to the chair for a cuddle in their lap. This 2 year old is thriving on his sunbathed perches, surrounded by the familiar faces of our staff and volunteers. We know there’s more to life waiting for him out there and we’re working tirelessly so Pom Pom will realize the dream of being adopted into a loving home. But thanks to the support of his Sponsors, he will have everything he needs to live a happy, healthy life in our care until his special day arrives.