Meet Priscilla

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Meet Priscilla! Priscilla, a Chihuahua/Border Terrier mix originally from Tennessee, arrived here as a puppy in 2018. This loveable girl has a condition called microvascular dysplasia, a rare congenital disease that can affect blood flow in the liver. Priscilla is also on a special prescription diet to control epileptic seizures, and will likely remain on seizure medication for life.

After her evaluation and initial treatment, she entered the home of one of our expert Foster Care parents for the very best preparation to be adopted.

In spite of Priscilla’s special needs, she has proven to be a very sweet, affectionate dog. As a Sponsor Pet, Priscilla’s medical needs are guaranteed to be met. And this is only made possible by supporters of North Shore Animal League America’s Pet Sponsorship Program. Thank you!

July 2019

Her mom reports that “Tilly” has adapted so well since she arrived in their New York City home. She was a bit shocked by all the motion and color of the city, but now she’s a true city girl. “She’s an infinite source of entertainment because she’s hardcore fun and fearless, yet sloppy and enough of a goofball to assure that no adventure is too serious and everyone’s invited,” says Carly. There have been two seizure episodes in six months, but the doctors at our Pet Health Centers were quick to examine her and they think she is doing fine. Tilly loves to chase tennis balls and will play for hours, but she really adores chasing other dogs in the park. “She will chase small dogs, big dogs, old dogs, and young dogs — she finds the fun in everyone. We’re so happy that we brought this girl into our lives, and I cannot thank her Sponsors enough,” enthused Carly.

November 2018

Affectionate. Smart. Fearless. Loves to run and play. These are just a few of the ways Priscilla’s foster mom, Marilyn, describes this sweet girl!
Priscilla, who is still looking for a responsible, loving home to call her own, enjoys running around the yard with her canine foster sibling (even in the rain!) and playing with her toys. And she’s recently learned some new commands like “come” and “stay.” With the help of prescribed medications, taken twice a day,- Priscilla’s seizures have been significantly reduced, allowing her much more time to simply enjoy life. Thanks to the support of her Sponsors, “Silly Priscilly,” as she’s affectionately called by Marilyn, continues to thrive.