Meet Ricola

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Meet Ricola! Ricola’s journey to health and happiness required a lot of support from her Animal League America family. When signs of medical issues became apparent despite her best efforts to mask them with her cheerful spirit, our Medical Team sprang into action.

The team tirelessly devoted themselves to creating a plan of treatment for microvascular dysplasia (also known as a liver shunt), a condition that requires medicine, a prescription diet, and monitoring for the rest of her life. Fortunately for Ricola, she joined our Pet Sponsorship Program where her special care will be covered thanks to the generosity of our donors. Our staff has also diagnosed her with a serious case of cuteness, and for that there is no cure! Thank you for sponsoring Ricola!

July 2021

Ricki’s mom, Christina, tells us that Ricki has been a light for them. She says, “Ricki’s favorite activity continues to be keeping her cat brothers on their toes! Sometimes we find them cuddling with one another and get lost in the bond they have. It’s a beautiful distraction.” Ricki has also been very loving and patient with her human brother, Noah. At 10 months, he is very explorative and Ricki is tolerant whether he’s pulling her tail or rubbing his face all over him!

March 2021

Ricki came into Christina and Dave’s life two weeks before the pandemic began in 2020 and they’re so grateful that she became part of their lives when she did. Then three months later Christina gave birth to her son, Noah. Ricki went from being the “baby” of the family to having this little human come in and “steal her thunder.” They definitely saw a little acting out from her. But as the baby started to grow and she got used to him, Ricki, and not her fur-siblings, has actually become the cat that has bonded with him the most. When Noah lays on the floor, staring in admiration of Ricki, she gets close to him so that he can feel and pet her. Christina has even caught her giving him a little kiss. The family believes that she now knows that even though there’s a baby in the home, they still have a lot of love and attention to give her! Ricki’s had no new medical issues and she’s responding well to her medication. “We love our little Ricki and can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for her!” says Christina.

November 2020

Ricola, aka Ricki, has been medically stable and her energy levels are unparalleled! When her parents, Christina and Dave, bring Ricki in to cuddle with her feline siblings, Julian and Trey, the humans joke that they get a look from the brothers that says, “Oh great, here she comes!” She really does keep the humans, including new baby Noah, and cats on their toes! In the crazy world 2020 has brought, Ricki has been that constant ray of light and positivity who, in her moments of making them smile and laugh, could make them forget that the world was going through a pandemic. Her family gets the best love from their three special kitties. They’re so glad they adopted them all, including Ricki, because now they’re part of the family and they wouldn’t have it any other way!