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Meet Sadie Mae! Sadie Mae arrived here, at just under 2 years old, in the spring of 2018. This little Beagle is a true sweetheart, giving lots of love to everyone she meets and, of course, expecting some love and attention in return.

We’re not sure how, but at some point in her young life Sadie Mae sustained an injury that ended up causing severe, irreversible liver damage. Although she’ll be on medications and a special diet for the rest of her days, her lifespan is expected to be shortened because of her illness. But North Shore Animal League America and all of the Sponsors will ensure that Sadie Mae will be loved and live happily for as long as possible. If she could, she’d crawl into your lap to thank you personally.

June 2024

Sadie Mae was born to sniff and her favorite destination is the beach at low tide, according to mom Maryanne. Thankfully the medication that she is on has kept her healthy and free to explore. Her playful nature in whatever she is up to is endlessly entertaining. As Maryanne said, “I love just watching her play, so much better than anything on TV for sure. Sadie is a very special little dog and I am so grateful for her and the way she loves to be loved.”

February 2024

Sadie Mae is healthy despite having a few “mini” seizures. She’s also making new friends! Mom Maryanne said, “Sadie loves hanging out with my son’s dog, Ella. They are partners in crime. Love them both so much!” Sadie loves to cuddle and of course her walks on the beach. “Sadie is the best! I am so thankful for her Sponsors who help keep Sadie well.”

November 2023

Sadie Mae is busy spreading joy, exploring, and engaging with everyone she meets. “Sadie is my little partner. We love to take walks on the beach and interact with the swans and hermit crabs. Sadie also loves to socialize with anyone that’ll stop for a little pat on the head. She’s the best!”

May 2023

Sadie Mae has never been much for toys, but she does enjoy going for long walks in the local nature preserve. With her favorite family members by her side, Sadie feels comfortable exploring all the scents to be found outside, but she can tire quickly and is happy to move onto another favorite activity: snuggling up for a nap!

March 2023

Sadie is living her best dog’s life according to her caregiver Maryanne. She is never far from Maryanne’s side but will always make time to play with Maryanne’s grandkids and has even made a new canine friend named Rocky. They all love having Sadie’s attention, but her heart lies with Maryanne, “She’s a true companion!”

November 2022

Sadie Mae has not had any major seizures in quite a while, which is a huge relief to her family. She loves her walks in the local nature preserve, where her nose goes into overdrive. While Sadie likes to be co-pilot in the car, she takes her job seriously. Mom MaryAnne told us, “She gave the gas station attendant a hard look when he handed me my card and receipt. We both had to laugh, she’s so cute! She always puts a smile on my face and on my heart.”

June 2022

Sadie Mae is so attached to her mom that she’s become part backpack, always snuggled right up behind MaryAnne on the couch. True to her breed, Sadie’s nose goes on overdrive as they take walks through the local nature preserve, though her little legs can tire quickly. “Sadie spends a lot of time with family and friends, human and furry,” said MaryAnne. “She is such a beautiful girl, and I’m so very lucky to have her in my life.”

March 202

Sadie Mae’s  days are full of joy, thanks to her special diet, medication, and especially her caregiver, Maryanne. “Sadie loves to play and go on walks outside,” Maryanne said. “She doesn’t like rainy days though, and when it’s raining she will stare me down until I get a towel to dry her off.” Rain or shine, they end each day snuggled together. “Whether it’s on the sofa or in bed, Sadie always needs to be touching me,” Maryanne explained. “She is a love; I can’t imagine life without her.”

November 2021

Sweet Sadie Mae is doing well, even though she is getting a little bit slower. Sadie Mae’s grandmom, Maryanne, told us that Sadie still loves to play with her toys and enjoys the company of the grandkids around her. “Sadie Mae is the favorite of my youngest granddaughter who just turned 3,” Maryanne said. “She even had a birthday cake with a picture of Sadie on it!” Sadie’s anti-seizure medication can make her tired, but she’s still a small dog with a big personality, and will tell the neighborhood dogs to stay off the lawn. “Sadie is a special little pup to our family,” said Maryanne. “We all love her!”

July 2021

Sadie Mae’s grandmom, Maryanne tells us that fortunately, Sadie Mae has been seizure-free for a couple of months. And Sadie Mae continues to enjoy attention. “Sadie Mae is a wonderful little dog,” said Maryanne. “She’s very needy though, as she has to physically feel me at all times!” Sadie Mae loves to play with her toys, as well as with Maryanne’s youngest granddaughter, and feline sibling, Ella.

March 2021

Sadie Mae has a new best friend according to grandmom, Maryanne, and that’s her youngest granddaughter, Kate. They “shadow” each other. Of course, Sadie also has Ella, her canine best friend, and they love to play and nap together. The past winter’s snowstorms were a challenge. Sadie Mae, low to the ground, definitely seemed daunted when the snow piled up high. Dad, Corey, had to create a path in the snow for Sadie and Ella but they didn’t linger outdoors too long in the cold. Sadie Mae did recently have a seizure that lasted much longer than usual — almost two hours. Maryanne gave her two of her special medications and she was fine afterwards. Otherwise, her medication appears to be working well for her. “Sadie Mae is such a special little pup and Corey and I just love her,” exclaimed Maryanne.

November 2020

Sadie Mae’s had a few mini-seizures late in the summer, but she is doing better now. The veterinarians at Animal League America’s Pet Health Centers have increased her anti-seizure medication and so far so good. Sadie Mae’s grandma’s heart breaks for her when she’s not well. The seizures are like hiccups, not something anyone wants to have, but love and positive thoughts get them through them together. She’s still the best girl and a survivor! She enjoys playing with her toys and she is her sister Ellie’s shadow. Her favorite places are literally at grandma Maryann’s back, and anywhere that includes touching her. She’s on the couch with her and in her bed — it doesn’t matter as long as she can feel her. Sadie Mae’s doing well, eating her food, taking her medications, and just living her best life.

July 2020

Sadie Mae’s grandmom, Maryann, reports that she’s been seizure free for months. She just loves playing with dog toys that have animal sounds and her tennis balls — ALL the time! With her canine sister, Ella, she plays doggie tag and she’s feeling well enough to “just plain old ’ruff house’ with her.” When Maryann gives Sadie Mae her afternoon dose of medicine sometimes she “falls asleep in my lap. I just love her!”

March 2020

Sadie Mae’s grandmom, Maryanne, says that she’s the “best little dog I’ve ever been lucky enough to take care of and it’s hard to say who saved who here. And it only seems to get better every day.” She’s been seizure-free for a few months now and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed that she’ll continue to be so. Her doctors at our Pet Health Centers have prescribed many medications that have to be given morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime. Maryanne and dad, Corey, enjoy watching Sadie Mae play with her many toys. Sometimes she plays with them by herself and tosses them around and runs after them. Sometimes she plays with her “partner in crime” Ella and it can be more entertaining than watching a television show. These two Beagle girls just love each other. Sadie Mae also just loves to snuggle with her people, especially sitting on grandmom’s lap. Maryanne would like to thank Sadie Mae’s Sponsors for helping her care for this little love bug.

November 2019

“Sadie is doing fine even though she’s had a few seizures lately,” says her grandmom, Maryann. “When she has them, I hold her and talk to her softly and tell her it’s okay.” The doctors are trying to find a non-liquid medication that she will take more easily on a daily basis. Sadie goes in for regular checkups and the doctors have given her a medication to calm her down when she’s having a seizure. “Sadie is so wonderful and so sweet. We absolutely love her and can’t imagine life without her.” She has a sister named Ella and her family says that they “complete each other—they’re like book ends.” They enjoy playing together and running through the house. Both Sadie and Ella do not like getting wet in the rain or snow. They just go do their business and then get dried off with a special towel when they come in again. In the winter time, Sadie has a sweater. Even though she looks very fashionable, she doesn’t really want to stay outside too long.

July 2019

“Sadie is doing well and she has a lot of favorite toys, including her canine sister,” laughs her dad, Corey. She hasn’t had any seizures since New Year’s Eve. She likes to chew hard bones, the safe ones, but she just can’t get enough of toys! She really loves the ones that make sounds, especially if they’re animal sounds. She carries them around with her and Corey says she leaves them all over the house. Sadie Mae is very social and always wants to be around people (Corey’s mom is one of her favorites) and she always enjoys a good belly rub. Thankfully, the medication to help her damaged liver is working and she is enjoying her life.

November 2018

Sadie Mae couldn’t be doing any better in her foster home with Animal League America Mobile Unit driver, Corey Ryan. She and her canine sibling,
Ella Mae, also an Animal League America rescue pet, have quickly become best buddies. The two hounds can be rough housing, sleeping on top of one
another, or jockeying for position on the laps of their human admirers. A few kisses and a long gaze into the eyes of those who love her has quickly become this little mush’s favorite pastime. Although she takes a plethora of medications every day to combat her liver disease and ward off seizures, Sadie Mae never lets it get her down. Thanks to everyone who Sponsors this cheery little pooch and allowing her to enjoy the spoiled life she was always meant to live.