Meet Simon

Meet Simon2022-11-11T16:21:40+00:00

Simon was only 8 months old when he arrived to North Shore Animal League America as part of a puppy mill rescue in late March 2022.

As we too often see from commercial breeding facilities, Simon has the congenital conditions of a curved spine and fused ribs that deform his chest cavity. Because of this, it is difficult for him to breathe properly when his lungs expand. So exercise, excitement, heat exposure, and stress all need to be very limited. It seems that Simon doesn’t know he’s different from any other little dog, but he’s not unique in the mountain of love he has to offer. The Pet Sponsorship Program insures the medical care he needs. And that he’ll be able to express his love and be loved in return.

November 2022

Simon is making terrific progress getting acclimated in his new home. In fact, mom Carolyn reported that “his walking appears to have improved, and his back legs are facing forward more.” She also has observed that “everything is new to him since he was in a crate [at a puppy mill] for most of his life.” His doggie sister is doing her best to show him the ropes, though Simon still doesn’t understand “why the birds outside disappear when he goes over to say hi!”