Meet Strider

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Meet Strider! Strider was one of a litter of puppies born to Gypsy, a rescue from Texas, right here in the Sponsorship Nursery at North Shore Animal League America. Strider nursed, ate, wrestled, and played with his brothers and sisters.

As Strider grew, he started dragging his hind end around. Tests revealed that he has a bone growth disorder called hypertrophic osteodystrophy (HOD). This disease affects the growth plates in the long bones of puppies causing serious inflammation, sometimes severe angular limb deformities, and a lot of pain. All four of Strider’s limbs are affected. Fortunately for Strider, he has entered the Pet Sponsorship Program. The expense of his anti-inflammatory and pain medications, as well as surgeries to correct the growth plates so he can move more comfortably, will be covered. Thank you for sponsoring this sweet-tempered and, very obviously, handsome fella!