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Meet Strider! Strider was one of a litter of puppies born to Gypsy, a rescue from Texas, right here in the Sponsorship Nursery at North Shore Animal League America. Strider nursed, ate, wrestled, and played with his brothers and sisters.

As Strider grew, he started dragging his hind end around. Tests revealed that he has a bone growth disorder called hypertrophic osteodystrophy (HOD). This disease affects the growth plates in the long bones of puppies causing serious inflammation, sometimes severe angular limb deformities, and a lot of pain. All four of Strider’s limbs are affected. Fortunately for Strider, he has entered the Pet Sponsorship Program. The expense of his anti-inflammatory and pain medications, as well as surgeries to correct the growth plates so he can move more comfortably, will be covered. Thank you for sponsoring this sweet-tempered and, very obviously, handsome fella!

February 2024

Strider has grown into a gorgeous 33-pound dog since he was adopted by his adoring family. And with the help of his Sponsors, he has the support he needs to handle his mobility issues. Mom Neda told us that Strider will be getting water therapy for chronic pain management and handles everything with his inherent good nature: “Strider is such a loving, sweet dog, and enjoys people and other dogs. He is one of the best things in my life.”

November 2023

Strider required surgery recently to repair a metal rod in his leg that had come loose. Mom Neda reported, “Animal League America did an amazing job arranging for specialist surgeons to do the operation. Strider was very nervous, but afterward was wagging his tail in happiness.” Thankfully recovery has gone well. “Now he walks much more comfortably and enjoys baths and playing under sprinklers,” Neda said. “Strider knows he’s the adored baby in the family!”

May 2023

Strider is the definition of sweet and friendly and loves the attention and company of people. Mom Neda said, “his favorite thing is to welcome friends and family to the house and to sit on their laps.” Strider also enjoys taking baths and short walks, and of course, treats! It’s all about time together and Neda and Strider are simply content to be by each other’s side, whatever they are doing.

March 2023

Strider just loves his canine big brother Gerry, who has really shown him the ropes. Mom Neda said that they love to curl up in the couch together and if Gerry howls at the fire sirens, so would Strider; good thing their mom doesn’t mind the cacophony! “Strider is so sweet and smart,” Neda said. “He really is such a playful and happy boy.”

November 2022

Strider is thriving in his family home. Loved and spoiled, Strider enjoys short strolls around the neighborhood, either walking or in his special carriage. He’s also discovered the joy of frozen yogurt! But mom Neda admits, “the ultimate treat for him is to be hugged, kissed, and held for long hours, while hanging out in the backyard with us.”

June 2022

Strider has grown into quite the handsome dog and is much adored by his mom, Neda. “Despite his delicate limbs, he runs and loves to play with other dogs,” she told us. To expend his energy, he also enjoys wrestling with squeaky toys and chasing small balls. At the end of the day, however, you can always find him in his favorite spot of all, on the bed watching Netflix with his mom. Says Neda, “He’s the most adorable, affectionate dog you could ever want.”

March 2022

Strider is growing up and, dare we say, hitting his stride as an active two-year-old. Strider’s mom, Neda, tells us, “He’s as sweet and sociable as ever, happy to play around the yard and inside the house with his canine sibling Gerry, who was also a foster with physical challenges. They are both beautiful, healthy, and happy now.” Neda feels fortunate that these special dogs found their way into her home and heart: “They bring me and my family joy and give meaning to my life.”

November 2021

With the support of a loving home, Strider has overcome his significant medical condition to lead a full and happy life. Strider’s mom, Neda, told us he is an inspiration. “My life was enriched when Strider came to us as a foster. Despite his severe physical limitations, his ability to enrich other people’s lives by his loving presence was powerful. He had a spirit that would not give up, and his love of being close to people was unconquerable.” With treatment, the progress they have seen him make is incredible. Now Strider walks on his own and can even climb stairs like his canine brother. “Strider has been a source of inspiration to so many,” Neda said. “He truly enriches our lives with his sweet, loving presence.”

July 2021

Strider is a playful puppy, and his foster mom, Neda, tells us that his condition does not hold him back. In fact, she says, “Strider loves to chase after rabbits and squirrels in our backyard. Of course he doesn’t run as fast as other dogs, but his resilience and cheerful nature lead him to do everything puppies do.” Strider compensates for his physical limitations with a strong communication style! Neda writes, “Strider will stare at you when he wants attention, or cry when he wants more treats. He will also bark incessantly when another dog takes his toy.” Strider’s family adores this very happy pup!

March 2021

Strider continued with his rehabilitation after the first surgery to repair his right hind leg, but he had been struggling. A wheelchair was ordered just for him with the thought that this would help with his mobility, but Strider refused to move forward in it — although occasionally he did move backward! His foster mom, Neda, reports that he will get up and follow his furry sibling, Gerry, to the door to go out to do his business. But sometimes he cries out when he is walking and just stops. So the plan became to increase the level of physical therapy. It seems to be working as Strider is walking more normally and weakness has improved. He will be getting neutered soon and the veterinarians at the Pet Health Centers will take more x-rays and consult with the specialists to see what his next steps, literally, will be.

November 2020

Strider has been enjoying life in his foster home. Though unable to get around well, he enjoys rolling around in the yard with his foster brother Gerry and loves his stuffed toys. Gerry understands that Strider is unable to walk much so he often gets on the ground to play with him. They have a very sweet friendship. Strider underwent his first surgery on his left hind limb to correct the deformity of his tibia that was bowing. Unfortunately, after a few weeks, he began dragging his hind end on the ground again. The surgeons discovered that a boney callus had formed at the surgery site that resulted in poor alignment so Strider had surgery again to fix it. His foster mom is now reporting great breakthroughs. He’s begun taking small strides for a short period before resting on the ground. Strider will need surgeries on his three other legs as well.