Meet Tobias

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Tobias came to North Shore Animal League America as a kitten when his owners could no longer afford to keep him. Here, at our Pet Health Centers, the friendly Persian was found to have repetitive urinary blockages and underwent several surgeries to ease the problem.

Thanks to subsequent emergency surgery, Tobias’ ailments lessened over time. He may still be prone to blockages and infections in the future and must be regularly monitored. Because of you he has a fresh chance to live the life he was always meant to have. Thank you!

July 2020

Tobias and his mom, Chre, have been very sad since Pretty Kitty crossed the Rainbow Bridge. But Chre is glad she has Tobias to love and care for. Recently, she had to bring him in to the Pet Health Centers because he was struggling to urinate and missing the litter box. He is on a special diet for his feline lower urinary tract disease. Luckily, he was still eating and drinking with no problem. The veterinarian took a urine sample for testing and a culture — she also prescribed antibiotics. In a follow-up phone call, the veterinarian said she didn’t see any crystals or an infection
and that was great news. “Tobias is now doing very well and doesn’t seem uncomfortable anymore,” said Chre. She is grateful to Animal League America’s medical team for their expertise in helping her care for Tobias!

November 2019

Tobias has a new home and one of his new cat siblings is none other than Sponsor Pet Pretty Kitty! Unfortunately, Tobias’s first mom got sick and the doctor told her she could no longer have a cat because of her medical condition. He is still settling in with new mom, Chre, who has a soft heart for kitties with medical conditions. She also has a lot of experience making sure they’re comfortable and content.

July 2019

Tobias has settled into his home nicely. “He is definitely the boss of the house,” says his mom, Laura. “When we get home and don’t open the front door fast enough for him to greet us, he starts meowing and the longer it takes the louder he gets!” His health has been good. Tobias previously had surgery to help with his feline lower urinary tract disease. However, Laura strongly believes that his happiness while living with them has been a big factor in his continuing good health. He also has access to running water in his fountain and drinks plenty each day. The veterinarians told them that water was extra important for him because of his medical condition. Tobias has decided that the absolutely best spot for a snooze is the lap of his dad, Greg. He recently came up with a silly game where he hides around the corner in the kitchen and jumps into the air with both paws up when anyone enters. His favorite toy is still the cardboard cat dancer, but he’s now playing with a colorful fleece on a wand that he likes to chase. Tobias’s parents are grateful to his Sponsors for every day they have together with him.

March 2019

Within hours of arriving home, this beautiful Persian was purring and rolling on his back for belly rubs — while rolling on top of his freshly signed adoption papers. Since then, he’s claimed many cozy spots around his new Manhattan apartment, which is fine by his parents, Carly and Greg. His dad likes to give him “rides,” which consist of picking him up and walking around the apartment to show him another perspective on things. Carly said his favorite toys are the strings on her hoodie. As for his health, Carly said you’d never guess Tobias had feline lower urinary tract disease. “He is one of the happiest cats we’ve ever met,” she said. “We’re grateful he’s come into our life and we love him very much. We have many years ahead of us, and we are looking forward to every day with him!”