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Adopted as a puppy, Toby battled skin allergies and infections from the beginning. More recently, Toby’s family became overwhelmed by his special needs and returned Toby to North Shore Animal League America as an eight year old

Toby was exhibiting inflammation on his ears, paws, and around his eyes. The skin behind his ears was especially raw. After giving Toby a medicated bath, we started him on a number of medications to treat his condition. Toby was also experiencing extreme distress at the loss of his home, and needed medication to ease his anxiety. Additionally, all the love and pampering he received from our staff and volunteers was a great benefit to Toby. He was placed in our exceptional Foster Care Program to help prepare him for a fresh start in life. Thank you for sponsoring Toby!

February 2024

Toby is still in a foster home, but fortunately has a wonderful caregiver, Lezlie, who knows how to manage Toby’s needs. When he is anxious, they put on his anxiety vest, and Toby immediately calms down and relaxes. Lezlie also told us that despite his size, sweet Toby still believes he is a lap dog, adding, “Lovable is his middle name.”

November 2023

Toby is doing much better after a serious skin outbreak due to his allergies. Fortunately, foster mom Lezlie reported, “He is now on a strict special diet, monthly shots, and daily medication that have helped.” Senior Toby may be slowing down, but he’s still spreading the love around his neighborhood: “He really enjoys visiting my 96-year-old neighbor, who really looks forward to it too. I am so grateful for Animal League America and the foster program for saving sweet Toby.”

May 2023

Toby is dealing with his allergies well thanks to his foster mom. This gentle giant still thinks he is a lap dog and will happily seek the affection of anyone within range. You might also see Toby rolling in the grass or chasing a tennis ball, and he’s grateful for warm summer days when he can be outside as much as possible.

March 2023

Toby has faced some physical challenges, but foster mom Lezlie has been there to help him through. On top of recovery from ligament surgery, he has had some skin allergy breakouts. Thanks to the help from his Sponsor Pet family, his medical care is covered, and the team at the Pet Health Centers is trying to get Toby some relief. He remains the same gentle giant as ever, and Lezlie said, “Toby should have been named ‘snuggles.’ He has taken over the couch in the den and demands his rights!”

November 2022

Toby is doing well after surgery for a torn cruciate ligament in his hind leg. He has been receiving physical therapy in his foster home, and gradually easing back into longer walks. As Toby waits for an adoptive family, this gentle giant is well-loved and enjoying his favorite indulgences including long naps and frozen watermelon.

June 2022

Toby is the most gentle of giants, and continues to consider himself a lap dog despite his generous stature. With the help from his Sponsor Pet family, his skin condition and allergies are managed, which makes him the happy, playful dog he was always meant to be. Still in search of the right family situation, we just know that sweet Toby will find his perfect fit soon.

March 2022

Toby has been flourishing in his foster home, with mom, Lezlie. He is a hugger and still has the idea he’s a much smaller dog, but his family is very patient with his lap dog attempts! Toby used to struggle with allergies and a skin condition, but in his happy environment, his medical conditions are under control. Seems like the best prescription of all for Toby is plenty of time to run and play, and the tender loving care from his foster family members.

November 2021

New Sponsor Pet Toby is looking as handsome as ever! He is clearly thriving in his foster home, and his caregiver, Lezlie, told us that Toby loves being outside where he can run and sunbathe. They enjoy a long walk each morning to a park where Toby can run free and roll in the grass. Lezlie is also helping Toby manage his stress. When he is anxious, they put on his anxiety vest, and Toby immediately calms down and relaxes. Despite his size, sweet Toby still just wants to snuggle. “Toby thinks he is a small dog, so he is always trying to get into your lap,” Lezlie said. “Lovable is his middle name.”