Meet Toby

Meet Toby2021-05-04T16:37:43+00:00

Adopted as a puppy, Toby battled skin allergies and infections from the beginning. More recently, Toby’s family became overwhelmed by his special needs and returned Toby to North Shore Animal League America as an eight year old

Toby was exhibiting inflammation on his ears, paws, and around his eyes. The skin behind his ears was especially raw. After giving Toby a medicated bath, we started him on a number of medications to treat his condition. Toby was also experiencing extreme distress at the loss of his home, and needed medication to ease his anxiety. Additionally, all the love and pampering he received from our staff and volunteers was a great benefit to Toby. He was placed in our exceptional Foster Care Program to help prepare him for a fresh start in life. Thank you for sponsoring Toby!