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Zuke was saved from a hoarding situation — named after one of our partners in the rescue, who is also a Team Animal League marathon runner. Our medical staff diagnosed Zuke with a heart murmur, including SAM (systolic anterior motion), which can be a life-threatening condition.

As you can see from his picture, he also has a pronounced corneal scar on one of his eyes. While on our campus, Zuke has shown us how innately compassionate he is. He identifies the shyer of his feline companions and comforts them with snuggles. What lucky friends to be loved by Zuke. And Zuke is lucky to have YOU. Thank you for sponsoring him!

June 2024

Zuke (aka Max) not only is a trouper about taking his daily medication, but his chill disposition makes him beloved to his human family and all of his feline sisters, one of whom was rescued from the same hoarding situation he was! When it’s time to curl up for a nap, Max’s first choice is always a box; so he encourages his family to keep those Amazon deliveries coming!

February 2024

Zuke (aka Max) is doing well on the treatment plan that his caregivers laid out for him, and his health is holding steady. Mom Meagan told us that he continues to be charming and playful, and is very patient sharing his space with three feline sisters and one canine sis, noting “He’s a boy trapped in a girls’ club!”

November 2023

Zuke (aka Max) might have a heart condition, but it is slowly but surely improving, according to mom Meagan. “We are so thankful to have Max in our lives; he is such a sweet boy,” she said. “He loves to play with his three feline sisters—Maggie, Molly, and Mina—and his canine sister, Mariah. He also enjoys sleeping in boxes and exploring all the small crevices around the house.”

May 2023

Zuke (aka Max) had some big excitement in his life this year – he now has a sibling! His family adopted a puppy from Animal League America. “She’s only four pounds,” said mom Meagan, “and is half-chihuahua, half-miniature pinscher.” Best of all, she also adores cats. “Max is not afraid of her at all,” she reported, “and is very curious about her though seems confused regarding what she is! He knows she isn’t a cat, but he can’t exactly decide what she is either!”

March 2023

Max is experiencing the health benefit of having a loving family, as seen in the improved condition of his heart every time the vet checks it. Mom Meagan is so pleased that Max is doing well and he has even gotten more comfortable in letting others pet him. Max also loves playing with boxes, which Meagan is happy to provide!

November 2022

Zuke (Max) has found a bunch of favorite activities in which to indulge. From sleeping in his “clubhouse” under the coffee table to playing with an interactive feather toy, he’s keeping busy and staying healthy. “He also enjoys hanging out with his three cat siblings,” said mom Meagan. We are glad to hear he’s taking his daily pill easily in his food, will never turn away a belly rub and that his family absolutely adores him!

June 2022

Zuke (aka Max) is loving his new home! Mom, Meagan, told us he has created a clubhouse for himself under the coffee table. Ever playful, he enjoys toys as well as his feline siblings, especially Molly, who was rescued from the same hoarding situation. Fortunately, Max’s health is steady and he’s been good about taking his daily pill. In fact, he’s been a dream come true for his family, as his mom exclaimed: “We absolutely adore him!”

March 2022

Charming Zuke is not your typical survivor, he’s a true thriver. Both the humans and cats he shares his heart with agree, he’s indeed the best boy! Speaking of his heart, our devoted vets developed a simple plan to keep his cardiac health steady. Zuke is extremely cooperative when he takes his pill twice a day. We knew this popular guy would find his loving home before too long, and sure enough, we are thrilled to let you know Zuke has been adopted! We can’t wait to share his journey with you in our future updates!