Feline Behavior & Long-Term Care Home

Feline Behavior & Long-Term Care Home2023-10-05T10:56:09-04:00

Our Feline Behavior & Long-Term Care Home, commonly known as our Feline Care Home, is a place where we can give extra care and attention to those feline residents who may need more time before finding an adoptive family. Whether we’re providing a predictable schedule, socialization and enrichment training, our behavior experts are dedicated to whatever our feline friends need.

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These cats may have been rescued from hoarding situations; found outdoors, injured, sick, and even pregnant; left alone and frightened after an owner’s passing away. No matter their history, all our residents carry the physical and emotional scars of their past and it’s why they need extra attention to heal.

While our spacious, windowed Adoption Center is perfect for most cats, the trauma these residents have endured means they need the privacy, predictability, and calmness of our cozy and tranquil Feline Care Home. Every day, our expert team works with our residents on behavior and play therapy to give them a positive association with humans. After the incredible stress of their past, these cats deserve to be happy — basking in the warm glow of our catio or playing with another resident on their own healing journey.

When you sponsor the Feline Care Home, your donation provides everything from medication and special food, to enriching toys that keep our residents engaged. Most of all, you ensure we can always be there for these deserving animals. Whether they get adopted by loving families, or spend the rest of their days by our side, your support helps us care for our special needs cats for however long they need us.