Meet Teddy

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Meet Teddy! This lovable boy was rescued by the staff of our North Country Initiative location in upstate New York.

Teddy was abandoned in an apartment when the tenants moved out. Not only was he deserted, he wasn’t neutered nor, apparently, examined for much else. We diagnosed Teddy with a bad combination of congenital heart defects for which there is no surgical option – fixing one defect would make the other worse. He will require medications and frequent check-ups for the rest of his life. You know what else he’ll have? YOU and all of his Sponsors to make sure he has the best life possible. Thank you!

November 2019

A kind and loving couple came into our Adirondack Adoption Center and fell in love with Teddy and, believe it or not, with one of Teddy’s kitten buddies, Poo Bear, also. They adopted them both! “We are so excited that the Martindales have opened up their hearts to give Teddy the best possible life even though it may be shorter,” said Deborah Oligny, North Country Initiative Director. Teddy’s cardiology report warns that his life expectancy will be limited, but he’ll have a loving home and companionship, both human and feline, for the rest of his days.

July 2019

Teddy found his vocation in life while he’s waiting for his human family. He assists the staff at our Adirondack Adoption Center location with socializing feral and semi-feral kittens. He provides them with love and comfort and teaches them that humans are okay. This nurturing helps get the kittens adopted. He’s already taken six kittens under his wing, so to speak, this year. It’s interesting that he has taken on this role because Teddy himself was shy when he was first rescued from an apartment where he’d been abandoned. There are still some times when Teddy does prefer to be alone, but usually it isn’t for long. His heart condition is stable. The dosage of his medication is the same, but now it can be compounded by a pharmacist locally. This allows staff to apply a dose of medicine to his skin and it’s absorbed directly and this is less stressful for Teddy. He’s already looking forward to the next rambunctious kittens that come his way.