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Once the infection around the incision from her emergency cesarean section healed, Addey was prepped again for surgery — this time to remove a mammary gland tumor. The surgeon did confirm that it was only one tumor and she was able to remove it completely. Test results came back quickly and everyone at Animal League America breathed a sigh of relief that it was benign!

As she was recuperating, Addey caught the eye of Dr. Emily Zhang as she was doing her rounds in the Pet Health Centers. “Addey was very laid back and not reactive to other dogs or cats. You could tell that she wanted attention, but didn’t know how to ask for it. She would huddle in the corner of the cage but, if you were lucky, she would slowly try to give you her little paw,” said Dr. Zhang. She decided to provide a foster home for her as she continued to heal from her last surgery. Addey was also having some issues with itchy skin so she was put on a special diet to try to determine if the problem is related to food or not.

Addey was very nervous with people when she first arrived on the emergency rescue from the hoarding situation in Georgia. She probably had not had much interaction before. Dr. Zhang feels that she is starting to accept people and the rest of the world more readily. “She used to play possum when we tried to get her to walk or if people interacted with her,” she said. “Now she runs, hikes, has puppy play dates, and enjoys everything that’s edible.”

Dr. Zhang has two cats, Sora and Jiji. Addey is “very respectful of them and slowly learning how to be a cat!” In fact, Sora, her larger cat seeks out Addey as a “cuddle buddy” while her smaller cat, Jiji, is tolerant of both of her siblings’ antics. It was important to the doctor that all her animals get along. So Addey, now renamed Maru, has joined Dr. Zhang’s family officially—she was adopted in May.  After such a horrible first few years, Maru can now live out the rest of her life in good health in a loving, happy home.

Addey’s courageous spirit is emerging as she struggles to regain her strength.  Her infection is clearing up nicely and the incision is looking better every day.

But this beautiful girl now faces her next big hurdle — Addey has to go back into surgery again for the removal of the mammary gland tumor. The veterinarians are hoping that it’s just one isolated tumor, and once removed, it will be tested to find out if it’s cancerous or not.

As she continues to heal, Addey’s adorable personality is starting to show itself. She’s begun to bond with her caretakers and is looking for love from them. She’s even walked, just a short way, on a leash outside. She’s had help with her social progress from a new friend, named Bodie, who she met in the rehabilitation area of the Pet Health Centers.

Bodie is another Pomeranian who came from the same emergency rescue as Addey.  He’s a little more social with people and walks on a leash already. Addey likes to follow after him, and when she sits and refuses to move, he comes back to her to sniff and lick her as if to say “Come on, let’s go!”  They’re a very cute pair.

Your donation today to our Help Me Heal Program will make the road ahead easier for Addey, and the countless other sick and injured animals in our care. Thank you for your continued support of this vital program.

Rescued from a life of neglect,
petite Pomeranian needs you now

Addey arrived recently on our Port Washington, NY campus along with 39 other neglected Pomeranians, who were surrendered by a backyard breeder in Georgia.

So far, her life hadn’t been an easy one. Addey was living with hundreds of dogs in horrific conditions—many were outside in all types of weather. Basically viewed as a puppy producing machine, she and the others were given poor nutrition and minimal medical care.

When Addey was examined by a veterinarian at our Pet Health Centers it was discovered she had a small mammary tumor, dental disease – and she was pregnant. To make this sweet girl was comfortable as possible, she was moved to our Foster Care Nursery for some extra tender loving care. A few weeks later, when Addey went into labor, things took a turn for the worse.  She was having difficulty giving birth and was in distress. “We had to do an emergency C-section for Addey,” said Dr. Kaitlyn Zaino, Staff Veterinarian. “She did well through the surgery but, unfortunately, her puppies did not survive.”

Although she made it through the surgery, Addey had to be hospitalized and her recovery has been slow. Dr. Zaino said that Addey was “doing poorly” right after the operation.  She was weak and not eating very much, even though the staff tried to tempt her with different kinds of food.  As she was being closely monitored, her incision from the C-section became infected. Addey then went back into surgery to clean out the wound. She was started on antibiotics and topical medications immediately.

Since it can take a few weeks to make sure that the infection gets resolved, doctors are giving Addey time to get her strength back before addressing the mammary tumor. “It’s an isolated tumor that is attached above one of her nipples and it’s about the size of a pea.  This has not been removed, but we are monitoring it” stated Dr. Zaino.  “It was more important for her to have the emergency C-section and have her awake and well afterward rather than doing multiple procedures at one time.”

Time will tell what other medical care she needs before she can finally go home to a family who will show her what it’s like to be loved. Until then The dedicated team inside our Pet Health Centers will do everything it takes to provide Addey with medical care she needs, and the compassion she deserves. But we can’t do it alone. Your donation today to our Help Me Heal Program will help Addey, and other animals suffering from illness and neglect get the lifesaving care they need to live the life they were always meant to live — as a cherished pet, in a safe and loving home.

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