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Every day, the Animal League rescues animals from places where they would otherwise be destroyed, and our no-kill philosophy means that we give each animal the care they need – the care and the second chance that they deserve. Some pets come to us with urgent medical needs ranging from broken bones, skin burns or infections necessitating critical care, to other orthopedic or medical issues requiring surgical intervention. Some animals also come to us with deep emotional scars due to neglect and mistreatment.

Please make a donation today to our Help Me Heal Program, and help us nurture many more animals back to health.

Featured Story: Help Puffin Heal

At only eight weeks old, tiny Puffin has survived a traumatic impact that might have killed even a larger cat. No one knows for sure, but it’s likely that Puffin was hit by a car in Brooklyn, NY. It was a miracle that she survived and she needed intensive medical care immediately. Read Full Story

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Kali’s surgery was a few weeks ago, and although it’s early in the healing process, she’s doing well so far. Her main issue is decreased range of motion at the right knee. Additional therapies are available to help Kali in her recovery, but a foster home may be the best thing for this little survivor.
Emmy, still acting like a typical puppy, wiggles, thumps her tail, and tries to lick the face of the veterinarian who’s examining her at North Shore Animal League America. Unlike other puppies, however, Emma suffered a major trauma to the left side of her body and received no medical treatment at all. Emmy doesn’t move normally at all right now, but she pushes through any pain she may have because she wants to be a happy pup. It’s uncertain if the veterinarians can fix her orthopedic problems for her — only time will tell.
No sooner has Faith's recovery begun when her plight had caught the attention of a potential adopter. The Iadanza family were patiently waiting to see if they might be a perfect fit for this adult Labradoodle who’d had such a rough life so far. But it was the meet and greet with the family dog, Mason, that made it all click. Faith now has a new home and a family for the first time ever.
After life in a puppy mill, Addey spent several months receiving the care and compassion she was long denied. Today, this sweet girl is happy, healthy, and in a home of her own.
The good news is that Bucky’s finally feeling a lot better after all he’d been through due to living as a stray in South Carolina — he suffered from lack of food, a painful skin infection, and viral skin growths. The great news is that now he’s found his perfect family!
Freddie, a 12-week-old Hound/Labrador Retriever mix, arrived recently at North Shore Animal League America’s Port Washington, New York campus on a Mobile Rescue Unit from a shelter partner in Tennessee. He looked just like the other puppies, but he was different…Freddie was lucky to be alive.
Penny is now basking in the love and attention she’s receiving from her new family. After recovering from her balloon valvuloplasty, this sweet girl is doing great, even prancing on her walks with her new family. Penny has come a long way and now she'll be loved unconditionally thanks to the support of our Help Me Heal Program.
A litter of six Pittie puppies was turned over to an overcrowded municipal shelter in South Carolina, just before Hurricane Dorian swept through the area. Our Emergency Rescue Team was in the area helping our partner shelters affected by the storm, when we picked them up and brought them to the safety of our no-kill campus. After receiving a comprehensive examination by the staff at our Pet Health Centers, all of the pups were found to have some level of skin infections, scarring, possible ear infections, and generally suffering from severe neglect. The worst of these cases was sweet Annabelle, a dark-eyed beauty with sores and patchy skin where her beautiful brindle coat should be.
Zacks made it through her surgery without any complications and continues to recuperate under the watchful eyes of the dedicated veterinary team at our Pet Health Centers. Catch up with this tiny kitten who is getting better - and bigger- everyday, and eager to be on the move.
With his skin infection almost fully healed and recovering well from knee surgery, Scooter has even more to celebrate this holiday season. This sweet boy has found a new home for himself — and brought along his best friend Jackson, too!