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Every day, the Animal League rescues animals from places where they would otherwise be destroyed, and our no-kill philosophy means that we give each animal the care they need – the care and the second chance that they deserve. Some pets come to us with urgent medical needs ranging from broken bones, skin burns or infections necessitating critical care, to other orthopedic or medical issues requiring surgical intervention. Some animals also come to us with deep emotional scars due to neglect and mistreatment.

Please make a donation today to our Help Me Heal Program, and help us nurture many more animals back to health.

Featured Story: Help Zeke Heal

Though his front leg drags along the ground, three-month-old Zeke is still playful and curious, running up to greet everyone around him. Now it’s up to the team at our Pet Health Centers to address Zeke’s medical condition, in order to prevent significant problems for him as he grows. It will require all our veterinary expertise, but we are determined for Zeke to have the active, happy life he deserves. Read Full Story

More Help Me Heal Stories

Blondie came through her FHO surgery well and received post-operative care in her foster home. Tiny but mighty, she was a trouper throughout her physical therapy, including leg massages, heat and ice compresses and motion exercises. Now this spunky girl is ready for a home of her very own.
Frankie is a powerful example of how medical intervention, combined with loving care, can transform the life of a rescue pet. When Frankie first arrived, she was laboring for every breath. Following her surgery to open up her nostrils and trim her soft palate, her breathing and energy level are much improved. Though she still occasionally snorts and still snores when she’s sleeping, Frankie is doing much better. Our Pet Health Centers team will reassess her in a few weeks, but they are hopeful that no additional therapy will be warranted.
When animals arrive to Animal League America, we don’t always know what they have endured. For 12-week-old Lab mix Strawberry, the exact cause of her trauma will remain a mystery, but we do know we’ll do everything in our power to help her.
Born without baby teeth, five-month-old Iris has learned to adapt to her unique medical disorder. Without surgery however, she faces significant health risks. With your help, we can ensure this sweet-natured girl will keep smiling.
Max is only a couple months old, but his heart is already having to work overtime to keep him alive. Diagnosed with a severe heart murmur, Max will require surgery to repair his congenital defect. Will you help us heal Max’s tender heart?
Suffering from chronic ear infections, poor Brooklyn has been brought back into our care after several years with her adoptive family. Unfortunately, this sweet seven-year-old Boxer Mix started to have recurring ear infections. While Brooklyn was initially a playful and happy puppy, her pain and discomfort gradually worsened causing her behavior to change.
Echo was full of surprises when she arrived as part of a recent puppy mill rescue. We could see from her outward appearance that there would be conditions in need of medical intervention. What we couldn't immediately see was that she was pregnant. After delivering a couple weeks early, three of her seven pups had the same congenital defect, and sadly did not survive. But Echo's resilient spirit spurred her on to continue to care for her remaining pups as they grow bigger and stronger every day.
Tiny Hickory’s fight to survive began with his lifesaving rescue by our North Country Initiative Adirondack Cat Adoption Center in Warren County, NY, where they noticed he wasn’t breathing properly. First thought to be suffering from a diaphragmic hernia, Hickory was quickly transported to our AAHA-accredited Pet Health Centers for an evaluation by Chief of Veterinary Staff, Dr. Mark Verdino.
Unable to fully open her eyes, Jane doesn’t yet know the beauty to be seen in the world around her. This four-month-old, shy kitten was born with a medical condition that significantly impacts her vision. Thankfully, she has made her way into our hands at Animal League America.
At North Shore Animal League America, we believe that every animal’s life is precious — no matter how big or small they are, or how severe the medical circumstances they face. Tiny George came to us late last year through our collaboration with Tennessee-based partner, Rescue Dog and End of Life Sanctuary. George faces a steep uphill battle to survive, but with your support of our Help Me Heal program, we will be able to get him the care he urgently needs.