Help Blondie Heal

Help Blondie Heal2023-05-15T14:47:11-04:00

After returning from her Foster home, Blondie received dozens of requests from potential adopters. It was a tough choice for our Adoption Counselors, but they knew they could find the perfect place for this sweet girl. We’re happy to report that Blondie has found her new home, complete with a resident Yorkie to show her around! Mom Kristine says the two are getting all well and Blondie is already feeling like part of the family!

This new beginning would not have been possible without the support of our Help Me Heal Program. This lifesaving program changes the lives of sick, injured and abandoned animals everyday. We are so thankful to all who donate to help animals like Blondie, and for the happy, healthy future your ongoing support will provide.

Blondie came through her FHO surgery well and received post-operative care in her foster home. Tiny but mighty, she was a trouper throughout her physical therapy, including leg massages, heat and ice compresses and motion exercises. Now this spunky girl is ready for a home of her very own. Blondie is full of energy and would welcome a family who can spoil her each and every day! She is still very much a puppy and will need a family to work with her on becoming a model canine citizen. Blondie would also do well with older children, and in a home where someone can be around more often. We just know Blondie won’t have long to wait, and she’ll have a loving family soon and a bright and happy future. If you would like to learn more about Blondie, and possibly making her part of your family, contact our Foster Team at [email protected].

Abandoned in Pain, Blondie Needs Help to Heal

Trembling in physical agony from an untreated hip injury, 11-month-old Blondie was abandoned at our Pet Health Centers after it was determined she would need surgery. With your support, together we will give Blondie the treatment she urgently needs, and the pain-free future she deserves.

When she was first brought into our Pet Health Centers, we could see right away that she was not bearing weight on her right hind leg. Further examinations by our veterinary team clarified her issue. Dr. Gerard Laheney, Animal League America Senior Veterinarian, explained: “Blondie has a condition called femoral head necrosis, which is when the nutritional supply to the head of the femur has been cut off. This condition, most often seen in miniature and toy breed dogs, causes the bone within the femoral head to die. As the bone collapses, it can cause severe pain.”

Blondie is now scheduled to have a femoral head ostectomy (FHO), which is a surgical procedure that aims to restore mobility to the diseased hip by removing the head of the femur, and thereby eliminating the source of pain for the dog. There could be a secondary issue for Blondie of an out-of-place kneecap, but first we will wait and see how she heals from her FHO.

“We are probably looking at a six-to-eight week recovery and if she is still having problems after that, then we might have to address the knee,” said Dr. Laheney. “It’s clear that this situation has been going on for a while because the musculature in that leg has decreased.” During the recovery phase, Blondie will head to the nurturing care of a foster home, where the focus will be on helping Blondie rebuild muscle mass and strength.

Though Blondie has more hurdles to conquer, her life has already taken a turn for the better. As a member of our Help Me Heal program, Blondie now has a team in her corner to ease her pain, treat her medical needs, attend to her rehabilitation, and of course provide all the cuddles she desires. With your help, Blondie will never be alone again, and someday find herself the recipient of a lifetime of unconditional love.