Help Frankie Heal

Help Frankie Heal2023-04-18T08:47:23-04:00

Frankie is a powerful example of how medical intervention, combined with loving care, can transform the life of a rescue pet. When Frankie first arrived, she was laboring for every breath. Following her surgery to open up her nostrils and trim her soft palate, her breathing and energy level are much improved. Though she still occasionally snorts and still snores when she’s sleeping, Frankie is doing much better. Our Pet Health Centers team will reassess her in a few weeks, but they are hopeful that no additional therapy will be warranted.

In addition, Frankie is now in a foster home with a family who never plans to let her go. Once she is medically cleared, they will be making her adoption official. Frankie’s foster mom, Michelle, reported, “Frankie loves lounging with me on the sofa and even enjoys Bravo TV as much as I do!” Michelle also said Frankie is drinking water on her own, mastering housebreaking and leash walking, and is ever-ready for a treat! We couldn’t be happier for both Frankie and her adoring new family.

Support Frankie in Her Struggle for Air

When Frankie arrived at North Shore Animal League America as part of our recent rescue mission, we could immediately hear she was in respiratory distress. Tragically, this endearing, six-year-old French Bulldog is yet another victim of irresponsible breeding.

We are acting quickly to give Frankie the medical interventions she needs, but first we need your help. Will you make a gift to help Frankie in her fight for breath?

Upon her initial examination, Frankie was diagnosed with brachycephalic airway syndrome. Animal League America Chief of Veterinary Staff Dr. Mark Verdino explains: “Brachycephalic syndrome is very common in these short-faced breeds. Unfortunately, they get bred for certain characteristics that lead to upper airway abnormalities. The two biggest things we contend with are stenotic nares, which are very narrow openings of the nostrils, and an elongated soft palate in the back of the throat, which can block the entrance to the windpipe.”

Seeing and hearing Frankie’s struggle for air, our Pet Health Centers team swiftly intervened to perform surgical procedures to open her nostrils and trim her soft palate. “Imagine trying to breathe through a straw,” Dr. Verdino said. “That’s what it is like for Frankie. Dogs with brachycephalic syndrome have an extremely narrow airway and must generate a lot of pressure to get air.” For some dogs, this can cause vomiting and weight loss, but happily for Frankie her ordeal has not affected her appetite.

By only trimming the palate a little at a time, our doctors make sure they don’t remove more tissue than is needed. Once the inflammation from her surgery goes down, our medical team will reassess Frankie’s breathing, and determine if further intervention is required. We aren’t going to let Frankie suffer. She has the benefit of all our expertise and loving care until she is fully healed and ready to find the loving family she deserves.

With your help, Frankie will breathe easier, and we can rescue more dogs just like her from commercial breeding facilities and give them the care they need.