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We’re happy to report that even though there were some calluses forming on the fracture, doctors were able to realign the broken bone and secure good placement with surgical pins. A few days post-surgery and Hermie is able stand and walk on his own! But Hermie still has a long way to go on his road to recovery.

It will be a few weeks before he can have the pins removed and then begin physical therapy to get his muscles stronger. This young pup needs your help now more than ever.

Your support of our Help Me Heal Program will help Hermie, and many animals like him, get the compassionate care they deserve.


Will You Help Hermie Stand Strong?

In the heart of Texas, a puppy named Hermie was fighting a battle against the odds. Hit by a car and left injured by the side of the road, Hermie’s spirit was unbroken though his hind limb was badly wounded and severely fractured. With your help, we will make sure Hermie walks again.

Through teamwork with our shelter partner Friends of Marshall Animals in Texas, Hermie made it onto one of our Mobile Rescue Units and was quickly transported to our Pet Health Centers. With an injury like Hermie’s, there is no time to waste. Dr. Gerard Laheney, Animal League America Senior Veterinarian, explained, “We’re going to have to see if there’s a degree of healing that’s already happened, because once the bones begin to fuse, it can impair our ability to fix the leg. In that case, we are forced to see what happens as he grows and he may just walk with a gait abnormality, or we try other interventional surgery or potentially amputate the leg.”

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Help Hermie Heal
Help Hermie Heal

The first step is getting radiographs of Hermie’s leg to determine if immediate surgery is possible. With pain medication keeping him comfortable, Hermie wagged his tail in gratitude for all the attention he was receiving, and his eyes spoke volumes about his longing for love. It’s evident that Hermie has endured much in his short life. Dr. Laheney suspected that his poor body condition and malnourishment could be due to intestinal parasites picked up from living as a stray, in addition to the lack of food, which Hermie now won’t ever have to face again.

Won’t you help give Hermie the life he deserves?

Will surgery mend his fractured leg, or will he face a lifetime of challenges? Whatever the outcome for Hermie, the road to recovery will not be easy, but Hermie has already defied the odds. His story is not just about one brave puppy, however. It’s about the countless animals like him who are in need of rescue, care and compassion. We continue to answer the call for animals in need, and your generosity helps drive our lifesaving efforts. With your support, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of animals like Hermie, giving them the hope and healing they deserve.

Help Hermie Heal