Help Jane Heal

Help Jane Heal2022-02-23T13:49:03-04:00

Help Jane See a Brighter Future

Unable to fully open her eyes, Jane doesn’t yet know the beauty to be seen in the world around her. This four-month-old, shy kitten was born with a medical condition that significantly impacts her vision. Thankfully, she has made her way into our hands at Animal League America.

Jane came to us by way of our Adirondack Region Cat Adoption Center, the North Country Initiative (NCI). NCI addresses feline overpopulation in that area through the management of feral cat colonies, and by its adoption and rescue efforts. The staff at NCI noticed this tiny kitten was struggling to see, squinting, and clearly in a great deal of discomfort. She was quickly sent to our Pet Health Centers to be evaluated by Dr. Mark Verdino, Animal League America Chief of Veterinary Staff. “First we noticed that the hair on her upper eyelid is making contact with the cornea on both eyes, causing irritation,” Dr. Verdino said. “After examining her lids, we could see where the eyelid actually stops. This is a congenital defect called eyelid agenesis, which simply means that her eyelids did not form properly.”

Depending on the severity, some animals with this condition can live a normal life. For Jane, however, the majority of the upper eyelids are missing, and the chronic irritation over time can cause corneal ulcers, scarring, and even blindness. Thankfully, Dr. Verdino has expertise in the intricate, specialized surgery that Jane requires.

“The lip has a mucous membrane similar in structure to the eyelid, so we will take a portion of Jane’s upper lip and create an eyelid for her,” Dr. Verdino explained. “Cats tend to heal very well from this surgery, and most of them will have normal eyelid function afterwards.”

Thanks to the generous support of our Help Me Heal Program, Jane will be able to have this surgery, but she will have to wait until she is a little bit bigger in order to decrease the risk of any complications. In the meantime, we will be keeping her as comfortable as possible. Understandably a bit timid and nervous, right now Jane prefers the safety of her igloo-shaped bed. The world awaits this precious kitten, and with your support, we’re excited we will be able to help Jane see a sunny future in a loving home.