Help Magpie Heal

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Stuck in a Circle of Neglect, Magpie Looks to You For Help

Abandoned in a trailer park in upstate New York, six-year-old feline Magpie was stuck walking in circles due to her severe vestibular damage from ruptured eardrums. A Good Samaritan eventually took pity on Magpie and brought her to the attention of our North Country Initiative (NCI) team. Magpie is the 63rd cat that NCI has assisted from this particular trailer park, where pets are commonly dumped outside as residents move in and out of the location.

Given her distress, Magpie was transported to our Pet Health Centers so she could have a thorough evaluation of all her medical issues. Animal League America Chief of Veterinary Staff Dr. Mark Verdino explained what they discovered: “When we looked down her ears, which she wouldn’t let us do awake because she was so itchy, we found that her eardrums were ruptured on both sides. We could also see large inflammatory polyps in her inner ear chambers that will require surgical removal.”

Help MagpieHeal

Years of neglect also left Magpie with severe dental disease, and Dr. Verdino had to remove her remaining six teeth. While Dr. Verdino spoke about his resilient four-legged patient, Magpie’s breathing was full of snorts, and the struggle she has faced for so many months was all too clear. But despite her many challenges, Magpie’s spirit remains unbroken. She responds to physical affection with a swish of her tail and signals that she knows she is in safe hands. And once her surgery is performed, we are hopeful Magpie can make a full recovery.

Once left to fend for herself while fighting to simply stand upright, Magpie’s path to a new life will be much easier with our support, and YOURS. Please join us in making a difference for Magpie and countless animals like her. Donate to help Magpie heal today and be part of her incredible journey toward the healthy and happy life she deserves.

Help Magpie Heal