Help Mercy Heal

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Will You Help Mercy Heal From Negligence?

Particularly heartbreaking are the times when we see an animal in pain caused by neglect. Mercy — a young, otherwise vibrant and sweet-natured Pittie/Bulldog mix — suffers from severe infections in both of her ears that were left untreated and caused permanent damage. Thankfully, our Tennessee-based animal rescue partner Rescue Dog and End of Life Sanctuary found her, and we were able to transport Mercy to our Pet Health Centers.

The first step in Mercy’s road to recovery was an examination by Dr. Marina Tejada, Animal League America Supervising Veterinarian. “We can probably make the assumption that her issues originated from an attempt at an ear crop,” Dr. Tejada observed. “This led to chronic infections that did not receive appropriate medical care and caused scarring and inflammation.”

Sadly, the practice of surgically cutting a puppy’s ears continues among certain breeds, including Pitbulls, in an effort to make the dogs appear tougher and more aggressive. Not only is ear cropping inhumane, but it has helped to propagate the stereotype that Pitbulls are fierce — far from the truth about these kind, loyal, and lovable animals, just like Mercy.

At this point, the only way forward for Mercy will be surgery to remove both of her ear canals. Mercy’s infection is located not just on the surface of the ears, but also in the eardrum and her middle ear. As a result, she will require a specialized procedure called a total ear canal ablation, which is the surgical removal of the entire ear canal and components, to relieve her pain.

In the short term, Mercy will first receive treatment that will prepare her for the best outcome. “You want to have tissue that is as healthy as possible before surgery,” explained Dr. Tejada. “We will do the best we can for Mercy, so that protocol will include ear cleanings, antibiotics, and antifungals, both topical and systemic.” Despite her constant discomfort, Mercy’s friendly disposition shines brightly, perfectly symbolized by the heart-shaped spot of fur on her back.

This large, blocky girl is a hugger, and easily wins the affection of all who meet her, further bringing to light the misconceptions about her breed. Truly a gentle giant, Mercy is great with children and other dogs as well. Though she could lose most of her hearing in the future, with your donation to our Help Me Heal Program we can assure Mercy that she will be free of pain and will have many years filled with love and hugs ahead of her.