Help Rooney & Jewel Heal

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Doctors had originally planned to do a surgical debridement to clean out Rooney’s paw and remove any damaged or infected tissue as a result of his severe frostbite. Instead they opted for a different approach that would allow Rooney to heal without surgical intervention. While in the care of our dedicated veterinary team, Rooney’s wound was treated for infection and kept clean with frequent bandage changes. Rooney also underwent laser therapy on his paw 3x a week. This non-invasive approach has aided in Rooney’s healing as well as pain management.

Help Rooney Heal

Today Rooney has made an amazing recovery and is now back on all four paws! This handsome boy is breaking hearts in our medical center  now that he has been approved for adoption and moved to our Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center. If you’d like to meet this little charmer, and possibly make him a part of your family, contact our Adoption Center today.

Help Rooney Heal

Abandoned Cats Suffer Life on the Streets

WARNING: Some images may be heartbreaking.

Tragically, cats and kittens left outside to fend for themselves face all kinds of life-threatening situations. Two felines in our care are currently struggling from medical conditions resulting from their exposure to the elements. With your support, we can give them a chance to survive and thrive.

We don’t know what led up to Rooney’s recent appearance on the front porch of a compassionate stranger. This poor black-and-white stray cat was filthy and freezing in the winter cold, and suffering from frostbite. After he was surrendered to us, our medical technicians found his right front paw to be bloodied and raw, missing its protective keratinized surface. Clearly appreciative to be in safe hands however, Rooney would crane his head for more pets during his examination, enjoying every tender touch he received. The Pet Health Centers team is now running bloodwork on Rooney, in preparation for a surgical debridement to remove any damaged or infected tissue.

To hear the plaintive whimpering from tiny Jewel is to hear a kitten in pain. Hit by a car, Jewel sustained injuries beyond what one of our shelter partners was able to address, so Jewel was brought to our Pet Health Centers. Not only does Jewel have significant damage to her jaw, but her tail was degloved from the car accident. This loss of skin resulted in an infection so severe that her tail must be amputated. Our veterinarians are evaluating Jewel’s jaw to determine if it can be surgically repaired.

Placed into our Help Me Heal Program, Rooney and Jewel will receive round-the-clock attention to help them along their healing journey. We want them both to have the chance to live inside a loving home, where they will be protected and cared for.

Your gift today tells Rooney, Jewel, and countless other injured and abandoned animals, they are not disposable. They deserve kindness and respect, and we aren’t giving up on them. With your support, they will get the lifesaving treatment they need and never find themselves alone again