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Sweet Sadie Looks to You For help

Sadie is all grown up and showing no signs of her tragic past. She looks wonderful and best of all she’s happy, healthy and in a new home! Sadie is enjoying all that best things in life, like playing with treat balls, sleeping on the sofa and, most of all, helping her Mom “do” her work.  This brave girl has traveled far already in her young life–from Turks and Caicos to the chic streets of New York City—and she takes everything in stride.

“Sadie is settling in and doing great.  She’s handling the New York City streets well and loves to say hello to every person and dog she passes,” says Liza, Sadie’s Mom.  In fact, it is difficult to get anywhere quickly with this social butterfly!

This new beginning was made possible thanks to the generous support of our Help Me Heal Program. On behalf of Sadie, and all of our Help Me Heal pets, we thank you!

Thanks to her hydrotherapy and physical therapy program Sadie’s range of motion in her hind leg has significantly improved. Her favorite time of day is when she gets to go on walks with one of her friends at our Pet Health Centers. Sadie is doing so well that she has been cleared for adoption! This international rescue is ready to take on the world on all four paws. If you’re interested in going on the adventure with her contact our Foster Manager, Emily DeFelice at 516-883-7900 ext. 352 or [email protected].

Sadie is recovering nicely from surgery thanks to the personalized, nurturing care she is receiving inside our Don and Karen LaRocca Pet Wellness Center. The adorable girl has been spending a lot of time in the brand new aqua therapy tub, strengthening her leg and widening the range of motion in her left hip. Under the watchful eye of Daryl Sandoval, Animal League America’s Director of Medical Services, and a full jar of yummy peanut butter to keep her eye on the prize, Sadie is developing more and more strength in her lower half, while also learning some basic behavior commands thanks to a little positive reinforcement.

“This jar of peanut butter is the saving grace. With this I can make sure she, and any other dog we work with in here, stay focused on the task at hand,” Daryl said with a laugh. “Spread a little peanut butter on the glass and you can be certain they’ll continue to move forward with the treadmill. It’s a win-win for everybody. I continue to see improvements every time we put Sadie in the tub.”

Hydrotherapy uses the properties of water — buoyancy, viscosity, resistance, and hydrostatic pressure — to enable the dog to move his or her joints. The buoyancy of water reduces stress on the joints and this creates a much safer environment for recovery after surgery. Hydrotherapy is also beneficial for dogs who are recovering from an injury, dogs who suffer from degenerative joint disease, and those who have been paralyzed. Underwater treadmills are often used for dogs with joint problems. This can create improved circulation, increased joint flexibility, and decreased joint pain. Muscle strength and endurance, cardio respiratory endurance, increased flexibility, range of motion, and agility are additional benefits.

July 5, 2018, Port Washington, NY: 

Sadie gingerly stood on the examination table inside the Emergency Care Unit of North Shore Animal League America’s Pet Health Centers as she was examined by Dr. Mark Verdino. You could see the discomfort in her eyes as the Senior Vice President and Chief of Veterinary Staff gently manipulated her mangled right hind leg and severely damaged left hip. He would go on to describe in detail the painful way this tiny puppy most likely sustained her injuries.

“Sadie came to us from a municipal shelter in Turks and Caicos. We were told that she arrived at their shelter unable to walk or bear any weight at all on her hind legs most likely the result of being hit by a car. Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon on the island. We’ve actually rescued several dogs who have suffered the same fate,” Dr. Verdino said. “When she arrived here, the x-rays showed she had a badly fractured pelvis, which actually fractured right through the growth plate at the hip joint on the left side of her body. Because her right hind leg was also injured and she wasn’t able to stand or walk, the leg became almost stuck in a fully extended, rigid position. She couldn’t bend the leg at all when she first arrived.”

Since arriving at our no-kill campus, Sadie has been enrolled in our one-of-a-kind Help Me Heal Program in hopes that the compassionate care from our skilled veterinary team and the nurturing touch of Foster Care parents can help her recover from her devastating injuries. There’s no questions that it will take countless hours of physical rehabilitation and strengthening her muscles in the aqua therapy pool inside our newly opened Pet Wellness Center before our veterinary team could say what’s next for little Sadie. One thing is for certain, everyone involved in her recovery process will do everything in their power to get this little Shepherd mix back on her feet and into a responsible, loving home as quickly as possible.

“The problem is that because she’s still growing, things are going to change as we go along. Things could get better or they could get worse, but obviously we’re hoping to see improvement on the right side first. The whole left side of her pelvis is shifted and because of that it’s likely she’s going to have persistent problems with it throughout her life unless we take some sort of action. She’s not even a candidate for a hip replacement because the pelvis is so abnormal, so we have to take it step by step and then decide down the line when we know more. Our main focus right now is helping her build strength in her legs so she can fully bear weight.”

Sadie’s journey here may be a long one, full of highs and lows, ups and downs, but she will always be cared for at Animal League America’s no-kill campus. Thanks to the support of our charitable donors, our Help Me Heal Program will provide her with a chance at a happy, healthy life with a family who cherishes her. Without that support, Sadie would have likely died alone in the street or been euthanized at an overcrowded municipal shelter due to the high cost to treating her severe injuries. For Sadie and the countless other animals we have helped to rehabilitate through the years because of this lifesaving program, we thank you for you continued commitment and generosity.