Help The Trio Heal

Help The Trio Heal2024-01-10T17:36:46-04:00

Help Give Feline Trio the Urgent Care They Need

In the heart of upstate New York, three helpless and vulnerable felines were suffering outside in the bitter cold – their little bodies bearing the brunt of untreated health issues. Fortunately, our North Country Initiative (NCI) came to their rescue, bringing them inside and transferring them into the hands of our Pet Health Centers team. With hope and determination, our Help Me Heal® program aims to provide the lifesaving care Mystic, Rosaline and Sarah desperately need.

Mystic and Rosaline, a mere 8 weeks old, are heartbreakingly adorable balls of fluff but are sadly facing significant health challenges. Both kittens exhibited cloudy and bulging eyes, likely caused by untreated infections. A consultation with a veterinary ophthalmologist revealed a diagnosis of anterior segment dysgenesis, a condition that can lead to glaucoma and permanent blindness. Mystic was also found to have a grade 3 heart murmur, a congenital heart issue that is putting her at risk of heart failure. Our plan for her involves round-the-clock monitoring to keep her safe while we assess her readiness for corrective surgery.


Sarah, a four-year-old cat, was discovered outside suffering from malnutrition and a severe skin infection. Finding the right treatment to heal Sarah has been challenging due to strains resistant to medication, but our Pet Health Centers team is employing a combination of antibiotics, topical treatments, and frequent medicated baths. Additionally, Sarah displayed a low-grade heart murmur that will require further evaluation. First however, we need to heal her skin infections and address her low weight with a healthy diet. We will do everything we can to get Sarah back to being the beautiful, friendly cat we know she is. But we need your help.

Mystic, Rosaline, and Sarah faced an uncertain future left out in the cold, but now your support for our Help Me Heal Program can be their lifeline. Together, we can provide the critical care these cats need, and the love they deserve. Please join us in our mission to ensure a better tomorrow for this resilient trio and for all the homeless animals who are counting on us.