Help Tito Heal

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When we last checked in on Tito we found doctors had confirmed his heart condition as mitral valve regurgitation, a degenerative disease that can cause decreased blood flow to organs and tissues. His doctors cleared him for adoption on the condition that, as a senior pet, it was essential that his adopters understand his condition and continue with regular veterinary check-ups, and repeat echocardiagrams every 6-8 months.

The search for adopters willing to take on a senior pet with special needs would normally not be an easy task. But Tito didn’t have to wait long to find his perfect match. Longtime supporters of North Shore Animal League America, and repeat adopters, Joe and Bessy Gatto have always had a soft spot for senior dogs. It seemed like destiny when Bessy contacted us looking for an extra special senior to join their gastronomically named pack of Gatto Pups. The Gatto’s have always gone above and beyond when it comes to senior pets, and Tito could not ask for a better pack to join. Tito, now named Calzone, will continue to have his heart condition monitored, for right now life is good – or shall we say ‘la vita è bella’.

Abandoned During His Time of Need

Struggling under the weight of a severe allergic condition, nine-year-old Tito was surrendered by his owner. Though Tito arrived to North Shore Animal League America trembling and nervous, one look at his adorable and expressive face and you can see all the love and loyalty this sweet senior has left to give. We are Tito’s last hope and we won’t give up on him.

Tito—a Terrier mix—came to us from the Animal Care Center in Brooklyn. They know we possess the medical expertise to handle Tito’s complex situation. It is excruciatingly clear from Tito’s red, raw skin that his condition has been left untreated for quite a while, and healing him is also going to take time.

“Tito’s long and chronic bout with allergies has caused pachydermatitis, where the skin takes on an elephant-like appearance,” said Dr. Gerard Laheney, Senior Veterinarian at Animal League America. “He may also have a bacterial infection on top of whatever is causing his chronic inflammation, and we don’t know yet if his allergies are environmental or food-related.”

Tito’s treatment journey will begin with a variety of medications and a special diet to hopefully bring him relief and take away the itch. We also detected a heart murmur, so Tito’s care will include a consult with a cardiologist for an echocardiogram to determine the best course of action.

Tito’s anxiety was evident as he shook and sneezed through his handling, however he was also extraordinarily tolerant—a testament to his trust in humans, even without having had the loving care he deserves. Tito does have a noticeable deformity in his front limbs, but is seemingly unaffected by it. As soon as he had the chance to walk around, he enjoyed exploring and approaching new friends, welcoming any attention.

Already we can see that given a little affection, how Tito begins to relax. We know we can help Tito heal and will bring all of our resources to his aid. But first we need your help. With your donation today to our lifesaving Help Me Heal Program Tito will be able to get the compassionate care he sorely needs, and the chance to live a healthy, pain-free life.