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Beth Ostrosky Stern: The Real Deal

Beth Stern is a force of nature, and we are so grateful to have her as our national spokesperson and partner in rescue.

If you ask Beth where her love for animals comes from, she’ll tell you she was born with it.

“It’s in my blood,” she says. “In fact, the day I was brought home from the hospital, my mom and dad placed their dog in front of me, so her face was one of the first things I saw in life. They’d done the same with my brother, who is 17 months older than I am. So, if you think about it, she was actually my parents’ firstborn.”

That dog, a Collie mix named Suzie Dog, was one of many dogs, cats, chickens, and guinea pigs who found love and refuge with Beth’s family. “We always had rescue animals in our home,” Beth remembers. “And they were not just pets; they were members of the Ostrosky family, and we loved them and treated them like family members. My grandma loved animals too. And it was just a given that our dogs and cats were rescue animals. My parents were always firm believers in adopting from shelters.”

Today, Beth looks back at her youth in Pittsburgh as the start of her lifelong passion for helping animals, a passion that has given purpose and joy to her life. In 2003, that passion found a life-changing outlet at North Shore Animal League America.

“I was modeling in New York City, and the booker at my agency asked if I would volunteer my time to model at a fashion show during North Shore Animal League America’s annual luncheon,” she recalls. “So, I spent my day walking the runway, modeling couture gowns with puppies in my arms. I didn’t leave the runway until every animal was adopted! Once I learned about all the great work Animal League America does, I began to volunteer regularly. I am thrilled to be the National Spokesperson for NSALA and to serve on their Board of Directors. I am so passionate about our mission. It’s just the most rewarding part of my life.”

But the work Beth is most committed to is her hands-on foster and adoption efforts. Since 2013, when she began volunteering as a North Shore Animal League America foster parent, Beth has rescued, nurtured, and rehomed more than 2,000 cats and kittens! She personally reviews all adoption applications and usually hand-delivers her “nuggets,” as she calls them, to their new families.

It’s impossible to calculate the positive influence Beth has had on animal rescue through her popular Instagram account, which she uses to entertain and educate the public while coordinating adoptions for cats, kittens, and dogs. And standing right by her side in everything she does is her husband, Howard, who not only supports and encourages her work but names many of the fosters and helps with socializing and caring for them.

Over the years, Beth and Howard have adopted several of their fosters, making them official members of the Stern household. More often than not, they’ve chosen adult cats and special-needs kitties, including blind cats and those with physical or emotional challenges. At the moment, they have nine furry family members: two rabbits and seven cats, including Sammie Sunshine, for whom they are providing hospice care.

In addition, Beth and Howard were instrumental in the creation of Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Friends Adoption Center, Animal League America’s one-of-a-kind, cage-free facility named in memory of the Sterns’ beloved dog, Bianca, whose death in 2012 prompted Beth to expand her foster program. “We were shattered when she died,” says Beth. “I thought we might never heal. But at that point, I decided I had to do something to honor her life. One thing I will always keep close to my heart is the memory of beautiful Bianca and how her life saved and enriched so many other lives.”

Thanks to her dedication and experience, Beth has become a recognized and respected advocate for homeless animals. Speaking eloquently for adoption, advancing awareness of the no-kill movement, and showing, by example, the power and joy of volunteering, Beth Ostrosky Stern is a treasure. Her commitment and down-to-earth charisma have brought the plight of homeless pets to the attention of millions. We are deeply grateful for her energy, her creativity, and her dedication to our no-kill mission.

Beth Stern
Beth with blind and beautiful Bella, one of the Sterns’ resident kitties.

“I think anybody who has a pet can attest to the fact that they are family members. They are with you through tough times, through wonderful times. And as much as we’re nurturing them, I feel what we get back is tenfold. Sad days, happy days — if I’ve got my cat in front of me, life is complete.”

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