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North Shore Animal League America National Spokesperson Beth Stern is an incredible advocate for the animals, and a proud parent to Animal League America adopted cats Walter, Bella, Yoda and Pebble.

Beth helps focus national attention on the plight of shelter animals, appearing on so many TV and cable shows to help spread the word about shelter adoptions.

Beth also helps behind the scenes, lending a hand to our rescue team as they take animals from our Mobile Adoption Units to our medical facility. Beth’s passion for the animals is truly unmatched — she even ran a 26.2 mile marathon to save lives.

The Sweet Art of Fostering

If you Google the topic, some sites say that May is National Pet Foster Month, while others say its June, which also happens to be Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. None of this really matters, because for people who love to share the love, calendars are irrelevant. So with kitten season in full swing and shelters bursting with cats of all ages, this is a perfect moment to talk about fostering homeless cats and kittens, a topic that makes my heart full and hopeful.

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The Second Sunday in May

May is the perfect month to celebrate motherhood, because in spring, Mother Nature orchestrates rebirth everywhere, from trees, flowers, and hummingbirds to kittens, kittens, and more kittens!!

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The Circle of Life

April is the cruelest month, the poet says. But for us, the most emotional month we’ve had in a long time was March. While our fosters bring us tremendous joy, they sometimes break our hearts too. In March, with our hospice foster Dignity and our beautiful Mama Cherry Blossom, the great circle of life played out in detail and drama right before our eyes.

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Rescue in the Time of Covid

Twelve months ago, few of us even thought about words like lockdown, quarantine, face mask, self-isolation, and social distancing. Today, of course, they’re part of our everyday conversations. The global pandemic has changed so much in our world, some things for the better and other things, well, not so much. For me — on the bright side — being home has given me more time to bond with our resident cats, plus I’m able to spend lots of quality time with my fosters. For that, I’m grateful.

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Hearts and Nuggets

I always say they have my heart. All of my sweet nuggets, no matter their age, their stories, or their quirky personalities — each one of them captures my heart in a unique way, and when they fly to their forever homes, they always take a piece of my heart with them.

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New Year, New Lives to Save

People say that 2020 is the year we all want to forget...but will always remember. It’s true: 2020 was tough. But despite the challenges, I find myself remembering many of the year’s surprising silver linings, like the people who decided to make working from home truly meaningful by fostering homeless pets. And then there were all those great adoptions.

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When winter comes…

His name is Rudy. He’s technically homeless, but he eats several meals a day, usually beginning early at our house and then sauntering next door for another meal. He’s no dummy, and he seems content with his life. Still, whenever I walk by our mudroom door and see a big orange head looking in, I open the door and ask him to join our indoor family. He always refuses, but I’ll always keep asking!

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One Year and So Many Lives

It began with an English Bulldog named Bianca, the most charming dog ever. When she died on July 17, 2012, our hearts were shattered, and we wondered if we could ever heal. When Bianca died, we also had three rescue cats in our home, Walter, Apple, and Leon Bear. They were Bianca’s original furry friends. I admired their unique relationship so much that I felt inspired to do something in Bianca’s name for homeless cats and kittens.

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My Special Needs Nuggets

If you think about it, all of my fosters have the same special need: the need for a loving home. But some face extra challenges too. By most standards, these cats and kittens are not “normal.” Something is “wrong.” Amazingly, they don’t seem to notice their differences.

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Forever in Our Hearts

Everyone who does animal rescue sooner or later encounters animal abuse. The horror and heartbreak are sickening. But we should not feel helpless in the face of it. Instead, we must speak up for the voiceless animals who suffer at the hands of sadists and monsters.

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