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North Shore Animal League America National Spokesperson Beth Stern is an incredible advocate for the animals, and a proud parent to adopted cats Walter, Bella, Pebble, Helen Rose, Cocomelon, and a bunny named Jessica Rabbit.

Beth helps focus national attention on the plight of shelter animals, appearing on so many TV and cable shows to help spread the word about shelter adoptions.

Beth also helps behind the scenes, lending a hand to our rescue team as they take animals from our Mobile Adoption Units to our medical facility. Beth’s passion for the animals is truly unmatched — she even ran a 26.2 mile marathon to save lives.

The Lifesaving Rites of Spring

On Monday, March 20, at 5:24 p.m., EDT, spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere. For me, the first day of spring is both wonderful and daunting: flowers, sunshine, and birdsong — a fresh and beautiful new start. And then, of course, there’s kitten season. All that adorable new life…and all those sweet babies needing forever homes.

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“They Have My Heart”

It’s February, the month of hearts. They’re everywhere: in advertising, on greeting cards, and all over my IG page. They’re even on Cocomelon’s toy mouse! I often say that my fosters and resident cats “have my heart.” What I mean, of course, is that I love them. But also that they give me purpose and the strength to do the work I love so much.

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Beginning the Year Right!

News flash: January 24 is Change a Pet’s Life Day, and in my opinion, it ought to be a national holiday. Close the banks, hold the mail, and only essential workers need to show up for work. Everybody else gets a paid day off to make the world better for pets, including Jessica Rabbit and Cocomelon who, like all of our nuggets, have returned the favor and changed our lives forever.

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December Magic

Ever since I was a little girl, December has been magical, filled with music and lights, food and family, and the spicy scent of pine. It’s a month of festivities: Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Festivus, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve. But did you know December is also National Cat Lover’s Month? In my world, that’s what truly makes this the most wonderful time of the year!

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Finding Comfort Amid Sadness

On November 4, as I handed Lolavie to her smiling new parents, I thought about the beautiful trust she and I had built together during her time with me. And though I am thrilled for Lolavie, my joy is tinged with deep sadness and constant worry. Our Yoda has cancer, and Howard and I are devastated.

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Going to the Dogs

October! The first full month of fall. The days grow shorter, leaves turn vibrant hues, and the cooler air seems almost to sparkle. It’s a month of migrating birds, harvest celebrations, and trick-or-treat. And for those of us whose lives involve animal rescue, it’s also a time dedicated to dogs and pet health and safety.

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Grief is Love Continuing

We know when they’re happy — that crook in the tail. We know when they’re angry — the flattened ears and the arched back. And we certainly know when they’re scared or annoyed — hiss! Our cats have rich emotional lives and we've learned to understand their eloquent body language. So, after Grogu died on August 4, I wasn’t surprised to see his best friend Yoda, grieving. But it broke my heart, just the same.

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Back to School!

The Beth Stern Socialization School for Feral Nuggets was briefly in session again this month, and this year’s freshman class was well…fresh! Still, it seemed to take no time at all for my four pupils to go from naughty to nice. I expected to collect many wounds like the one on my left index finger, but there was just the one and it healed quickly. It will take longer for these babies to heal my broken heart.

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Celebrating the Dog Days of Summer with a Pup Named Drake

This year, the “dog days of summer” fall between July 3 and August 10. But for me, these special days began in late June when I fell madly in love with Drake, a spectacular senior who found himself in the care of North Shore Animal League America when his human went into a nursing home. He’s a big, handsome mush, and like so many others, all he needs is a second chance.

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Busy Summer Days

June is a busy month for us animal people. Besides being National Pet Preparedness Month, which coincides with first month of hurricane season, it’s also Pet Microchip Month and, closest to my heart, Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.

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