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North Shore Animal League America National Spokesperson Beth Stern is an incredible advocate for the animals, and a proud parent to Animal League America adopted cats Walter, Bella, Yoda and Pebble.

Beth helps focus national attention on the plight of shelter animals, appearing on so many TV and cable shows to help spread the word about shelter adoptions.

Beth also helps behind the scenes, lending a hand to our rescue team as they take animals from our Mobile Adoption Units to our medical facility. Beth’s passion for the animals is truly unmatched — she even ran a 26.2 mile marathon to save lives.

Fearful or Feral?

There’s a subtle art to distinguishing between frightened cats and those who are feral. But kittens are different — they’re more adaptable — and I felt these babies just needed a week or so at the Beth Stern Socialization School to relax and trust.

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Celebrating Seniors Every Day

World Animal Day was October 4th, but in our home, animals are celebrated every day of the year. To commemorate this day, I’m highlighting a few adult and senior cats available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America. Adult and senior cats are absolutely incredible companions, but sadly they are often overlooked in shelters across the country even though there are so many good reasons to adopt an adult cat.

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Legacies of Love

One gift that animals give us is the friendship of other people who love them as much as we do. I met Julia Belle Mason in June 2017 when she traveled from her home in Mississippi to New York for her Make-A-Wish dream come true. Her wish was to visit Animal League America, spend time with me, and meet lots of cats and kittens.

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When another person’s trash becomes my treasure

For most of my life, passing a Maserati dealership did not bring tears to my eyes. But all that changed on July 10, when a teeny, adorable, grey and white kitten arrived at my house. We named him Maserati, because just one week earlier someone found him in a dumpster behind a Maserati showroom.

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A Day in My Life with Nuggets

It starts first thing, and first thing arrives early at our house. I wake up at 5 a.m. every day, whether Howard has to get up for his radio show or not. We keep the same schedule on weekends and during vacation. Then it’s coffee and time to brush Leon Bear and Walter, make sure Yoda is groomed, feed the cats and kittens, and play. There’s a lot of playtime in the mornings.

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Kitten Season 2018

Our house has gone formal in the past few weeks. So many Tuxedo cats and kittens. Did they all get the memo? Did it specify white gloves and, um, tails? Must be prom time, or maybe wedding season. Actually, no. It’s kitten season, and what a season it’s been …so far!

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Abandonment is Animal Cruelty

The owners of a 7-year-old FIV-positive cat named Toby gave him away. Toby must have thought they’d made a terrible mistake. So, at the first opportunity, he escaped and walked 12 miles back to his original home. But instead of welcoming him, those people betrayed him again.

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A Month of Mixed Emotions

I love April for the cherry blossoms, daffodils, and the sense of a fresh start filling the air. What I don’t love about April is kitten season, which is in high gear everywhere, including at my house.

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Life Lessons from Two Felines on Opposite Sides of the Earth

For the past few weeks, two very different cats have dominated my thinking, one a cat in Turkey and the other a kitten in California. They'll never meet, except in my thoughts, but each has so much to teach us about ourselves and about how we might — just might — make the world a better place for animals.

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Pets and the Perils of Winter

Every season presents its own hardships for homeless pets, but right now winter seems like the cruelest. So many animals stranded in the relentless cold and wind. How hopeless they must feel.

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