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North Shore Animal League America National Spokesperson Beth Stern is an incredible advocate for the animals, and a proud parent to adopted cats Walter, Bella, Pebble, Helen Rose, Cocomelon, and a bunny named Jessica Rabbit.

Beth helps focus national attention on the plight of shelter animals, appearing on so many TV and cable shows to help spread the word about shelter adoptions.

Beth also helps behind the scenes, lending a hand to our rescue team as they take animals from our Mobile Adoption Units to our medical facility. Beth’s passion for the animals is truly unmatched — she even ran a 26.2 mile marathon to save lives.

Sleepless in Sternville

She looked like she’d swallowed a bowling ball. From other angles, she looked like a kangaroo. No matter how she sat, lay, or stood, she could not get comfortable. She didn’t walk, she waddled. And she ate like she was feeding a football team. Then, after days of watching and waiting, her seven sweet nuggets arrived…and I finally got some sleep.

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Big Blonde = Food and Fun

I’ll never forget Fig and Dumpling, two of the most challenging kittens ever enrolled in my socialization program. When they arrived in my guest bathroom in 2016, they were beautiful but emaciated…and they were manic! They scaled the walls, peed and pooped everywhere, and ripped the curtains off the windows.

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The Season of New Beginnings

I read somewhere that September represents endings and new beginnings, which makes sense. Summer ends, autumn begins, vacation ends, and the school year begins. Speaking of new beginnings, there are currently two young nursing mammas in my program, with a total of nine nuggets. Once the kittens are weaned, we’ll have 11 new beginnings to celebrate.

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Tender Loving Care

Everybody — and “everybunny”— needs TLC. In the last few months, since adding rabbits to my foster program, I’ve learned a lot about caring for these precious bun-buns. For instance, I’ve discovered that they are highly social and like to cuddle and that they have sensitive digestive systems and need a proper and balanced diet along with plenty of fresh water. And like all pets, they need veterinary care, including vaccinations.

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Losing a pet…or a lost pet?

As awful as it is to have to euthanize a beloved friend, there is comfort in knowing you freed her from suffering. But there’s another way to lose a pet that I think is even worse, and because July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month, I want to talk about this important topic, no matter how terrifying it is.

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What this Month Means in My House

It’s June, so no surprise: My house is abuzz with kittens and moms. The playing is nonstop, and at mealtime, the sound of kittens eating — all that adorable lip smacking — is priceless. Another kitten thing I love is the sneaky side trot, clearly intended to instill fear but always getting a laugh instead. There is a lot to love about kitten season, with one big exception: There are too many cats and kittens in this world!

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For Better or Worse

What were you doing in 2003? Howard and I were dating, so I remember 2003 pretty well. But two decades is a long time in any life; for a cat, 20 years is about five years more than the average lifespan. Tazz was born in 2003 probably around this time of year…kitten season…when most felines come into the world. This spring, his humans decided he was too old and brought him to a vet to be killed. Thankfully, that did not happen.

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Getting “High” on Rescue

It’s called “helper’s high,” that exhilarating feeling volunteers get when they realize they’ve made a difference. It’s a sensation shelter volunteers feel deep in their hearts every time they watch a frightened dog or cat gain confidence and get ready to fly. And with April being Volunteer Appreciation Month, I think it’s the perfect time to celebrate what it means to “get high” on volunteering…and changing a homeless animal’s life forever.

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The Lifesaving Rites of Spring

On Monday, March 20, at 5:24 p.m., EDT, spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere. For me, the first day of spring is both wonderful and daunting: flowers, sunshine, and birdsong — a fresh and beautiful new start. And then, of course, there’s kitten season. All that adorable new life…and all those sweet babies needing forever homes.

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“They Have My Heart”

It’s February, the month of hearts. They’re everywhere: in advertising, on greeting cards, and all over my IG page. They’re even on Cocomelon’s toy mouse! I often say that my fosters and resident cats “have my heart.” What I mean, of course, is that I love them. But also that they give me purpose and the strength to do the work I love so much.

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