///I Believe in Miracles!

I Believe in Miracles!

Especially the kind created by hard work and teamwork!

Eloise goes home.It may not be the best photo in the world (it’s a “screenshot” from a video), but when I saw this image on North Shore Animal League America’s Instagram account, my heart jumped for joy. That smiling face belongs to Eloise, an 8-year-old Beagle mix. On June 24, I reposted NSALA’s appeal to find homes for six senior dogs, including Eloise. A woman named Catherine saw the post, and five days later, Eloise was in Catherine’s car headed to her new home.

Animal League America rescues and nurtures these wonderful dogs, I post, and sometimes… somehow… it all leads to a miracle. Now, I’m hoping to help create just a few more miracles for some other deserving canines.

So, in honor of July 31, National Mutt Day, and DOGust 1st, NSALA’s annual birthday celebration for all shelter dogs, I want to introduce just three of the many wonderful dogs on our Long Island campus, whose love and companionship could make your life complete.

Johnny, #T106087Sweet, silly Johnny (ID: T106087) can’t wait to find his forever home. He’s an active young boy who loves to play and can’t wait to show off his fetch skills to his future adopters. Johnny loves going for long walks but is also happy to play in your backyard. Johnny knows his basic commands well and loves playing with his puzzle toys. He would prefer a home with older children and would like to be the only pet in the home.” To learn more and see darling Johnny in action, visit his adoption profile.

Bluto, #LA2972“Meet Bluto (ID: LA2972), a charming young Hound mix from Louisiana who is eagerly searching for his forever family. This gentle giant is incredibly sweet and adores snuggling up with a blanket and a good head scratch. Bluto would thrive in a home with experienced adopters and older children who can keep up with his playful spirit.” To learn more and see this charming goofball in action, visit his adoption profile.

“This is Esme (ID: T102425), an adult Heeler-Beagle mix who came to us from a rescue partner in Tennessee. This bright-eyed girl has two favorite things in the whole wide world: her beloved, trusted handlers and squeaky tennis balls.  Esme, #T102425 Esme is looking for a home with an experienced adopter who can dedicate the time and patience to building that trusted bond. The ideal home for Esme would be as an only pet in a single-person home, in a suburban area with a large fenced-in backyard where she can chase those squeaky tennis balls for hours. Esme is very intelligent, and with the right adopter, she will be a loyal companion for many years to come.” To learn more and see lovely Esme in action, visit her adoption profile.

So, you know I love cats and dogs. But really, I care about all animals, including turtles and worms. If you follow my Instagram, you might remember that I recently “rescued” a turtle and a worm on the roads near my home. (Don’t laugh, but Howard helped me hands-on with both of those rescues Check out these videos, if you don’t believe me.)

I don’t mean we brought them home and gave them names, but we did manage to get them off the hot pavement and away from traffic so they could be safely on their way. I realize that not everyone “gets” it, but I suspect that if you’re reading this, you’ve probably had similar moments of rescue. I’m also grateful for my association with the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons. I’ve helped in the rescue of injured gannets and seagulls, and the thrill of releasing these healed animals back into the wild is impossible to describe.

Obviously, I am stubborn and determined when it comes to rescue, and I never give up. So I want to tell you about a cat and a dog who I will always be fighting for.

Sultan, #H211753This hunky-chunk is Sultan (ID: H211753), my current feline boyfriend. He’s about 6 years old and was obviously cared for, but then cruelly stuffed in a way-too-small carrier and abandoned on the sidewalk. Since he arrived at NSALA in April, he’s been on a diet and has steadily lost weight. Every day, he grows more resplendently handsome.

His weight-loss journey is truly inspiring! He loves his diet food and waits each day by the office door in BFF for the food cart to roll to him. I’ve posted him several times on my IG because, gosh, I just love him so, and I know that out there somewhere is the perfect family for him. He’s had many “almosts” lately, but sadly none ended in an adoption. It’s kitten season, and he’s competing with so many kittens. If you have room for this fine fellow and you have no other pets, I promise you’ll fall in love immediately! Email me at [email protected] or visit him at NSALA in Port Washington, NY and ask to see Sultan (and mention my name). I will cover his adoption fee and send him home with a giant case of his special food. We’ve got this, Sultan!

Rocky, #V31557Rocky (ID: V31557), a Newfoundland mix, is my current canine boyfriend. This gentle, 120-pound giant has been at NSALA for a while now, and everyone there loves him, but his size makes finding him the right home a challenge. He was adopted as a puppy and sadly returned when his humans decided they no longer wanted him. (Boo!) Rocky had a tough few weeks after he was surrendered to us. He refused to eat and spent his days looking around and waiting for his humans to pick him up. (Utterly heartbreaking.) But before too long, he came around. He was adopted again, and I was thrilled, but then he was returned through no fault of his own. Rocky is shy at first and needs to be the only pet in an adults-only home, with an adopter who’s experienced with large dogs. He is house-trained and doesn’t need a lot of exercise. I just know there’s a home somewhere for Rocky, and I’ll keep championing him until we find it. View Rocky’s adoption profile to see him charming staff and volunteers at NSALA.

You may wonder how I can be so optimistic about pets like Sultan and Rocky when rescue can be difficult and heartbreaking. I think it’s because I really do believe in miracles. Take this little beauty, for instance. Just days after I posted her photo when she’d been abandoned on the streets of Philadelphia, one of my IG friends scooped her up, and “presto chango,” she was in a new loving home. I love my IG family so much. Of course, miracles like this don’t happen often enough, but when they do, they give all of us the hope and strength to continue this beautiful work together.

Also miraculous is the story of the 26 cats from Kabul, Afghanistan, who arrived at NSALA on June 6. Since I told you about them last month, nine have been adopted, two are being socialized by our incredible behavior team, two are pending medical clearance, and 13 are still available, including Hopper.

Hopper. #IR1105Here’s what my colleagues at NSALA say about this shy guy: “While many of Hopper’s roommates are embracing so much freedom and space in the room they share in Bianca’s Furry Friends, this timid boy prefers a cube to himself where he can take in all that lies before him. Cautiously viewing from a comfy bed may be the safest activity he’s experienced in his young life after surviving the streets of Kabul in Afghanistan. We want to continue to nurture his spirit in his first loving home. If you’re looking for someone super special to spoil, Hopper (ID: IR1105) would be happy to land in your home furever!”

In my heart of hearts, I believe that every adoption is a miracle. The best part? Anyone can be a miracle worker. All it takes is love, hard work, and a little luck.


P.S. Summer! I love it, but it can be a dangerous time for our pets. For example, more pets go missing in the summer than at any other time of the year. So, get your pets microchipped, make sure dogs wear a collar with an ID tag, opt for a GPS tracker, use a familiar friend or family member for pet-sitting, and keep your pet in a secure area when doors and windows are open.

NSALA has put together tip sheets with great advice for hot-weather pet care. Check out the helpful info in the links below. My own tip is to put a few ice cubes in the water bowls to keep them chilled, although if a pet is showing signs of heat stroke, cool water—not cold—is best.

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