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Jamie joined the League’s Sponsor Program in 2003. Jamie was rescued from another shelter with her mother when she was only one week old. As Jamie grew, it became apparent that she was unable to stand and balance herself properly.

She is wobbly on her feet and picks up her legs very high in the air when she walks. Unfortunately, Jamie is unable to walk very far. Her little head experiences tremors when she is excited or is trying to reach for something. Her condition is referred to as Cerebella Hyperplasia. It occurs in kittens when their mother has a viral infection while they are pregnant.

The infection affects the proper development of the brain. Since she was born this way, it seems normal to Jamie. Because of her condition, Jamie will always have special needs, which include an environment in which she will be safe – no stairs, for instance. With love and support from Sponsors like you, Jamie will forever be able to live a long and happy life.

March 2020

Jamie has had an outstanding year with her family who call her Jamie Lee and spoil her daily. She was treated to a stroller and getting around to see the sights from the safety of inside the mesh walls. Her mom, Danielle, took her for a walk around the lake in the fall and she was purring so loudly! Sometimes, she sits in her stroller to hangout and watch TV. However, her favorite place is near the fireplace in her favorite bed and Danielle sometimes curls up next to her on the floor. Jamie has a new foster cat sibling named Marigold. Jamie doesn’t seem to mind having Marigold around. Since Jamie was put on special food for diabetes, her health has improved. She also gets antibiotics every three days for her chronic stuffy nose which is also now significantly better. Her veterinarians have put her on medication for pain caused by old injuries heightened by age. Danielle says that it’s been “an amazing experience watching Jamie Lee open up her heart and let down her walls.” She has changed their lives forever. They’d like to thank Jamie’s Sponsors because this transformation would not have been possible without them.

November 2019

Jamie Lee is doing so well! The big news is, SHE’S A LAP CAT!!!! It’s taken some time but she suddenly started lunging onto her mom Danielle’s lap during their nightly couch time. Before she knew it, inch by inch, night by night, Jamie was officially in her lap! She prefers to be carried into the living room and placed on her mom’s lap. She is responding very well to her medications. She really enjoyed her time out on the deck this past summer. Now her family looks forward to introducing her to warm nights of cuddling by the fireplace in the colder months!

July 2019

Jamie is adjusting so well already in her new home. “We had a beautiful breakthrough at about the three-week mark with her. It happened overnight. One day when we came into her room to hang out, she pushed her face into my hand and purred so loud!” says her mom, Danielle. Even though she is 16-years-old and has cerebella hyperplasia that severely limits her movements, Jamie is able to get in and out of the litter box on her own and get around her special room. Her new family reports that she is always moving around and if she wants something, she will absolutely get it! So they have lined the floor with five firm dog beds and put crib bumpers along the walls and other hard surfaces so she doesn’t hurt herself. She has lots of toys, but her favorite is a crumpled up piece of tracing paper that she bats around on her own. Danielle reports that Jamie will reach out with both of her front paws to be pet — it’s so cute. Jamie’s mom wishes to thank all her Sponsors and tell them how grateful and happy she is to be on this team with them.

March 2019

Jamie returned to our campus a few months ago when her foster mom was no longer able to care for her. She’s certainly in her golden years (16 years old!) and her disability (cerebella hyperplasia) severely limits movement, but like any other pet she needs a loving home in order to continue to flourish. Our wonderful Foster Care Program manager, Emily, and feline expert volunteer Kate immediately got on the case and found a foster home perfectly suited to Jamie’s needs. And her new family absolutely adores Jaime. Thank goodness for YOU, Pet Sponsors!

November 2018

As one of our longest tenured Sponsor Pets, Jamie continues to bless the life of her human mom Darlene. Today, this beautiful senior spends most of her time cuddled comfortably in her bed in her mom’s home office. Although she’s slowed down, she still has a healthy appetite and is always up for head rubs and a little TLC whenever she can get them. But to her, there’s nothing better than spending her golden years nestled by Darlene’s feet.
As a Sponsor cat, Jamie, is ensured the best quality of life possible, all because of Sponsor support.

March 2018

Rest and relaxation – how else would an older cat want to spend her days? Because her disability (cerebella hyperplasia) severely limits her movement, Jamie has become the perfect office mate for foster mom, Darlene. Since her bed is placed in mom’s office, Jamie is never too far away when a snuggle-break is in order. Even though lounging is her all-time favorite pastime, this lucky lady will never pass up the chance to snack on a delicious treat or chow down when the dinner bell rings.

December 2017

Lounging in her two plush beds while her mom Darlene works from home is nothing short of heaven for this loving lady. Because of her issues, Jamie spends most of her time eating, sleeping, and cuddling with mom, but that sounds like a pretty sweet life to us! We are so thankful for all of her loyal sponsor parents who support her each month. Without your support, this little girl and animals just like her would never have the opportunity to know what it’s like to feel secure and loved.

September 2017

Hanging out in her comfortable bed next to mom, Darlene, in her home office is how Jamie spends most of her days. Because her disability severely limits her movement, Jamie has become the perfect officemate, ready at a moment’s notice when mom wants to take a snuggle break. When she’s not lounging or showing her affection, Jamie can be found eating her favorite foods and snacking on delicious treats – a life fit for a four legged queen!

June 2017

When Jamie was first rescued by North Shore Animal League America as a young cat, she was quickly diagnosed with cerebella hyperplasia, a serious neurological problem that affects balance and mobility. Her foster mom, Darlene, who has been taking care of her since July of 2015, has been there to provide this now senior lady with all of the love and support she needs to continue living a comfortable life. She said Jamie eats very well, spends most of her time relaxing in one of her two beds, and is still super sweet and affectionate – a life most of us could only dream of!

March 2017

It warms Darlene’s heart to see how much more trusting Jamie has become since she began fostering her in July 2015. Not only does she welcome Darlene holding her, but friends and family can easily pet her and hold her on their lap as well. Besides enjoying this new found closeness, Jamie is much more relaxed and content all around. Darlene is so glad fostering Jamie gave her the best life possible.

December 2016

Jamie’s foster mom, Darlene, is happy to see that Jamie has finally warmed up to the young foster kitten that recently joined the home. The youngster will say hello by a quick nose sniff and Jamie responds with a quiet meow. Darlene has even caught them cuddled for a nap. Jamie also welcomes being scooped up by Darlene for some lap-time and under-the-chin scratches.

March 2016

Jamie’s foster mom, Darlene, reports she is eating well, very friendly, alert and sleeping comfortably. The Foster Care Department is looking for a responsible, loving adopter for her without any other pets. Until then, Darlene will continue to foster Jamie. We thank Darlene, and all our other wonderful foster parents, for their dedication and love.

June 2016

Darlene, Jamie’s human foster mom, was so touched to introduce her nieces and nephews to Jamie who lovingly pet her while she purred away. Jamie meowed a warm welcome to her young visitors who can’t wait to come back for another visit. Jamie thanks her sponsors for their recent gifts of a new bed, blanket and fun cat toys!

December 2015

Darlene, Jamie’s foster mom, is so proud of how affectionate and trusting Jamie has become since she took her home last spring. Now she welcomes Darlene with a meow and will let her hold her forever. She even lets anyone who visits pet her too! She loves to play with her sparkly pom-pom toys and is a great eater. She is the sweetest thing in the world to Darlene, who is so thankful to all the sponsors for making their happy life together possible.

September 2015

Jamie has really warmed up to Darlene with a welcoming meow upon sight and taking treats from her hand! She will even cuddle up right next to Darlene as soon as she sits down. Jamie is as comfy as can be, and living like a queen. All thanks to YOU, her sponsors.

June 2015

Good News! Jamie is in a foster home and has her very own room, including a cat condo that she tucks herself into, under her blanket, for some privacy. Her foster mom, Darlene, reports although she hasn’t seen her play with her toys, she must be since they are moved each time she returns to Jamie’s room. Jamie is starting to trust Darlene more and has a great appetite. We couldn’t be happier for Jamie!

March 2015

Unfortunately, Jamie came back to the Animal League recently. Jamie was slightly frightened at first but slowly adapted to her surroundings. She didn’t hesitate to cuddle up in a very soft blanket one of her sponsors sent! Soon she will be ready to find a new home. We must say she certainly looks healthy and has grown into a gorgeous cat. We are hoping for the best for Jamie.

December 2014

Jamie recently moved into a new home and is adjusting quite well.  Her mom, Renetta, is lucky to have such an amazing, easy-going cat.  Jamie always receives all the attention whenever there are guests in their home.  Even though she likes to be cuddled, nothing makes Jamie happier than some alone time rolling around on a comforter.  She has been maintaining a healthy life because of her sponsors and her devoted mom, thank you.

September 2014

Jamie is her usual sweet and wonderful self. Her favorite thing to do is roll around in piles of blankets. At times, she is still a little unstable but she is very attentive. Her condition is monitored closely and under control. Jamie is living a good and healthy life because of her sponsors and the love she receives from her devoted mom.

June 2014

Jamie is one charming little cat. She continues to keep her family amused with her antics.She will skip the toys and spend her play time rolling around in layers of blankets – she absolutely adores it! Although Jamie does have occasional problems with her balance, her mom, Rennetta, reports Jamie’s cerebella hyperplasia continues to be under control. Jamie and Rennetta thank all her sponsors for making it possible for Jamie to get the medical care she needs.

March 2014

Jamie is such a playful gal that hides from her adoptive Mom and Brother whenever she can and jumps out as soon as they come close to her. Her favorite hiding spots are under the covers in her Mom’s bed and underneath the couch. Her Mom and Brother are great at acting surprised with each of Jamie’s sneak attacks! They all have so much fun together and thank you for sponsoring Jamie.

September 2013

Rennetta, Jamie’s human mother, says she is very thankful that Jamie has had very little balance and tremor issues from her Cerebella Hyperplasia (an infection that affects brain development in kittens). With the summer sun shining in through the windows, Jamie has found a warm spot on the rug early every morning as the sun come up and will lay there until Rennetta has to leave for work. Then she will follow Rennetta to the door and cry as she is leaving. Rennetta hates leaving her this way, but is so happy for the warm welcome when she returns from work. Jamie is a happy cat who loves to be around people.

June 2013

Jamie is such a sweet and good girl. She is always at the front door to greet anyone that comes to visit or stay. Jamie does not like being home alone. Renetta can hear her “meows” as she is walking up the stoop, after work. She is in love with the bed she got at the holidays. When she wants to get away from the noise of the family, you can find Jamie sound asleep in her bed.

March 2013

The family reports that their Christmas and New Year was nice and simple. They gave Jamie a new bed, and she loves going under their beds and wrapping herself in the blanket that hangs from the bed. So Renetta bought her a big blanket and made a little fort. She loves it. She does not know why she did not do that sooner; she has not been under the bed since. Other than that, Jamie is doing great. When it gets warmer she will be in for her annual checkup. She is eating the same dry food without a fuss and hasn’t had any colds. Thank you for your generous donations and gifts.

December 2012

We are happy to report that Jamie is doing great. At this time, Jamie is not on any medications. She is getting the best of care from her foster mother, Rennetta. Rennetta was not working this past summer and Jamie was very spoiled by having her home every day. Now that she is back to work, when she comes home Jamie is there with such a verbal greeting you would think Rennetta was gone for a month. She is waiting at the door when she hears the keys in the lock, which is so cute. Then it is non-stop meowing… Feed me, I missed you, where were you? She will be coming to the Alex Lewyt Medical Center within the next month for her annual check-up.

September 2012

Jamie’s mother is happy to report that Jamie is doing very well. Summer time is here “and the livin’ is easy.” Jamie has been eating well. She is only allowed to have dry food, but she seems to like it just fine. She is sweet to anyone that will pay attention to her. She loves to be scratched on her neck and behind her ears. If you pet those specific spots, you will hear her purr loudly. Jamie is a happy, plump kitty and we could not be more pleased with her progress and her loving foster care environment. This 4th of July, she buried herself in a big blanket because of the noise from the fireworks. She’s afraid of thunderstorms, too, but otherwise loves the summer and is a beautiful, happy, loving kitty.

June 2012

Jamie’s foster mother is happy to report that Jamie is doing very well—that is, as long as she does not have to leave home. It really upsets her to be out of her home environment. She has been eating well and is only allowed to have dry food. She is sweet to anyone that will pay attention to her. She loves to be scratched on her neck and behind her ears. If you pet those specific spots, you will hear her purr loudly. Jamie is a happy, plump kitty, and we could not be more pleased with her progress and her loving foster care environment.

March 2012

Jamie has been feeling well and is enjoying the winter months. All is quiet in the house now that the holidays are over. Jamie was kept busy during all the big family gatherings with all the younger children playing and entertaining her. Jamie welcomes the extra attention with loving purrs. Since she is not able to balance herself properly or climb the stairs, the kids stay close to include her in all the extra activities of the day. Her medical condition is stable for now because of your support throughout the year.

December 2011

We are happy to report Jamie is well. At this time she does not have to take any medications and all her vaccines are up-to-date. Her diet is not restricted so she can eat her favorite dry food. Aside from her neurological problem, is her weight. The veterinarian said she is pleasantly plump and would like to see her slim down a little. Her adopted mother says she is a good cat and likes to eat. It’s hard to get her to exercise because she keeps falling. But Jamie is persistent, she will get up, walk a few steps and fall, and get up, walk and fall, this goes on until Jamie gets to where she wants to be. Renetta says it looks sad, but Jamie is a very happy and loving cat.

September 2011

Jamie was at the Animal League Medical Center recently for some routine tests. We are happy to report that all is well with Jamie and she continues to be a content and healthy cat. She has a good appetite and is happy to get her favorite dry food. Even though her mobility is restricted she likes to roll around and swat at the string like any other friendly feline in the house.

June 2011

Renetta, Jamie’s adopted mother, reports she is in good health. Jamie has a newfound pep in her step with the warm weather fast approaching and the days getting longer. Jamie has been trying to slip through the doorway a few times now that there is a lot more traffic in and out of the backyard. It’s good to know that while her mobility is limited, she still has a playful side that comes out from time to time. Not to worry, Renetta knows Jamie’s limitations and notices when Jamie is getting a little nervous and decides to go back to the couch where she feels most comfortable. She had a recent play date with the neighbor’s new puppy. All that puppy play tuckered out Jamie for the rest of the day. It was a fun day for all.

March 2011

We are happy to report that Jamie is doing well. She’s been in extra good spirits lately. She seems to be feeling exceptionally happy. Thankfully, there have not been any changes to her medication or her medical condition. She’s on schedule for a check-up at the Animal League’s medical center soon. She has a big appetite for a little feline. Good thing she’s so active and playful so that she can manage a healthy weight. Jamie has been enjoying all the cat toys and treats that so many generous supporters have sent to her. She’s happy and healthy and we can’t ask for more than that!

December 2010

Jamie continues to be a content cat. Her foster mother Renetta reports that Jamie will play with her son for hours, just like any other cat, swatting at the string and pulling herself along the floor to get at the other toys. Jamie may not be very mobile, but you can’t tell her that, she can play with the best of them. She is maintaining a healthy appetite and has not had any new medical issues. All of the Animal League’s Sponsor Program pets inspire us, but Jamie is one of those extra special animals who will not let her physical disabilities stop her from living a happy and fulfilled life.

September 2010

We are happy to report Jamie is doing well as long as she doesn’t have to leave her home. It really upsets her to be taken out of her environment and put into a carrier. She has a good appetite, only dry food. She will purr at anyone that pays her some attention. Scratching behind her ears or under her chin will get her purring really loud. Jamie is a fat, happy cat!

June 2010

Jamie’s foster mother is having some difficulty getting Jamie to use the litter pan properly. For some reason, Jamie doesn’t want to use it which results in a little extra clean-up for Mom. Her foster mother is trying to work with her to get Jamie to use it more frequently and we hope that Jamie becomes a little bit more willing. To help train Jamie, her foster mother brought home some cat nip to use as positive reinforcement as well as a special treat. Unfortunately, she learned very quickly that Jamie is not a fan of cat nip. Jamie walked away from it and expressed no interest in it whatsoever. Jamie’s foster mother is back to the drawing board on this one! We’ll be sure to keep you posted on Jamie’s potty training progress!

March 2010

Jamie’s adopted mother is delighted to report that Jamie is doing great. Jamie is such a sweet little kitty. Family and friends adore seeing her prance and hop around playing with her toys. She loves to be brushed. You can tell that she really appreciates it when the family includes her. They often shower her with lots of attention when they come to visit. And Jamie is sure to reciprocate by giving them plenty of purrs and nudging against their legs in return.

December 2009

We are happy to report that Jamie remains happy and healthy and has been enjoying playtime just like any other frisky feline. While running, jumping and hopping are not a part of Jamie’s playtime activities because of her mobility issues, she doesn’t let that hamper her fun. Some wobbling toys make it easier for Jamie to bat around fuzzy feathers. When she hits them they bob right back to her so she doesn’t have to run after them. Jamie’s foster mom finds that these toys are perfect for Jamie and she seems to love them!

September 2009

Jamie has been up to her usual antics. She loves her naptime and will catch a few naps a day on most days. Since she has limited mobility because of her condition, Cerebella Hyperplasia, she can’t frolic and play like most cats. That is most likely the reason she has gained a few extra pounds over the past years. Jamie’s foster family reports that despite their hard work at trying to get Jamie to use the litter box properly, she still has not be able to get it right. Unfortunately, that means a little extra time is spent cleaning up after Jamie, but her family loves her so much they don’t mind at all.

June 2009

Jamie’s foster mom continues to have difficulty getting Jamie to use the litter pan properly. For some reason she doesn’t seem to want to use it, which results in a little extra clean-up time. However, her foster mom is trying to work with her to get her to use it more frequently and we hope for her sake that Jamie is a little more compliant this time around! To help provide Jamie with a little positive reinforcement for her training and also just as a special treat her foster mom brought home some cat nip. But she learned very quickly that Jamie is not a fan of cat nip at all. Jamie walked away from it right away and expressed no interest whatsoever. Unfortunately, Jamie’s foster mom is going to have to spend a little more time figuring out what treats Jamie likes most.

March 2009

We are happy to report that Jamie has been feeling great lately. She does seem to miss the many visitors that came over during the holidays. Luckily her foster family does have their nieces and nephew over from time to time and Jamie loves playing with them. Because she can’t navigate up and down the stairs her adoptive family’s nieces and nephews try to include Jamie in their play time and will go to her with toys to keep her happy. She really seems to appreciate their efforts to incorporate her when they come over and gives them plenty of purrs while nudging against their legs.

December 2008

Over the past month Jamie has spent her time roaming around the house and getting herself into anything and everything left on the floor. However, she tends to stay only on the main floor of the house as she has difficulty navigating up and down the stairs because of her neurological disorder. Her foster parents recently had a slumber party for their son, nieces and nephews on the main floor of the house where Jamie spends her time. Once the party was over Jamie found a blanket that was left out. She dragged it into a corner and ruffled it up into a pile. She has since claimed this as her bed and can often be caught taking a “cat nap” all nuzzled up in it.

September 2008

Jamie’s foster family reports that their favorite feline is happy and has been feeling good. Her family recently went on vacation, but unfortunately little Jamie wasn’t included in the trip. We’re sure she is most likely okay with that because she dislikes going in to her pet carrier. But not to worry Jamie was cared for right in her home by a family friend. Everyone loves seeing Jamie so it’s not difficult to find someone to care for Jamie while her family is away; she gets brushed, fed and naps as usual. And visiting family and friends adore seeing Jamie hop around and often entice her with noisy toys that she seems to love to play with.

June 2008

Jamie recently had a very exciting experience – her first trip outdoors into the backyard. Her adoptive family purchased a pink cat harness and leash to take Jamie for walks on. Because Jamie suffers from a neurological disorder she often falls over when she walks. Luckily walking in the yard allows Jamie to get some exercise while the grass beneath her provides a soft cushion if she falls.

March 2008

Jamie has been over indulging in life’s luxuries, and as a result, has put on a little weight with all her feasting. Now that she’s bigger, she can’t hop and leap as much as she used to. But Jamie doesn’t let that get her down – she’s practicing her walking as much as possible and when needed, she’ll lean against the walls to help her keep her balance. Even though Jamie continually improves her mobility with practice, she still has not mastered using her litter box. Her owner, a veterinary technician here at the League, is very patient and works with Jamie to teach her how to use it properly. Keep up the good work, Jamie!

December 2007

Cute Jamie is a little whipper-snapper. Even though she has difficulty keeping her balance, she has no trouble playing and being frisky. Jamie is a sweet cat whose favorite times of the day are snack-time and snuggle-time. Now that the weather is cooler, she enjoys cozying up in a blanket and looking like a little angel. Jamie enjoys life – and that makes us smile.

September 2007

Jamie has a wide spectrum of moods and emotions. This darling little cat has the heart of a lion and likes to “get her roar on” every now and then. Playful, loving and surprising, she is a lion in cat’s clothing for sure!

June 2007

Jamie has been doing quite well over the last few months. Her health seems to be holding steady and has not needed any adjustments in medications. Jamie’s personality is so full and fun. You never know what she’ll do next. Whether she’s guarding the refrigerator, chasing her tail or swatting around her treats, you can always count on Jamie for entertainment. Thanks to the support of all the generous sponsors, cats like Jamie can live the happy lives they deserve.

March 2007

Jamie’s New Year’s resolution to shed a few pounds is going well so far! Luckily, she loves to be as active and burns up calories without even thinking about it. Jamie is so adorable and playful that it’s hard to deny her whatever she wants. But to keep her healthy, it’s important to keep those tempting snacks in check. There are still no changes to her medication, and that’s good news. Jamie is very lucky to have sponsors like you.

September 2006

Jamie continues to amaze us with her strength and abilities despite her limitations. She loves romping and playing with the dog in the house and playing with the toys her foster mom gives her. Now that the cooler weather is here, she enjoys looking out the windows in her home and watching the leaves blow by. Jamie is still on a bit of a diet since she is such a fan of eating! Her weight gain has not slowed her down any, but her foster mom, being a veterinary technician, knows better than to let her weight get out of control. Jamie just loves her home and her family, and we are so glad she is getting to live a normal life.